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Starcraft II Hacks v1.1.0

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8 files

  1. LongScript-C Advanced Macro Script

    Normal Version: http://www.virustota...eb6c-1284991972
    non .NET: http://www.virustota...553b-1284991982



  2. Portrait Unlocker

    Yes, you guessed it. This is a portrait unlocker; basically it's a looped macro that joins and leaves and joins and leaves and joins and leaves 4v4 games. In case you didn't know, in team games, if you leave and your teamate wins you still get the wins. So using the logic that 4v4 means more people to win you the game, this essentially wins (and loses) you games. If you don't care about your 4v4 record (Because who does) then this will earn you all the team portraits ever. It automatically joins and leaves 4v4 games immediately. So sleep. And get pretty avatars. Everyone wins.
    IMPORTANT: Change your resolution to 1680x1050 when using this. It uses the scripting macro program known as AutoHotkey, and the locations it presses are on an xy axis based on a 1680x1050 screen.



  3. Updated

  4. External Map Hack for StarCraft II (OS X version)

    This file was not tested by Ghoztcraft staff (remove this if tested, I don't have a mac)
    Tested in SC2 1.1 on OS X Snow Leopard
    This is an open source external map hack for StarCraft 2, it doesn't modify
    the game's memory in any way. It doesn't attach anything to the game. It
    just reads the process' memory and generates a .json file with the map size
    and unit/building coordinates 3 times per second.
    You need to write your own viewer program to actually SEE the minimap. I'm
    working on a html5+canvas version so I can see the minimap on my phone while
    I play. I'll open source that too...
    In order to be safe, you need to run this program as root, and SC2 as a
    normal non-admin user.
    I plan to add a lot more stuff to this, like stats for all the armies in the
    map and warnings (Player 3 built a dark templar, Player 5 built a banshee,
    etc). Patches/suggestions/bug fixes are more than welcome :)
    Share and enjoy.



  5. Submitted

  6. Submitted

  7. Portrait Unlocker (Choose your Race!)

    Note: must change resolution to 1024x768. 1440x900 is available on request.



  8. Auto-Queen



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