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Diablo II 1.12 Hacks

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Hacks for Diablo II version 1.12

3 files

  1. Failed To Join Game Delay Reducer

    These twin D2Loader plugins have been updated to work with 1.12.
    Battle.net Version.
    This tiny DLL will alter the delay before aborting a game creation from 30
    seconds to 5 seconds to help compensate for the recent join game failures
    that are occurring on Battle.Net. Be careful as creating too many games too
    quickly even if you don't join them may result in a temporary restriction!
    Requires D2Loader, extract to your D2/plugin/ folder! Will not remain resident
    in memory, it will patch and unload. Works only for Diablo II v1.12!



  2. Patched D2Gfx.dll

    Sllows multiple instances of D2.



  3. Version Hack

    Makes version 1.12 compatible with all 1.11b hacks.
    VersionHack for Diablo 1.11b
    Makes Diablo II 1.11b working on closed Battle.Net!
    Copy all files into your 1.11b folder and start the included d2loader.exe which is modificated in order to work with the new Game.exe.
    Enjoy! You could even run the old d2jsp bot since Warden is turned off ;]
    - Sheppard
    P.S. The D2JSP HardCore forum is full off shit .. LOL!
    If you've already updated to 1.12:
    Download the original game.exe from here and overwrite the patched version in your Diablo II folder: http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/diablo2exp/pat...PC/game-lod.zip
    Update to patch 1.11b here: http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/diablo2exp/pat...DPatch_111b.exe
    Then overwrite the files included in VersionHack.zip to your Diablo II folder.
    Use the included D2 loader to start the game.



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