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Starcraft II Hacks v1.1.2

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  1. zo_Rival



  2. Lost Viking Assistant

    Lost Viking Assistant
    (100% UN-Detectable!)
    Hey all, just thought I would package up a small yet very helpful script I wrote to prevent myself from getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome while trying to get the Lost Viking achievements.
    If you can't afford $80+ for a macro keyboard to spam the shoot key, this small program will do exactly that for you.

    1. Load the program
    2. Load SC2
    3. Start "The Lost Vikings" game
    4. Press F5 to toggle auto-shoot
    5. Enjoy a SPAM-FREE Arcade experience!
    F5 is the toggle switch. Press it on, press it off... you get the idea.
    Yes, I know this is a simple program... but simplicity never hurt, when functionality pays. I am a very capable software engineer so if anyone has any ideas for something I can do that is NEW AND CREATIVE (no maphack requests or update _____ hack for patch 1.x.x.x requests ect...) I'd be GLAD to hear you out and perhaps give it a try.




  3. Qazzy's SC2 Multi Lossbot

    Qazzy's SC2 Multi Lossbot 1.2 for Patch
    This bot allows you to lossbot on up to 8 Starcraft II windows WHILE YOU DO OTHER THINGS. You can play another game, watch a video, this bot will not interfere with what you are doing.
    Lossbotting is useful to obtain portraits in random team games. Because if your teammates win the game you still get the win. You could use it in 1v1 but you wouldn't get that many wins if any because the other person would have to be lossbotting too.
    This bot is a modified version of my Multi Lossbot for Warcraft III. I don't know if bnet will let you log into the same account twice like it did on WC3. I decided to leave the feature there in case you wanted to bot on multiple accounts.

    Lossbot on up to 8x windows 100% background bot Customizable delays per window Customizable start/stop hotkeys Customizable chat messages
    Virus Total Report



  4. Eclipsed

    Eclipsed.dll !
    !Eclipsed v1.0.0 !
    !StarCraft II v1.1.1 !
    !Made by (Secret) !
    ! !
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This hack is pretty obvious who it is made by. I may be releasing the source code after it's patched.
    I'll be updating this hack every patch, probably. I just thought maybe I would
    join the action of releasing a public StarCraft II hack.
    1. Start up StarCraft II
    2. Inject using SC2_zLoader
    * 2 State Maphack
    * Watch player camera
    * Mineral Boosting
    * Anti Tie Hack
    * Stay Alive Hack
    F5 - Toggle lite / off map hack.
    F6 - Toggle stay alive on / off.
    NuM [1 ~ 8] - Scroll through players real-time cameras
    Anti tie hack
    ValiantChaos - The style of his readme looks sexy
    Zynastor - For his .dll injector(s)
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    - Added anti tie hack (Protect against Devious tie hack)
    - Added stay alive hack (Stay in game, no points loss until you leave, and still order your units while your dead.)
    - No Reveal (If you buildings is gone, you won't be reveal)



  5. KelSat's +11 Trainer

    This is 100% working for campaign achievements. All credits go to KelSat for making this. Unlike some of the versions floating around the net, this one is 100% clean. Got it directly from KelSat's official site and tested it in a sandbox. Confirmed Undetected as of the 10/19.
    Unlimited Minerals
    Unlimited Gas
    Unlimited Population
    Unlimited Credits
    No Fog Of War
    Instant Training/Research
    Instant Building
    Teleport Selected Units
    Recharge All Selected Units's Energy
    Damage/Heal All Selected Units/Buildings
    Turn On/Off Indestructible Flag For Any Selected Units/Buildings
    Instructions: Run before or after launching StarCraft II... it should automatically detect the game.



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