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Hacks for starcraft version 1.15.2

50 files

  1. proUndetected

    Make hacks undetected by warden and what not >.> and shows dl status.
    proUndetected.dll v1.00 for Starcraft / Broodwar
    Created By ProMasser 9/14/2008
    Version Info:
    -Added dl status show all the time
    -Updated to patch v1.15.3
    -First release
    The hack is auto just inject it after loggin on battle.net
    and all the hacks that are injected with it are undetected by
    blizzard and some anti-hacks!



  2. Sniper Assist

    Sniper Assist need i say more?
    This tool is used for snipers bald lock.



  3. Kacow

    Used for automating units
    Kacow 1.0 By Kcdan
    The version of Kcernel32 in here is made to be compatible with Kacow.
    There are no hotkeys with this as this works with oblivion, but
    there are two commands currently in it. They are
    /fbit - This runs the Built In Test routine
    /frw - This resets the window position of the UI to its default position incase
    you place it to a location where you cant access the title bar to move it again.
    When reporting bugs, please run the BIT command and if there are any codes it
    spits out please post the bug you ran into and the fail codes it prints if
    you even get a chance to run /fbit.
    Credits to Zhuinden, Raistlin, Deg, and Mookster for testing.
    Note: It is not compatible with the Kcernel32 v4 that is also available for
    download in this same forum, so I compiled a version of Kcernel32 that is
    compatible with Kacow, enjoy.



  4. BugKiller

    Updated. Protection from Various stuff
    BugKiller.dll v1.01 for Starcraft / Broodwar
    Created By ProMasser 8/27/2008
    Version Info:
    -Added Snipers crash protection *Snipers v335b_Solar*
    -Added See Through Fog of War *Works on Snipers v335b_Solar*
    -Added Anti-Turret Crash Fix
    -Added Undetected by some hacks
    -Added Experimental ZDropHack Protection & Detection
    -Added Anti-Drop from some bugs in Starcraft and the hack
    -Added Anti-Crash from some bugs in Starcraft and the hack
    -Added Lag clear game play *Comes with the method for Anti-Drop & Anti-Crash*
    First release
    The hack is auto so theres no need to press or type any command. Unless i add
    a feature that will need one of those.
    Also the ZDropHack protection im not 100% sure but it should stop it sometime
    i have yet to finish it its not stable but its okay >.>
    PS: You are Super Gay !



  5. Ultimative Starcraft Toolz

    This tool has some usefull functions and can detect Hacks in Starcraft Brood War.
    0.32 - Fixed Ultimative SC Toolz Crash Bug
    0.31 - Some changes on Multi Command Detect
    0.30 - Addet Multi Command Detect Function
    APM and Game duration display coming soon!



  6. AntiHackFix

    Prevents Various Common Anti-Hack Tricks.
    AntiHackFix v1.0.4
    For Starcraft/Brood War 1.15.2
    Made by Zynastor (http://www.bwhacks.com/)
    - Sprite crash protection
    This will protect you from viewing invalid sprites that will cause your game to crash, these sprites are
    mainly used in anti-maphack maps. It is recommended that you don't try and select these invalid sprites
    because some of them may cause your game to crash since I have not made any crash protection for that.
    - Anti-hacker map fix
    This will stop you from being dropped on certain maps when the game begins or when toggling hacks such
    as maphack. If you are also using a hack that removes warning messages make sure you disable it to
    allow warning messages, but if you are an Oblivion user this is done automatically.
    - ICCup fix (Tested with ICCup Launcher v1.2 build 41)
    This will allow you to play on the ICCup server with hacks loaded while using the ICCup Launcher.
    Kc - Big thanks for the anti-hacker map fix, it was his idea and method that I have used.
    Copyright © 2008 by Zynastor. All rights reserved.
    Starcraft/Brood War Copyright © by Blizzard Entertainment®.



  7. Full Python Suite

    The current full Python Suite
    This contains all of the files that are currently in the Python Suite. Check back often to note any changes.
    Python Suite v1.0.2
    S1 - ASC.dll
    S2 - DLS.dll
    S3 - HH.dll
    S4 - PH.dll
    S5 - SA.dll
    S6 - JPG.dll
    S7 - PNG.dll
    S8 - BMP.dll
    S9 - GIF.dll
    S10 - CHN.dll
    S11 - NOP.dll
    S12 - OUP.dll
    S13 - NDT.dll
    S14 - PHO1.dll
    S15 - PHO2.dll
    S16 - CCL.dll
    S17 - GSH.dll
    S18 - UCC.dll
    S19 - WSH.dll



  8. Noobles

    Displays time beside each recieved message. Sort of like a bot.. Basic, but very useful! Just look at the screenshot if you dont know what I mean. It's cool.
    Noobles.dll by Jiggie
    Starcraft Broodwar 1.15.2
    TimeStamp - Inserts the time infront of each message. :D (look at screenshot)
    Undetected - Doesn't get detected by Battle.net's lockdown library check. So you can inject before logging in and can log in and out without being rejected.



  9. Chaoslauncher

    Window Mode and Hack Plugin Utility.
    Replacement for BWLauncher 4
    To load Bwlauncherplugins not included in this package simply put them in the launcher directory. AdvLoader-Plugins have to be in the Plugins directory in your starcraftfolder.
    Included Plugins:
    APMAlert 0.6 for 1.15.2 by Tec27
    W-Mode by XeNotRoN
    Chaosplugin 0.8 for 1.15.2
    ReplaySlotmaker 0.3 for 1.15.2 by qet
    CPU Savior 1.2 for 1.15.2 by R1CH
    W-Mode works with all SC-Versions
    Known Issues:
    * APMAlert and AdvBNet are incompatible resulting in a crash when starting a game
    * AdvBNet and ColorCorrector do not work together with W-Mode(no crash)
    Alphaversion - May still contain bugs
    Like every 3rd partytool working together with Starcraft there is a small risk, that blizzard decides to invalidate the users Accounts/CD-Keys.



  10. Ip Address Lister

    Lists everyones ip address. *Up to 50 pages or more*
    Works with oblivion
    Ipaddress.dll Made by ProMasser = B e t a
    Starcraft Broodwar v1.15.2 = H a c k
    Shows a list of people ip addresses, and if they hack saved in the .dll.
    And also tells what server they play on. Also i know this is sloppy
    but its for a good use. If u would like ur name up there please post
    your ip address, or send it to me, post your current server u play on,
    and are u a hacker.
    CRTL + I = Toggle thew list of Hackers, Players, Servers, Ip Addresses.



  11. Sprite Counter

    Description:Sprite Counter does what sounds like it does, it counts the number of Sprites (Units) on the Starcraft Mapand displays the number at All times to the screen.



  12. Exhale Interface Management

    Exhale is a fully featured interface management system for the StarCraft platform.
    You can create, move, and fill windows with whatever content you desire using premade functions that make it easy to build a stunning interface. Exhale is provided as an open source project.
    You are welcome to include the Exhale source in your own projects to create your own interfaces, as long as you add the appropriate credits to the final product. I encourage you to make your releases open source.
    - Window management including motion animation, opening and closing, animated dock icons, and a fully interactive window dock.
    - Trasparent or opaque windows.
    - Pre-made text buffers for windows, as well as the ability to add your own content.
    - Coordinate bounds checking.
    - Window focus management.
    - Fully functional sound engine.
    - Open source!
    You can view a movie demonstrating some of the features here.
    Download Information
    You can download the executable demonstration of some of the basic features of Exhale here. You will require version 1.15.2 of StarCraft or Brood War and may need to alter the settings file to reflect your installation.
    You can discuss or download the source code in this thread.



  13. aXe.dll

    A multihack made by ProMasser
    aXe.dll made by ProMasser=
    Starcraft BroodWar 1.15.2 =
    DELETE - Zerg Mineralhack / Building Morph Hack
    END - Sub unit crash hack Carriers/Reavers (Not recommended to use)
    NUMPAD0 - Holds the nuke in the air
    Toggole Commands:
    /stats - Toggole statshack on/off
    /leftp - Toggole leftprotection on/off
    /maphack - Toggole maphack on/off
    /hang - Toggole gamehang on/off
    /help - Shows a list of commands
    /hlist - Shows a list of subcrash hackers/left hackers (Buggy)
    /drop # - Drop selected player id
    /pic # - Chooses a format to take pictures in
    /race # - Switch to the player you wish to race change
    /unally - Unally self hack
    /start - Force game to start.
    Subunit crash detection, with auto-drop
    Auto-cancel for zergmineralhack, and building morph hack
    SyncUnit fix for maphack
    Start game without opponents.
    Show map download status at all times.
    Set to bmp screenshots by default
    Lobby ops
    Able to set enemy rally points.
    KcDan for the fix of maphack
    Jiggie for the syncUnits and Rally Hack.
    People down at Teh Project, BWHacks, and Ghoztcraft for awsome communities.
    Post we know the maphack is buggy, and a view others.



  14. (b-'.')b.dll

    A multihack that contains multicommand, statshack, nuke anywhere, host hack, and tons of other hacks.
    (b-'.')b.dll made by Nano351 and Jiggie =
    Starcraft BroodWar 1.15.2 =
    F5 - Toggle 3 State Maphack
    F12 - Toggle Leaderboard Statshack
    ~ - Toggle Multicommand
    Home - Select nuclear missile (mid air) for nuke anywhere.
    Pause/Break - Toggle game hang mode.
    Commands Lobby:
    /race # - Take over slot. Race changer.
    /race # Race - Force slot to change to selected race. Protoss, Zerg, or Terran.
    /race all Race - Force all slots to be selected race. Protoss, Zerg, or Terran.
    /start - Force game to start.
    /open # - Force slot to open.
    /open all - Force all slots to open. Except yours.
    /close # - Force slot to close.
    /close all - Force all slots to close. Except yours.
    /computer # - Force slot to be a computer.
    /computer all - Force all slots to computer-ize. Except yours.
    /player # - Force slot to be an invisible player.
    /player all - Force all slots to be invisible players. Except yours.
    /rescuable # - Force slot to be a rescuable player
    /rescuable all - Force all slots to be rescuable players. Except yours.
    /neutral # - Force Slot to be a neutral player. Except yours
    Show download status at all times.
    Lobby ops in lobby's.
    Start game without opponents.
    State hack (see units in transports/eggs)
    BMP screenshots.
    Able to set enemy rally points.
    Multicommand is Rally.dll compatible.
    Refresh fix with constant refresher.
    Warning messages no longer beep and are displayed in bottom center view.
    Show Selects.
    "error unit unplaceable" messages will no longer display
    Show Selects: (Jiggie)
    A nifty hack I made in an hour. It displays what all players are selecting at all times
    by showing a broken circle around the selected unit(s). The circle is coloured the
    same colour as the person selecting the units. So if blue is selecting his nexus, it
    is shown as a blue broken ring around blue's nexus. This took me awhile to make,
    so enjoy it.
    Lobby ops: (Nano351)
    This hack enables you to have host privillages in any game you join, even if your not
    the host. However, you are forbidden to open and close slots. You can only boot
    people from the game.
    BMP Screen's: (Nano351)
    Whenever you take a screenshot, it is taken in .bmp format rather then the nasty
    .pcx format that it's usually put in.
    Maphack: (Jiggie)
    This is an under construction hack (beta) and still has bugs. At the moment there is
    3 states. Light, full, and off. When in light, the normally black fog is only removed
    slightly, showing what's behind it, in a sort of 'misty' way. When in full you can see
    the entire map and all thats behind it. Nice.
    Nuke Anywhere: (Jiggie)
    Nuke anywhere lets you select the nuke and control it on free will. To use it, simply
    nuke a location, and while the nuke is flying away from it's silo, press the "Home"
    key. It will then select the nuke for you. Right click somewhere to move it. You are
    able to move it around in a 'free will' sort of way and your able to launch it at people
    by right clicking a unit. Also, to prevent some annoying key pressing, you could also
    hotkey your nuke with the ctrl+#'s.
    Game Hang: (Nano351)
    Game hang enables you to pause the game by creating lag. Although to the other
    players it would appear your lagging, you are undroppable. It's better to use this over
    the pause in starcraft because anybody could unpause the game with starcraft, but
    nobody but you can unpause the game with game hang. ^^
    Start Hack: (Nano351)
    Start hack forces the game to start no matter what. If somebody is downloading,
    start the game. If somebody is lagging, start the game. You could also use this to
    corrupt the game you join by typing /start while the count down timer is going.
    State Hack: (Nano351)
    State hack enables you to see what transports are holding and what are inside of
    larvae eggs owned by other players. Good with map hack. This is in beta, and is
    currently in development for buildings.
    Rally Hack: (Jiggie)
    Rally hack is a hack that lets you set the rally point of enemy structures that you
    dont normall own. Simple select the building and right click.
    Race Changer: (Nano351)
    Race Changer is a hack that lets you set other peoples races. This hack will only work if
    you are the true host of the game. See the lobby commands for how to use this feature.
    Slot Manipulator: (Nano351)
    Slot Manipulator is a hack that lets you change any slot into the lobby to what you want.
    This hack will only work if you are the true host of the game. You can change the slots to
    any of the following: Open, Closed, Computer, Invisible Player, Rescuable, Neutral. Check
    the lobby commands for how to use this feature.
    Always Show Download Stats: (Nano351)
    This feature is always on. It does exactly what its name implies. Everyones download stats
    will always be shown even at 0 and 100.
    no unplaceable unit messages: (Nano351)
    This feature will disable the annoying error messages that come up in massing maps.
    No error beep:(Jiggie)
    This feature disables the annoying beeps that come from error messages.
    Stats Hack: (Nano351)
    This is a 4 state maphack that draws up in the top left corner of your screen. It also
    turns off leaderboards while it is active and reenables them when unactive. The pages of
    the stat hack are:
    -page 1:
    -Page 2:
    -Supplies for all race types
    -Army Size
    -Page 3:
    MultiCommand: (Jiggie)
    MultiCommand is a hack that when enabled commands all of the units that are of the same type
    as the one that is currently selected. Very useful when trying to command a large mass of units
    into battle quickly.
    Start Game Without Opponents:
    This feature is always enabled and will allow you to start a game without any opponents. Can
    be very useful for someone who wants to test a map that they are working on



  15. MapCrap + Source

    Draws a box with the players corresponding color over every unit on the map, and disables fog of war. Hotkey for toggling the hack is F8.
    Load.exe was created by SC_Modder, and all credits
    to him for it.
    Draws a box with the players corresponding color
    over every unit on the map, and disables fog of
    war. Hotkey for toggling the hack is F8.
    This is really just a demonstration for people who
    want to make a maphack. You can easily modify this
    to do a lot more than it does now, and thats how I
    sorta intended it. If you do use this please give
    proper credit and have fun, and I hope you learn
    alot. Kthx.
    Misc shouts/credit to Palo, zynastor, permy, p00
    zyz, bulk. <3



  16. Starcraft Low Latency

    Playing Brood War online without Latency!
    Stacraft BroodWar Low Latency
    --Manual and Description (English) --
    You have only to open Brood War and "BWLowLatency".
    If you are playing a game the latency will automaticly set down to your ping speed
    The other players in the game have the normal latency, that is set in Brood War
    This is a big advantage for you!
    --Anleitung und Beschreibung (German) --
    Du musst nur das Program "BWLowLatency" geöffnet haben.
    Wenn du ein Game spielst, wird die Verzögerung automatisch auf deine Ping geschwindigkeit gesetzt
    Die anderen Spieler haben die Geschwindigkeit die in Brood War eingestellt ist.
    Dies ist ein großer Vorteil für dich!



  17. Refresh Hack

    Refresh hack for v1.15.2
    Refresh.dll 1.15.2 *Public Hack
    Made by ProMasser
    Starcraft Broodwar
    1.Refresh Hack
    This dosen't work most of the time, but its still good :). This basicly does
    is sends couple of packets to the lobby, and puts you as the host... If this
    dosen't work its because of your internet conntection you'll need alot of
    BACKSPACE - Refresh Hack
    Jiggie - Error fixing and helping so much, and basic hack template, and source
    ProSlasher - Reporting errors
    Zynastor - ZLoader.dll
    Jiggie - Man thx for helping me in everything i needed
    XGhozt - For keeping Ghoztcraft active and up
    Ghoztcraft - So much supportive



  18. Kcernel32

    Crash and Location view hack.
    By KcDan
    Shift+F6 - Invokes the crash commands
    *Requirements for crash to work - you must have only ONE reaver
    or ONE carrier selected, also the reaver and carrier MUST be able
    to create a scarab or a interceptor. That means you must have the
    required money and space in the unit to make it.
    F7 - Toggles the view location hack
    The view location hack allows the player to see what locations the
    map creator has put into the map. Very useful for UMS as you can see
    the hotspots where you need to move units to and etc.
    e Kc - me =P.
    1 Zynastor - crash fix so you dont crash and drop.
    0 Scmodder - loader.
    K zyphrix(sp?) - instant update drawrering codez
    c p00onu - What do I need to say?
    ! Permy - Again, what do I need to say.
    ! Bulk - Fantastic head.



  19. Cobra Spoofer v1.00

    This spoofer is a multihack that comes with many great features!
    Cobra Spoofer v1.00
    Hot Keys
    F12 - Spoof Name
    F11 - Temp Ban protection
    F3 - Latency Spammer
    F2 - Pause Hack
    Insert - Spammer
    Always remember to press F11 after joining a game, and F12 before joining a game to spoof your name.
    Grab CDKey feature - Click when Starcraft Brood War is at the login screen
    (Grab CD Key) Include Dashes - Breaks up your CD Key into the 4-5-4 digit number groups
    Set Password - If you are the host of a game, you are able to change the password of your game without having to remake it.
    Add Name - Temporarily adds currently displayed name in the dropdown box to the list
    Set Name - Sets the displayed text in the dropdown box to the set Name Spoof
    Delete Name - Not Enabled for this version
    [ Toggleables ] - Displays the toggleable features in this spoofer
    Host Hack - Click to enable/disable the standard Host Hack
    DL Status Display - Click to enable/disable the basic Download Status Display Hack
    No Opponents - Click to enable/disable the standard no opponents hack
    Chat Log - Keeps all messages displayed onscreen
    Pause Option 1 - Prevents SC from changing to black and white mode when paused
    Pause Option 2 - Prevents SC from changing to colored mode when unpaused
    Stay Alive - Lets you stay in the game even after you've been defeated
    [ Private Features ] - Displays all the private features of this spoofer
    Pause Hack Info - Displays information about the Pause Hack
    Spammer Info - Displays information about the spammer
    Automatic Features
    Automatic Home Channel Join
    Autoloads personal spoof list
    Automatically displays the game host, game name, and player list of the game lobby
    Automatically displays spoofed status on joining a game (Spoofed if you have not pressed F11 yet)
    Included Files
    Colors.txt - Holds all the colors you can use to add to your spoofed name
    Spoofs.txt - This is your personal list of spoofs, you can add as many spoofs as you want to this list (I have already included two spoofs everyone can use ^^)
    ChPath.ini - This is what your home channel will be set to when you start up this hack, you can change it at any time.
    SCBWPath.ini - This is your Starcraft Directory, configure it to match where you have your Starcraft installed.
    LCSBSSRHXXX - Basic Name Spoofer Layout
    ShadowFrench - Name Spoof management
    Viper's Cobra Spoofer v1.00.exe created by ViperSRT3g © 2008
    Starcraft/Brood War Copyright © by Blizzard Entertainment®.



  20. Colored Fog of War

    With this you can change the color of exactly what the title implies-the Fog of WarNote:This will only change the solid black Fog of War, Not the "Explored" layer of it...And yes this Does work on Battle.net



  21. Bnet Toolz

    Changes you text and does a bunch of random text things in the channel
    Bnet Toolz is designed for chat manipulation using the
    Battle.net game client. It is NOT a $%&$ing bot!! If you
    thought I was trying to make a bot, then you were
    wrong, and you can stop making fun of me now...
    Bnet Toolz has been tested on WarCraft II BNE,
    StarCraft, and StarCraft Brood War.
    Bnet Toolz is freeware, meaning that you use this
    program AT YOUR OWN RISK!! Don't come crying to me
    if you get flooded from Bnet cuz you scrolled something
    too fast, it aint my fault. Bnet Toolz was made with as
    much anti-flood protection I could think of, but it can still
    happen. If you'd like to see something added to Bnet
    Toolz, email me what it is you'd like to see, and I'll try to
    do it. If you don't wanna email me a comment, question,
    or suggestion... then post it up on the forum at
    Thanks goes out to:
    VisualParadox.com - for all of the graphics
    nobody - for helping me
    Thank you for downloading/stealing Bnet Toolz!



  22. HostTools

    Host Tools 1.01includes:-Race Changer - changes human player's races-Computer Opener - opens computer slots-Quick Refresh - a tool to help refreshing quickly-Open Forcer - opens a human's slot without kicking him
    Host Tools 1.01
    by nano351
    -Race Changer - changes human player's races
    -Computer Opener - opens computer slots
    -Quick Refresh - a tool to help refreshing quickly
    -Open Forcer - opens a human's slot without kicking him
    -Race Changer:
    press the numberpad key (1-8) corresponding with their slot to get control over their race. After you are done changing races press numpad 9 to go back to your slot (as long as you are the true host it will work now). If you don't go back to your slot you will desynch.
    -Computer Opener:
    press the numpad key (1-8) corresponding with either an open slot or a computer slot to switch it between being open or computer
    -Quick Refresh:
    press the numpad subtract key to turn all open slots to close and then press it again to turn all closed slots to open. This should refresh your game.
    -Open Forcer:
    to use the open forcer first get race changing power on the slot you want to switch to open without kicking the player in it. Then press the numpad key for the slot again and it will open and that person will still be in the game. You can also use numpad addition key to force open all human slots (except your own).
    change list:
    -fixed some minor coding issues with switching to player 4's slot
    -improved slot jumpback
    -added open forcer
    -added mass open forcer hotkey
    Initial release (updating from RaceChanger 1.01)
    special thanks to:
    Drakken for dll template
    and anyone who helped me learn asm/ find offsets
    The download does not include an injector. You can download one like zLoader elsewhere.



  23. RaceChanger v1.00

    A hack that will allow the host of a game to change other people's race in the game lobby >:D
    Race Changer Hack
    by nano351
    This is a hack that will let you change other people's race in the lobby under certain condiitons:
    1. you must be host
    2. their slot must already be able to change race
    This hack also let's you open slots that are computers and change open slots to computers. Just Remember When you open a computer slot the game still will only fill up to the number of players that are there by default (i.e. a game with 7 players and 1 comp will only ever be able to get 7 players in it)
    numpad1-8 either gives you race changing ability on that slot or switches that slot between computer and open.
    Other Notes:
    - Always Switch back to your slot after changing races or else you will be desynched.
    - Anytime Someone joins the game your race control will automatically reset to your slot.
    -Anytime you move your position your race control should automatically switch to your new postion
    - don't touch the hotkeys during the game unless you want to desynch. You could always just turn off num lock to protect yourself.
    plans for future:
    -disable the hotkeys during a game to avoid unintentional desynch
    Special thanks to:
    Drakken for DLL template
    and anyone who has helped me learn asm/find offsets such
    If your looking for an injector I'd suggest either:



  24. Nexuiz 2.3.4 Bugless and Source Code

    Nexuiz without all the bugs
    Nexuiz 2.2.4 Bugless && Source Code
    The epic crashes bug fixed. Wont crash anymore
    --> Features:
    Host Hack
    Stay Alive
    Stats Hack
    Unit Alert
    Upgrade Alert
    Null drop timer
    Color Spoofer
    Anti-Show Selects
    Zerg Mineral Hack
    Pause Hack
    Ban Protection
    Drone Float



  25. ExploitHack

    StackHack + Rally hack more..
    Exploit Hack
    Version 2.0
    For Starcraft & Starcraft Broodwar
    Made by ProMasser
    ====================================== ======================================
    Stack Hack:
    Select a worker (SCV, Probe, Drone) and hotkey it (ex. Ctrl + 1)
    Press the Stack Hack hotkey, allow vision to disappear
    Press the hotkey you chose for your worker, the worker will then be selected
    Build on top of any building you wish
    Remeber MapHack is needed cause unvision won't rework so use maphack.
    Zerg MineralHack:
    To use the mineral hack select a larva and press Delete. This will cause the larva to morph into a move. If Auto-Cancel is not on you must then manually cancel the larva to receive minerals. However if
    Auto-Cancel is on, then just press Delete.
    Egg Crash:
    Allow the Larva to fully hatch to crash yourself along with others.
    Building morph hack:
    After having the ability to make a Lair/Sunken/Spore Colony/Greater
    Spire Press Delete on the building to regain a drone and destroying your building.
    However this is useful because if you make a Spire and Morph it, you will lose the building but will continue to have the ability to make Mutalisks etc.
    Instant Larva:
    Build a Hatchery and wait until it has 3 Larva, then
    press Delete to morph the Hatchery. You will now
    have a drone and 3 Larva. Create units with those
    larva and then take your drone and quickly make a
    hatchery. A Larva should instantly appear. Create
    a unit with this Larva and then Cancel the current
    building being built, another larva will instantly
    appear. Then Quickly select the Larva before it dies
    and build another unit. That's 5 Larva! Keep making
    buildings to get instant Larva with this Drone to repeat
    the process. And this can be repeated Unlimited Times!
    Infinite Hydralisks/Mutalisks:
    Make sure you have guardian aspect or lurker aspect
    available. Click on a hydralisk or mutalisk and push
    delete.(you'll want Auto-Cancel off for this) It should start morphing, and your supply's
    should drop 1 or 2. Do this with all your mutalisks and
    hydralisks and then build even more units. Repeat and
    once you've built your army just cancel the eggs that
    your mutalisks or hydralisks are making. Past 200 supply's!
    Sunken/Spore Colony Rush:
    Build a Hatchery anywhere you want to put your Sunken/Spore rush (make sure you can make a lair) and Press Delete on the hatchery when it is done building. The creep will stay there the entire game, so you can now use this to your advantage by placing Sunken/Spore Colony's wherever you want without the need of the Hatchery.
    Remove Your Enemy's Creep:
    If you can manage to fully make a Hatchery inside your enemy's base, and Morph it when it's done building with the Delete key you will begin to remove your enemy's Creep with the range of if it were to Create creep.
    Sub Crash Hack:
    Uses the infamous invalid sprite crash this crashes everyone in the game useing a sub unit build.
    You will also crash
    For more questions post in the topic..
    Subtract - Mineral Hack
    End - Sub Crash hack. *You will also crash*
    NUMPAD0 ~ 9 - Play sounds effects *Works in lobby*
    ADD - Stack Hack *Offline only*
    /rally - Sets all rally points
    /stop - (S)elected units to stop
    /nlist - Players who has been detected useing the exploit
    -=Xtra Shit=-
    DL Status shows download status everytime you join a game
    Host Hack have the power to kick/ban/close etc...
    Stayalive after you have been killed
    Null drop timer makes the drop timer from 45 to 0 (safe drop)
    Play sound when you enter a game.
    Nuke Anywhere detection
    Play Sound works in lobby..
    Version History:
    - Added Stack Hack
    - Added Rally Hack
    - Added Stop Hack
    - Added Nuke Anywhere detection
    - First release
    Jiggie - Makeing the basic hack template that taught me alot about ASM
    Drakken Template - Because I used it
    Ghoztcraft.net - Cool site that has templates and good members
    S.C_Hacker - Offset searcher
    Suteki - Help topic located in v.i.p



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