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Starcraft II Hacks v1.0.0

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  1. cmh

    hey guys this is a leaked cranix maphack for 1.03. there is also a drop hack and private version of this maphack that ill upload soon. press * to activate and / to deactivate.



  2. R3VX Multi Maphack

    Hi all,
    heres my own SC2 maphack.. i made it because im not sure if any other public maphack is reading any system or account informations so te be sure i created one on my own.
    You can debug-, dissassemble it if you want theres no code protection inside, to get u feel secure.
    You can download it here:
    R3VX Table Hack (Multi Hack)
    This hack is for game version 1.0.3
    Use this on your own risk!
    # F2 for Maphack
    # F8 for ressource scanner for 2 players (also usable in MP matches)
    some feedback would help to improve this hack..
    have fun!



  3. StarCraft II Drophack

    Well, the StarCraft II Beta ends tomorrow, and a drophack has been released. An appropriate farewell gift, and 100% working at that. Enjoy!
    Tested, virustotal on request.



  4. SC2Maphack DLL

    DETECTED AS OF 09-11-2010
    See this description. Same thing, just different method.



  5. zLoader - DLL Loader/InjectorZ

    Dll hack loader for StarCraft 2 beta
    Made by Zynastor ([email protected])
    - Extract to a directory.
    - Place all the dll hack files in the same directory as SC2_zLoader.exe and SC2_zLoader.dll.
    - Run SC2_zLoader.exe while StarCraft 2 is open.
    - Start playing.
    - Does not yet support the auto load starcraft 2 feature.
    - bEnE for icon
    - Abin ([email protected]) for RemoteLib source code.
    Copyright © 2010 by Zynastor. All rights reserved.
    StarCraft 2 Copyright © by Blizzard Entertainment®.



  6. StarCraft II Maphack

    A simple one-state maphack that reveals everything but keeps fog-of-war. Compatible with StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Patch 1.0.3 undetected as of 9/1/10.
    Note from the creator: 'Warning: Use at your own risk. This could get you caught & you could loose your account. I "CraniX" take no responsibility if you get caught using this program.'
    Instructions: StarCraft II, join a game, alt tab and run the .exe then alt tab back into StarCraft II. Press * to toggle on and / to toggle off.



  7. Starcraft II MapHack

    Last modified 19th March 2010 - A simple maphack for starcraft II.
    Reveals Units on Minimap/Bigmap (Can be toggled with F9)
    Auto Harvest
    Auto Worker
    Game Info Board
    Right now, the maphack lacks a configuration file so you can't really disable Auto Harvest or Auto Worker, but I plan on doing that once I got more time.
    There might be a few bugs, might not critical, but you will have to select your main building (or if you're playing zerg, the egg) to fix selection.
    If you expierence crashes during gameplay, let me know. This hack was tested on Windows 7 by myself and a friend.
    This hack has no real anti detection so there is a chance that you will lose access to the beta. I am not sure if Blizzard enabled Warden, or if they use a newer anti hacking system. You have been warned, use this hack on your own risk. If you can't take the heat, stay outta da kitchen.
    How to use it:
    Extrace SC2Maphack.zip to any folder (once!)
    Start Starcraft 2
    Load Maphack (before joining a game!) You will hear a "Beep" if it loaded successfully.
    History (last modified 19th March 2010)
    Version 0.1h -
    . Updated to Version
    Version 0.1g -
    . Updated to Version
    . Added MicroEngine code ( it's still disabled - it will be enabled once it'll be able to load Modules written in .NET ).
    Version 0.1f -
    . Updated Loader
    Version 0.1e -
    . Updated to Version
    Version 0.1d -
    . Attempted to fix not loading bug which occured for Windows XP users.
    . Added Config.txt (Created by SC2Loader.exe on first run)
    Version 0.1c -
    . Fixed Selection Bug
    Version 0.1b -
    . Updated to Version
    . Chaotic: Testing the maphack.
    . Exzap: Gave me access to his SC2 Account, he was also first to create a maphack (maphack PoC)
    . Yeta: Helped me a lot, especially with the Selection Code
    . ZoiD: Loader concept
    . Chaotic: Testing the maphack.
    . Exzap: Gave me access to his SC2 Account, he was also first to create a maphack (maphack PoC)
    . Yeta: Helped me a lot, especially with the Selection Code
    . ZoiD: Loader concept
    If you would like to support my work, feel free to donate me via paypal -> [email protected].



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