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  3. Back in the day we were pulling stuff out of OllyDGB and hand writing stuff in assembly.
  4. What language do you use to develop map hacks? C++? Assembly? What type of assembly? I want study and learn.
  5. In the final 12 years, in the several hundred or so machines I maintain, All of us buy original windows and only needed to re-order windows on,. Every time a person asks me to help them with the 'slow' equipment the very first thing I really do is uninstall all typically the 'optimization' software they have got loaded. Virtually every PC folks hand me personally is acessed down with toolbars, lookup helpers, speedup-this tool in addition to speedup-that tools, and additional malware. The problem doesn't just come from outside actually. A lot of the issue comes also comes from the way Windows works with its very own documents. In typically the pre-NT days, computers have already been way less powerful. maybe, a couple of events where I basically could not workout why that was running slow. In one another situation it was really rubbish installed onto equipment. We think the biggest reason for Windows having sluggish, is the approach Home windows is structured. Or perhaps quite simply: programs can just create data files all over the spot which might have literally no which means to Windows. And since they have got no that means to Windows (or practically any other application for of which matter), they are going to never ever get erased or cleaned out; plenty of traces continue to be.
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