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Starcraft II Hacks v1.4.3

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  1. ValiantChaos Basic Maphack

    Maphack for StarCraft II v1.4.3
    Run 'Maphack.exe' while starcraft 2 is closed
    Have fun playing!
    Warden Protection Configurable Hotkeys 5-State Maphack -> Modes are off, lite, shared, dark and full -> Show units on mainmap and minimap -> Show invisible and burrowed units -> Show hallucinated units -> Show Zerg creep -> Show load bars (Dropships etc) -> Show force field duration bars -> Show health bars under fog of war -> Health bars shown under fog of war are white -> Enable sounds under fog of war -> Enable selections under fog of war (client-sided) -> View what your enemy is training/researching or the contents of selected -> Graphical bugs fixed Camera Lock Show Player Selections Show Player Clicks Show Enemy Camera Enable Observer Panel -> Set to Production tab when game starts -> Filter out local player -> Filter out allied players -> Filter out unwanted units and researches -> Apply filtering for units and researches after X game seconds -> Allow clicks through Production and Units tabs -> Configurable transparency for Units and Production tabs Enable Color Icon With Race Enable 1v1 Resource Info Watch Player Camera Graviton Beam Hack Auto-Start -> Auto-Mine minerals -> Auto-Create 1 worker -> Auto-Rally main building to local mineral patch -> Auto-Group main building. Auto-Larva -> Auto-Group queens Auto-Worker Train Auto-Mule Auto-Chrono Boost Auto-Stalker Blink Auto-Roach Burrow -> Auto-Roach unburrow Auto-Queen Transfusion Auto-Group Buildings Award Achievements Tac Nuke Strike Alert Nydus Worm Alert Unit Alert Dropship Alert Supply Alert Camera Zoom Out Instant Win Against A.I. Hotkeys:
    F2 - Quick switch between Units, Production and Income tabs for Observer panel.
    Ctrl +F2 - Toggle observer panel on/off.
    F4 - Zerg auto-larva, Terran auto-mule and Protoss Gateway/WarpGate auto-chrono boost.
    F5 - Toggle maphack on/off.
    F6 - Toggle global auto-worker train on/off.
    Ctrl + F6 - Remove/Re-add building for auto-worker training.
    F8 (or Middle mouse button) - Toggle camera lock on/off.
    Ctrl - Use Graviton Beam hack by holding down key and right clicking target.
    Commands: (Don't work in game lobby)
    /mh # - Set maphack mode to lite(1), shared(2), dark(3) or full(4).
    /aa # - Award achievement. (Use 'Achievements.txt' to get id)
    /wp # - Watch player camera. (use /list to get player id)
    /wp - Toggle watch player camera off.
    /as - Toggle auto-start on/off.
    /al - Toggle auto-larva on/off.
    /am - Toggle auto-mule on/off.
    /ab - Toggle auto-stalker blink on/off.
    /ar - Toggle auto-roach burrow on/off.
    /at - Toggle auto-queen transfusion on/off.
    /ss - Toggle show player selections on/off.
    /sc - Toggle show player clicks on/off.
    /mc - Toggle enemy minimap camera on/off.
    /lf - Toggle local player filtering for observer panel on/off.
    /af - Toggle ally player filtering for observer panel on/off.
    /uf - Toggle Units tab filtering for observer panel on/off.
    /pf - Toggle Production tab filtering for observer panel on/off.
    /na - Toggle nuke alert on/off.
    /wa - Toggle nydus worm alert on/off.
    /ua - Toggle unit alert on/off.
    /da - Toggle dropship alert on/off.
    /sa - Toggle supply alert on/off.
    /list - Get a list of players in-game with player id.
    /win - Win instantly against A.I. (Must have no other human players left in the game!)
    /cheat - Gives you lots of minerals, gas and supply. (Must have no other human players left in the game!)
    Detailed information:
    Warden Protection
    If you don't know what Warden is, read this. I will not go into details with how my protection works or what techniques I have used to help prevent detection, but know that it's there and working to protect you.
    Configurable Hotkeys
    Open the file VCMH.ini and edit the key code value to what you want. Key code values can be found here.
    5-State Maphack
    Comes with 5 different modes which are off, lite, shared, dark and full, and has an advanced list of features it provides compared to any other maphack. I have also fixed many graphical bugs such as strange objects occurring from units and old/destroyed units still appearing under the fog of war.
    Camera Lock
    Lock your current camera position and save selected so you can freely look around the map so that your camera movement and selections are not recorded into replay. Use this when necassary to help avoid suspicious camera movement in your replays. If you happen to leave this feature on and try to command any units it will automatically turn off, this is a safety feature so that you don't leave it on by accident.
    Show Player Selections
    Shows player selections for everyone in game with a broken circle around the selected and in color.
    Show Player Clicks
    Shows player movement clicks for everyone in game and in color.
    Show Enemy Camera
    Shows your enemies camera view on the minimap in their player color.
    Enable Observer Panel
    Enables the replay observer panel that's located at the top left of screen. To change the display mode using one of the hotkeys you will need to hold down the Alt key, that way it won't interfere with any unit ability hotkeys or anything else. To help make viewing easier and so your screen is not filled up with so much information there is filtering for local player, allied players, and technology for Units and Production tabs. Also there is an option to set the transparency for observer panel if that helps make viewing easier.
    Enable Color Icon With Race
    Enables the replay color/race icon that is located near the minerals icon to show your local player color. This can be useful in team games where you have hostile colors (Green, Yellow, Red) enabled and someone refers to you by your color.
    Enable 1v1 Resource Info
    Enables the replay 1v1 resource/player information to be displayed under yours in the top right of screen.
    Watch Player Camera
    Watch the camera movement of any player in real time, it also works like camera lock so everything is client-sided and not saved into the replay.
    Graviton Beam Hack
    Simple and easy way to use Graviton Beam with Phoenix by holding down Ctrl key and right clicking your targets.
    Automatically sends workers to mine minerals, builds 1 worker and sets rally point when the game starts. There are also configurable option's to set the speed and have your workers mine differently, such as double splitting them.
    Automatically spawn larva on all Zerg main buildings with the press of a key, all queens must be hotkeyed to the configured group for it to work and they must be kept close to the building your wanting to spawn larva on. After using auto-larva with the hotkey you will be alerted 40 game seconds later when you are able to go again. Any map pings (client-sided) that occur after pressing the hotkey are on Zerg buildings that failed to spawn larva due to a queen not being located close enough to it. There is also 4 different speeds for auto-larva with hotkey including an instant option, and there is also a mode to have auto-larva fully automated in the background. Also with this feature is a configurable option to have your queens automatically grouped to make things easier.
    Auto-Worker Train
    Automatically train workers for Protoss and Terran and will alert you the worker count for every 10 starting from 20. Buildings can be removed/re-added from the global hotkey by holding down Ctrl key and pressing the hotkey on selected building. Workers will be randomly created when there is 7 to 0 seconds remaining until the last is completed, if not enough resources during this time the worker will be queued when resources become available. Settings for this feature can be configured in VCMH.ini.
    Automatically calls down X(1 up to 4) MULEs with the press of a hotkey to a mineral field that is local to a Command Center, Orbital Command or Planetary Fortress that has the highest total mineral count of surrounding mineral fields, gold minerals will also have first priority. Your Orbital Commands must be hotkeyed to the group configured in VCMH.ini otherwise they will be missed and not used. There is also an option to have auto-mule fully automated in the background reserving 50 energy if you have only 1 Orbital Command or 100 with 2 or more Orbital Commands, this is to help ensure you have enough energy to still use scans.
    Auto-Chrono Boost
    Automatically chrono boosts Gateways and WarpGates with the press of a hotkey, to make sure no energy is wasted this will only work if a unit is in production for a gateway or the WarpGate has cooldown.
    Auto-Stalker Blink
    Automatically micro blink stalkers back a short distance, then attack moves back in battle. To avoid blinking at unnecassary times this feature will not work if the stalker(s) are currently on a move or hold position command. Settings for this feature can be configured in VCMH.ini.
    Auto-Roach Burrow
    Automatically burrows roaches on low life and unburrows them when they are near full health again. To avoid burrowing of roaches at unnecessary times, this feature will not work if the roach(es) are currently on a move or hold position command. Settings for this feature can be configured in VCMH.ini.
    Auto-Queen Transfusion
    Automatically transfuses other queens when in radius of the spell, this is just basic and of course can be made to do more units or buildings, so I suggest give some ideas to how it should work and the priorities. I can say this hack with mass queens, if your in a low enough league to mess around can be quite amazing and funny.
    Auto-Group Buildings
    Automatically groups configured building types to a control group number when they are selected, which groups can be configured in VCMH.ini.
    Award Achievements
    Award yourself with many different achievement (not all), use 'Achievements.txt' to get the id of the one you want. For campaign achievement you will need to be in campaign mode and for Blizzard custom map achievements, you will need to be in the specific Blizzard map otherwise the achievement data won't be loaded and therefor you can't get the achievement.
    Tac Nuke Strike Alert
    Alerts you when an enemy player targets the location he/she is wanting to nuke with a message and map ping for the location. The map ping is client-sided so only you can see it and it will be in your local player color.
    Nydus Worm Alert
    Alerts you when an enemy player summons a Nydus Worm with a message and map ping for the location. The map ping is client-sided so only you can see it and it will be in your local player color.
    Unit Alert
    Alerts you when certain unit types are built, at the moment I have just kept it basic because the Observer panel is far more superior. Currently it will only alert on Dark Shrine, Dark Templars and Banshees so you can be alerted instantly and worry about detecting these cloaked units.
    Dropship Alert
    Alerts when a Medivac, Warp Prism, or Overlord is loading and unloading with enemy player units, also alerts when Warp Prism transforms into Phasing Mode. To avoid spamming of the same alert that's not "attempting to load/unload" I check the position of recent alerts and avoid anything if it's in the same local area. If a dropship is being loaded or unloaded while showing on your screen and not under the fog of war, no alert will be given, this is also just to help with any alerts that I consider to be spam and may distract the player.
    Supply Alert
    Alerts you when your getting close to being supply blocked, settings can be configured in VCMH.ini. To avoid spamming of the alert for every increase of supply when it's getting close to supply block it will only show the alert once till the message disappears which takes about 15 game seconds.
    Camera Zoom Out
    An extra 5 more zoom outs have been added for your camera, use the mouse wheel and page up/down keys like normal except you will need to hold down the Ctrl key to begin the first zoom out. If your playing ranked matches it's probably best to only zoom out once/twice or not at all, otherwise it can look suspicious in replays when selecting things out side of your standard camera view.
    Instant Win Against A.I.
    Using this feature (/win command) will make you win instantly against A.I opponents, you can use this to help earn various achievements. If using in a co-op game your allies must first leave before you can use the command, and you will also need to wait 5 minutes otherwise the win will not go towards your achievement progress.



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