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Hacks for Warcraft 3, version 1.23

14 files

  1. AchyMap Public Version

    Achy's Public Release
    Achy decided to release a public version since it was already cracked. To avoid the possible virus/trojan in the cracked one, he made a public version without protection.



  2. WC3Pickit (EPickIt)

    Automatically pick up nearby items.
    *WARNING*: This hack contains no anti-detection.
    - Press the F4 key and nearby items will be picked up.
    - Press the F5 key to toggle AutoPickIt.
    - AutoPickIt automatically picks nearby items up.



  3. TFTLocal

    Maphack for Warcraft III, 1.23
    /map show
    Shows the map's features, removing black mask/fog of war/etc. (Includes invisible units)
    /map hide
    Hides the map's features, enabling black mask/fog of war/etc.
    -removes minimap fog
    -removes mainmap fog
    -reveal ilusions
    -reveal invisible units
    -clicktable units
    -undetected for: GG-Client/Custom-games/ladder
    - anti -ah mode... with ''/noalpha on''
    - F8 ( when someone lags or anything click on F8 and u can move camera/click on units while all watching 45sec...)
    TFTLocal is a utility which makes many useful features available to you. The features added are listed below.
    To use the program, run inject2.exe
    The program accepts input in the form of slash commands in a Battle.net channel or in the game itself.
    The commands and results are as follows:
    Control your camera with these features, in case the map you joined allows no camera control:
    /cam dist x
    /cam aoa x
    Angle of Attack
    /cam farz x
    Far Z
    /cam rot x
    /cam roll x
    /cam lock
    This locks your camera view somewhat so that games can't change it. It is not all-inclusive, some things will change your camera view at the moment. I may make this more inclusive at a later date.
    /cam unlock
    Allows your camera to be manipulated.
    Allows you to change your name as it appears when you host or join a game online.
    /name x
    Changes name to "x".
    Changes name to the name you had on logon.
    /noalpha on
    Disables transparency and minimap icon changes (i.e., disables Defense of the Ancient's -ah command)
    /noalpha off
    Allows transparency, etc
    /camlock enable
    /camlock disable
    Allows maps to lock the camera to a unit. If the camera is already locked and you disable it, you can press control-c in-game to unlock the camera (this key combo is standard).
    The 1.22 patch can show health bars, but you don't have the option of ally or enemy, just all.
    /hp show
    /hp show ally
    /hp show enemy
    /hp hide ally
    /hp hide enemy
    /hp hide
    Clears all "Game" text messages on your screen. Useful for some maps.
    /nokick on
    /nokick off
    Prevents yourself from being kicked from games via standard kicking means. This will not prevent custom kick programs that kick using lower-level methods.
    NOTE: I believe that if you select a unit or issue an order for a currently selected unit, you will desync and be disconnected anyway. You may still chat after being "kicked", however...
    NOTE: If you do not press F8 on the "Defeat!" dialog that appears, pressing the Quit button results in everyone getting kicked...
    /nofade on
    Disables fade filters. Do not use this if there is currently an active fade filter.
    /nofade off
    Enables fade filters
    /nobounds on
    Disables camera bounds changes. Do not used this if your camera is currently bounded.
    /nobounds off
    Allows camera bounds changes.
    Press this to escape from cinematics and dialogs, and other such things.
    (This works on the Players Lagging window as well, but you are limited to queuing up actions or moving the camera until the player stops lagging)



  4. 1.22 -> 1.23 Replay Converter

    Convert Replays so they work on patch 1.23



  5. CDKeyGrabber

    Grab your current CD-Key



  6. NameSpoofer

    NameSpoofer for 1.23



  7. Garena Auto Clicker

    Its common on a Friday night or on weekends, all the rooms on Garena are full, here's the solution.
    This program is designed to do that for you. The Garena “auto clicker” clicks on a room till you get in without giving you carpal tunnel.
    How to use?
    1. Open Garena and connect to a server
    2. Open GetInRoom.exe
    3. Select and try to join a room.



  8. Advanced Visual Custom Kick

    Enables you, to kick players out of your Warcraft 3 games if you are host.
    Automatically refresh your game, reduce the game start delay, show the enemy healthbars, notify you when your game is full, automatically enter the gamemode for you and many more.
    Note: This will only work on custom games and not for Ladder games.
    Advanced Visual Custom Kick ™ is the first CustomKick which enables kicking on Windows Vista. It comes with many features and is constantly being updated.



  9. SpamBOT

    Send messages, automatically.



  10. GarenaHack

    Latest Garenahack by DotA-Utilities - Best Garena Hack working 15th August.
    • Enter any room without 5 seconds waiting restriction.
    • Removes all advertisement banners in Garena.
    • 100 Exp / 15mins for basic member!
    • Pings can be seen on digits.
    • No Chat Restrictions, Spam allowed.
    • Unlimited group alert
    • Garena Updating disabled.
    • Shows HP bars in WarCraft.
    • Show enemy icons ingame.
    • WarCraft 3 Dota Inventory Hotkeys.
    • Can open more than one Garena clients at one time.
    • Admin Functions (some of them will not work)
    • Auto game room joiner (AutoJoiner) | Press F12 to turn on, F11 to turn off.
    • Can use any maphack, Warcraft 1.21, 1.22, 1.23, 1.24 Maphack.
    • Anti-Hack Protection removed.
    • Can use other hacks also including Custom Kick, Drophack etc.
    • Namespoofer, ability to change username.
    • Garena Icon Hack.
    • Host can use Custom Kick Garena to win ladder game.
    • Ladder Always.
    • Host a game under custom name.
    • Can Enter Custom Ladder level
    • You can open more then multiple Garena clients for more exp.
    • 7 Servers are added including DotA-Utilities server.
    • Can leave room while playing.
    • No Garena Mega EXP hack, but something is better than nothing.



  11. Pudge666

    Extensive Utility for Warcraft III
    1- You can leave the room with the warcraft open (this may create the game in any empty room, ask your friends basic members enter and then leave the warcraft open and enter into a room full, and the game will be moved to another room without your friends fall ).
    2- Swords of "Playing" actived
    3- Ping and level on warcraft changed
    4- Lots of Skin Changes
    5- Advertisements of rooms / home / PM removed.
    6- Chat expanded.
    7- Experience hack (50exp every 15min to basic member or 100exp every 15min to gold members).
    8- Without 5s message.
    9- Enter room without Message box and advertisement.
    10- Show real ping number instead of bars ( in room, in game, someone joined ur game).
    11- Enable message spam in chat channel.
    12- Unlimit Group Alert even you are just a normal member.
    13- Can invite anyone tn clan with a member priviledge.
    14- Can invite anyone to clan even he has a clan (Multi clan).
    15- Hack protection removed.
    16- You can open two or more GG client on One pc for fast gain exp.
    17- You can use administrator function like tract people's ip address.
    18- Map Hacks ADD for 1.22 BluSmash V1.0 (working)
    19- Map Hack ADD for 1.23 ( 2 mhs Tyranos V2 and Blusmah V2 )
    20- Texts Removed
    21- Clear Skin
    22- 6th Server Added
    23- All Hero Icons Changed to new ones cooler ones.
    24- Garena Updates Bypassed
    25- A Skin Folder with many skins to choose from. ( Readme in it for instructions on how to change. )



  12. SimpleWc3Hack

    A Simple MapHack for Warcraft III 1.23.
    Detection Status:
    Simple offset hack to share the offsets
    with you.
    Just run it, it will patch your wc3
    Reveal the minimap + map completely
    Reveal units
    Reveal pings
    Reveal invisible units
    Clickable units
    Reveal illusions
    Show Items
    DotA AH Bypass
    View Skills
    View Cooldowns
    Colored invisible units (red)
    View Enemy Icons
    Modify Tradeamount / Enable Trade
    Camera Distance <Credits go to TyranO>
    I don't take any guarantee that this doesn't
    get you banned, you use it on your own risk!
    This will get you banned in a few days as it
    is a simple offset based hack.
    If you don't trust the file, compile it yourself
    (source included)
    V 1.0
    +First release
    V 1.1
    +Show items
    +AH Bypass
    V 1.2
    +View Skills
    +View Cooldowns
    +Colored invisible units
    (as performed first by ShadowFrench)
    V 1.3
    +View Enemy Icons
    +Modify Tradeamount / Enable Trade
    V 2.0
    +Added support for Warcraft v1.23
    V 2.1
    +Added Camera Distance Manipulation
    (ported TyranO's code to 1.23)



  13. [cEngine] Warcraft III 1.23 MapHack

    Undetected, last tested: 03-24-2009
    New maphack for warcraft 3 version 1.23 Undetected on ladder. The hack must be injected after extracting it in warcraft 3 folder. Note that 1st-hacks scans all cheats uploaded to their database and its free of virus.
    *Reveal invisibles
    *Show enemy ping signals
    *Colouring enemy & fogged hp-bars
    *Show ressources
    *Show skills
    *Reveal illusions
    *Reveal enemy building queues/timers
    *Neutral & Enemy unit hotkeys
    *Auto-mining & worker queue
    *Coloured creepnames reveal itemdrops
    *DotA -ah bypass
    *Use different keysets (-roc NEWKEY and -tft NEWKEY)
    *Select windowtitle (-title NEWTITLE)
    *Multiple start of Warcraft III



  14. Warcraft III Auto Refresh

    This is an application designed to automatically refresh the game you are currently hosting.
    What is Warcraft III AutoRefresh?
    This is an application designed to automatically refresh the game you are currently hosting. Normally when you host a game, you would close all slots and open them to force your game to appear at the top of Battle.net's list of custom games. With this application, that process is done automatically.
    - Cross-platform, usable on Windows, Linux, and Mac.
    - Automatically refresh your game.
    - Set the rate at which your game is refreshed.
    - Helps distribution of a map by assisting players in recognizing "Download Only" games.
    - Customize the names and colors of the Autorefresh appearing in pre-game lobbies.
    - Almost no CPU utilization, allowing you to keep your framerates up.
    Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
    Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1
    Linux (Any Distro)/MAC OS X
    Mono Framework
    Package Contents
    - Warcraft III Autorefresh program
    - C# Source Code
    - General Public License (GPL) txt file
    - readme.txt file



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