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Starcraft 1.15 Hacks

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Hacks for starcraft version 1.15

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  1. EndPoop hack

    Spam and Pause hack.. Just to annoy people right now, I'm trying to get the Host hack to work, when I do I'll update.
    Made by Aimcrack



  2. Multicommand by b_1

    Multicommand #3
    Multicommand by b_1 v1.2
    How to use:
    Load it into SC after connecting into B.Net. Use a loader you want.
    -Put multicommand.txt into your SC directory.(You can edit the multicommand.txt with: 'Hotkey=Alt' replace Alt with: 'shift' 'ctrl' or 'con'(con= ~) without '
    -Select a/some Unit(s)/Building(s) and press the key you chose in multicommand.txt.
    -This MC is different to the other mcs out.
    -Warden-Safe (no loss)
    Have Fun!



  3. Screen Drawing

    Screen Drawing
    By FaH = ProMasser
    Info -------
    Auto Matic Use
    Bugs: Report Any Bugs
    Update in 1.0.0
    First Release



  4. Zerg Mineral Hack Detection

    Alerts For new Mineral HAck
    Zerg Mineral Hack Detection
    By: p00onu
    For Starcraft 1.15
    This hack will alert you if someone uses the zerg mineral hack.
    Just load and enjoy.
    Copyright © 2007 by p00onu. All rights reserved.
    Starcraft/Brood War Copyright © by Blizzard Entertainment®.
    Attached Files



  5. Mineral Hack

    Zerg mineral hack
    MineralHack v1.0.2b
    For Starcraft/Brood War 1.15
    Made by Zynastor ([email protected])
    - Zerg mineral exploit with auto cancel.
    Provides you with about 500 minerals each time this exploit is used on a larva, Hydralisk or
    Mutalisk, it may also have different effects on the game when used in UMS games.
    - Zerg mineral exploit crash protection
    This will protect you from a crash that may occur when the mineral exploit is used by you or
    anyone else in the game.
    - Press 'End' key : Uses mineral exploit on a selected larva, Hydralisk or Mutalisk.
    - Load after you have entered battle.net and before game play.
    - Not recommended for use in ladder games.
    Copyright © 2007 by Zynastor. All rights reserved.
    Starcraft/Brood War Copyright © by Blizzard Entertainment®.



  6. Host Hack #2

    Easy to use Host Hack (Without Artmoney)
    Host Hack: Kick players in the pre game lobby when you are not the host.
    Host Hack v1.2
    By: 707
    For: Starcraft 1.15
    - Fixed a bug that caused crashing
    - Removed hotkey and fixed a few things. This will automatically make you host after injection.
    No more scrolling =D
    Host Hack
    Automatically enabled after injection.
    p00onu - Special thanks to p00 for teaching me everything I know about ASM and game hacking.
    SCM - Loader



  7. Name Spoofer

    Artmoney Spoof Hack
    ProMasser = FaH
    [email protected]
    1.Open Up Starcraft
    2.It will load The Artmoney File
    3.Edit the name it has
    4.than change it to w/e
    5.go back to starcraft or broodwar
    6.Press f12 = to spoof name
    8.SC Color Chat IS IN File
    ViperGTSR3g Thx to him He Told me how to do it
    i owe everything to him



  8. Brood War - Host Hack

    Brood War - Host HackArtmoney Table
    This file was first released on:
    Hope you like it DUI_ :P
    This Artmoney table is a working host hack.
    Hot Keys
    Alt+Q Host Hack On
    Alt+1 Enable Slot 0
    Alt+2 Enable Slot 1
    Alt+3 Enable Slot 2
    Alt+4 Enable Slot 3
    Alt+5 Enable Slot 4
    Alt+6 Enable Slot 5
    Alt+7 Enable Slot 6
    Alt+8 Enable Slot 7
    When you join a game, press Alt+Q to enable the host hack. If people join after you enable the host hack, you will be able to ban them.
    If you wish to be able to kick someone that had joined the game before you, simply find their slot number, and press the corresponding hotkey.
    The first slot in the game lobby is slot 0, the second is slot 1, so on and so forth.
    In order for you to use this hack, you will have to have Artmoney running on your computer. To download artmoney please visit the Artmoney website here: http://www.artmoney.ru/
    The download page is here: http://www.artmoney.ru/e_download.htm
    How to load this table
    1. Download and install Artmoney.
    2. Run Artmoney.
    3. Start up Starcraft
    4. Select Brood War from Artmoney's Select Process drop down box (Located just below the Search, Filter, and Option Buttons).
    5. Click Load at the bottom of the Artmoney window, and load this artmoney table.
    6. Read the instructions on how to use this above.
    And your set to go!
    I hope this does not anger DT to ban me from BWHacks since this is a malicious "Hack"
    Thanks to p00onu for answering all of my questions to the best of his abilities.
    Artmoney Table created by ViperGTSR3g
    Starcraft/Brood War Copyright © by Blizzard Entertainment®.
    Artmoney Copyright © 1996-2007, System SoftLab



  9. Antarctic (No-Loss)

    Maphack for StarCraft/BroodWar 1.15 (No-Loss)
    Antarctic v1.0.5b
    Maphack for StarCraft/BroodWar 1.15 (No-Loss)
    Made by Zynastor ([email protected])
    - Maphack
    - Unit state hack
    - Safe clicks
    - Invisible target clicks
    - Download status display
    - Refresh fix
    - Maphack
    Comes with three different modes which are off, lite and full.
    - Unit state hack
    view the state of another players unit, for instance the build queue of buildings and upgrades.
    - Safe clicks
    Undetected (Client-sided) left clicks on anything you wouldn't normally have vision of.
    - Invisible target clicks
    Allows you to target units/resources you wouldn't normally have vision of. This feature is disabled
    by default because it can be detected by other players, you can toggle it on/off using Ctrl+Insert.
    - Download status display
    Shows download status at all times.
    - Refresh fix
    Forces starcraft to refresh the screen constantly.
    - Insert : Toggle through the maphack modes.
    - Ctrl+Insert : Toggle invisible target clicks on/off.
    - Load after you have entered battle.net and before game play.
    - Not recommended for use in ladder games.
    Copyright © 2007 by Zynastor. All rights reserved.
    Starcraft/Brood War Copyright © by Blizzard Entertainment®.



  10. Nuke Paint

    Changed the look and feel of a Nuclear Attack.
    -Changed sprite
    -Added player color (See who's nuking you)
    -Added red color to "Nuclear launch detected"



  11. APM Detector

    Shows your Action Per Minute (APM) during a game
    APM Detector by zdd
    This program should create a window in the top-left corner of the screen after you run it with the APM counter, run this program first and then starcraft, and if all goes well, it should overlay itself over starcraft.
    Right now it polls 20 times a second, but you can slow it down to something like 10 times a second if you find that it is lagging sc without losing any accuracy (unless you have over 600 APM).
    Because this program is completely independent from SC, you'll have to press Alt-Z whenever you want to restart the APM counter (such as when you enter a new game or w/e)
    Version 1 - Fixed annoying mouse and key non-responsiveness
    Version 2 - Program should now be "click-through-able", so you can right click and left click through it and not minimize sc.
    Version 3 - Fixed a bug where holding a key down made the program think that you were pressing it over and over, making the APM skyrocket.
    Version 4 - Fixed a bug that counted Alt-Z as a new action upon resetting, making the counter not start with 0
    Version 5 - Added INI file for fast script tweaking, Increased default clickthrough delay from 10 to 20.
    Version 6 - Changed the hiding window mechanism, removed clickthroughdelay in favor of more click control, added exit shortcut, added shortcut booleans in setup.ini.
    Version 7 - Entirely removes the APM counter when the mouse is over it to prevent minimizing sc.
    Version 8 - Increased key reading speed a bit and added timer function (see setup.ini)
    Version 9 - Added a logging feature for APM, just set logapm=1 and loginterval in seconds in setup.ini
    more details here: http://teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.ph...;topic_id=55711
    What is APM? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Actions_per_minute



  12. Warden Workaround

    This will allow you to use ANY hacks that previously caused losses.
    Warden Workaround 1.02
    By: p00onu
    For Starcraft 1.15
    www.bwhacks.com has permission to host this file.
    Instructions. READ CAREFULLY!
    This will allow you to use ANY hacks that previously caused losses. This fix is only for the current Warden implementation. If you start to get losses, stop using this and report it immediately on www.bwhacks.com including what hacks you had loaded at the time.
    This exe is the loader and the hack in one. This is only the Warden Workaround so if you want to inject other hacks follow these instructions.
    1. Run SC
    2. Log onto B.Net
    3. Wait 5 seconds (if you inject it right after logging on, you will crash)
    4. Run WW102.exe
    5. Load any other hacks
    6. Enjoy
    Note: This will not work with crwa because you must load it AFTER logging on to B.Net. If you get disconnected you must run WW102 when you log back on to B.Net.
    Copyright © 2007 by p00onu. All rights reserved.
    Starcraft/Brood War Copyright © by Blizzard Entertainment®.



  13. MapHack/Statshack (no loss)

    A private maphack. This does not give a loss.
    Hotkey for maphack is f12
    No hotkey for statshack.
    Can't be used with Xtazy.



  14. Unit Alert

    It detects units, upgrades, and tech.
    Starcraft ver. 1.15
    F5 - Toggle Unit alert
    - On
    - Off
    F6 - Toggle Tech/Upgrade alert
    - On
    - Off
    Programmed in asm
    Made by Jiggie



  15. Xtazy

    Nice Multihack including Winamp Controls.
    Xtazy v1.2 by xXZyZXx
    - Features:
    Lag defender
    Null drop timer
    DL Status
    Stay alive
    Draws an X with player colour over burrowed units, dts,
    but not cloaked units yet (I'm lazy).
    Winamp control:
    - Draws current track name, progress, etc.
    - Hotkeys
    - Commands
    - Hotkeys
    PageUp - Previous track (Winamp)
    PageDn - Next track (Winamp)
    Ctrl + D - Lag Defender
    Ctrl + A - Null drop timer
    Ctrl + H - Command currently selected units to hold position
    Ctrl + P - Pause/Resume game (toggle)
    - Ingame commands
    /about - Display info
    /ps <#> - Plays sound #
    /repeat - Type this once, and send any command (build, move, etc).
    It will automatically keep repeating that command until you type /repeat again.
    - .on/off - Enable/Disable winamp control
    - .vol up/down - Volume up/down
    - .vol <#> - Set volume to # (# is a number from 1-100)
    - .mute - Sets volume to 0
    - .shuffle on/off - Enables/disables shuffle
    - .repeat on/off - Enables/disables repeat
    - .play - Winamp play
    - .play <#> - Plays track #
    - .info - Display track info
    - .pause - Pause Playback
    - .stop - Stop Playback
    - .next - Skip to next track
    - .prev - Play previous track
    - .find songname - Find songname
    - .ad - Advertises the current song you are listening to.
    - Notes
    Winamp must be installed at C:\Program Files\Winamp\
    May cause slight lag when track changes (winamp)
    - Bugs/fixes
    - Winamp track names don't match up:
    Make sure you don't have any missing tracks, and that you don't
    change your playlist during playback. Usually, typing .on will fix this.
    If not, go to winamp settings -> General preferences -> Titles -> Read metadata
    when files are loaded into winamp.
    - Credits
    xXZyZXx - For making this hack ... :P
    Lancevorgin - Winamp class
    Palomino - Various functions, DrawHudText, etc...
    Permaphrost - Extended.dll source (I converted lag defender, stayalive from it...)
    KC - Sex
    p00 -



  16. Uhack

    Hosthack, Blacklist, Offline Stack Hack, Spammer, Download Status, Null Drop Timer
    FileName : UHACK.DLL
    Version : Beta
    What it has:
    -Null drop timer
    -Host hack (all menus)
    -lights on/OFF (for offline stacking)
    -Download stats all times
    -Start game without opponents
    -Added Blacklisting (idea from gamepin126)
    -Added Highlighted host in Red (idea from AgentGod)
    -Added All Blacklist Accounts are Gray
    -Fixed Download Stats Bug
    /spam # 'message here'
    /lighs on // for lights on *offline*
    /lights off // for lights off *offline*
    *In-Game & Game-Lobby
    /bl list // shows blacklist
    /bl add 'playername' // add player to blacklist
    /bl remove 'playername' // remove player from blacklist
    Commands 2:
    /spam # 'message here' // "/spam 6 hello" will spam hello 6 times
    /lighs on // for lights on
    /lights off // for lights off
    push F9 // for lights on or off
    high6 - Spammer information and hooking command function
    SCModder - Loader
    AgentGOD - download and null timer offsets
    gamepin126 - The Blacklist idea (lol)
    You wont get a loss for using this hack.



  17. [Public] Ghost 3.0

    The Hack Dedicated to Ghoztcraft.net!
    Programmed / Developed by Kc
    Injector by SC_Modder
    Produced by XGhozt
    --F6 - Toggle show no warnings
    --F7 - Toggle show selects
    --F8 - Scroll through maphack
    ----State 0 - Maphack 0
    ----State 1 - Maphack lite
    ----State 2 - Full maphack
    --F11 - Relocates the statistics panel to the cursor
    Text Commands: (Ingame)
    --/help - In Game Help
    --/warnings - Hides Warnigs
    --/fm - Message Friends Only
    --/money Offline Mineral Hack
    --/stats - Statistics Pane
    ----State 0 - Off
    ----State 1 - Full
    ----State 2 - Lite
    --/stick - Stick Stats to Map
    ----State 0 - Sticks to screen
    ----State 1 - Sticks to map
    --/units - Shows who has what, and how many
    --/hallu - Hallucination Identifier
    --Chat Log
    --Internal News
    --Download Status



  18. Q-Unit

    Automatic unit queuer for SC/BW (1.15)
    Part of ROTH. But not everyone want to use the ROTH
    dll : Q-Unit v2.0 system : Any
    url : http://www.bwhacks.com size : 4.5 KB
    : http://www.ultimate-filez.com sc/bw vers : 1.15
    rel date : 27/05/2007
    coded by : Palomino
    converted : AgentGOD
    started : 21/8/2006
    finished : 25/8/2006
    converted : 26/5/2007
    Changes in v2.0:
    - Converted to 1.15 by AgentGOD
    - Fixed a bug with adding and removing units that caused a crash
    - Automatic unit queuer for SC/BW (1.15)
    - (Entry for hacking compo held by Yonderknight)
    - Unit Queue
    - Automatically re-queues units once their built
    - Saves currently selected units, and restores, completely
    transparent to the user.
    - Unit's name is highlighted green for easier identification
    - Global automation toggle for all buildings
    - Scarab/Interceptor automation (always on)
    - Begins construction of scarab/interceptor immediately
    - Continues to rebuild until completely full
    - Will automatically replenish any lost scarabs/interceptors
    load it with a DLL injector like SC_Modders load.exe
    - Numpad 1 -- add/remove unit for queue-automation
    - Numpad 2 ---- clear all units
    - Numpad 3 ------ toggle global queue-automation
    - Please inject before entering bnet/game
    - Not recommended for use in ladder games
    - Global flag reset at new game
    - Source code available in competition area at BWH forums
    - Yonderknight for the concept and running the comp
    (also thanks for my late submission! :)
    - SCModder for load.exe during testing
    * Palomino - great work ;)
    * nickolay - you like it, right master? mail me!
    * KCProductionz - best of luck, friend :)
    * Group-Secks - not sure what to write here, just leave it black or
    * BWH staff - thank you for re-admittance
    <3 Courtnee SB



  19. Version Check Bypass

    Use this to load your hacks at any time, even before logging into battle.net!
    ``CheckRevision Work Around'' with AgentGOD's Starcraft.exe patch
    for: [sC/BW 1.15]
    date: [6/6/07]
    file: crwa.dll
    vers: beta2
    home: [http://www.bwhacks.com]
    Small wrapper around the CheckRevision call (using StarCrap's CheckRevision
    reversal + source) to allow injection of hack dlls before logging into bnet,
    as well as being able to use patched clients and what not.
    StarCrap - Using his CheckRevision reversal+source. This wouldn't exist
    without his work. Visit his site at http://rafm.org/
    AgentGOD - StarCraft.exe patched to load this workaround.
    New Instructions:
    Backup original Starcraft.exe, and extract the zip to the Starcraft folder.
    Now you can load your hacks at any time :)
    - Props to Palomino for creating this little workaround.
    Original Instructions:
    !!! IMPORTANT !!!
    Copy the original StarCraft.exe, storm.dll and battle.snp from your
    starcraft folder to the data folder.
    You should have 5 files in the data folder:
    1) sexp.bin - dump of video buffer required for hashing
    2) backend.dll - dll containing some of the shuffle code for the hashing
    3) StarCraft.exe
    4) storm.dll
    5) battle.snp - all needed to produce correct checksum and digest
    Simply inject anytime you want with any hacks.
    Known Issues:
    Occasionally spits out incorrect checksum and digest. Simply try again
    if it happens.
    If the problem persists, in the data folder should be a file called `last.txt'
    Please post this file on the forums.
    For reference, the CRC32s of the three required data files are:
    StarCraft.exe - 190C68E0
    storm.dll - C677510F
    battle.snp - F2AC7C86
    - By Palomino



  20. Stats Hack+Nuke detect

    Display other players statistics.
    Stats Hack made by KcProductionz http://www.kcdan.com
    New feature(s)/Bugfixes v1.3:
    -Fixed refresh issue thanks to zyz (divinenoodle)
    New feature(s)/Bugfixes v1.2:
    -Nuke selection detection. The nuke anywhere hack requires
    the selection of a nuke, and this will flag any player that
    has ever selected a nuke.
    F6 - Scroll through visibilty options of stats panel.
    Off mode - Not drawn
    Full mode - Full panel is drawn
    Light mode - Panel is not filled in
    F7 - Relocate pane to the mouse's coordinate
    F8 - Toggles between having the panel stick to the screen or map.
    LCS - Mineral / Gas offsets
    3600 - H01e
    SC_Modder - Load.exe
    zyz - =D



  21. OFFLINE SpeedHack

    Works only offline or if everyone in your Game is running the SpeedHack.
    The SpeedHack is a OFFLINE hack. So you can NOT use it on BNET (or only if everyone in your Game is running SpeedHack).
    by b_1
    How to use:
    1.Run speedhack.exe and extract the files wherever you want.
    2.Run StarCraft
    a)Run load.exe if you want to play Offline with SpeedHack
    b)Log into Battle.net and run load.exe if you want to use SpeedHack with your Friends
    4. If you chose 2a: Ingame press F10 and set the Game Speed to 7
    (2=With speedhack= 4
    4=With speedhack= 8
    7=With speedhack= 14 etc.)
    If you chose 2b:Start a game and make sure everyone in your game has the speedhack
    Commands: F11 - SpeedHack Off
    F12 - SpeedHack On(Standard)
    5.Have fun!
    SpeedHack by b_1
    Tutorial by v_2



  22. Multicommand with Nuke Anywhere

    Just a simple, configurable multicommand, which doesn't crash/desync. New: nuke anywhere.
    Yet Another Multicommand
    by Palomino
    for: [sC/BW 1.15]
    date: [7/6/07]
    file: yamc.dll
    vers: 1.02
    Just a simple, configurable multicommand, which doesn't crash/desync. New: Allows you to nuke anywhere you want on the map.
    zMaphack 1.0.3
    Inhale 2.0.4
    Inject after logging into BNet.
    Type in-game /? for help.
    Type /k in-game to change the toggle hotkey(default is tilde [~]).
    You may set it to mouse buttons, if you wish (right button works nice).
    Use /d <int> to set the delay between actions, in milliseconds.
    Default is 50 ms, any less causes desync. Set higher if experiencing desyncing.
    The nuke anywhere is enabled by default, and is compatible with the multicommand. Just nuke as you would normally, anywhere on the map.
    ver 1.01 update:
    * Added settings file [yamc.ini]. Settings retained after exit
    * Toggle message no longer produces a beep.
    ver 1.02 update:
    * Added nuke anywhere exploit. Credit ZyZ for the find
    Drakken - Multicommand, action + unit reversal
    ZyZ - Nuke Anywhere exploit.
    Disco - Testing
    SCModder - loader



  23. iNHALE

    iNHALE v2.0.4 for Starcraft/Brood War
    Press insert to toggle the maphack.
    1. Extract the zip file into a new directory.
    2. Run Starcraft and log into Battle.net.
    3. ALT+TAB back to Windows and run load.exe.
    Note: This version does not work under Windows 95/98/ME.
    Please post any problems here.
    Maphack based on maphack by Drakken
    Misc. info by Drakken
    Misc. info and conversion by indulgence
    Loader by SC_Modder



  24. Real-Time Ownage Hack

    The highly anticipated hack for patch 1.15!
    Real-time Ownage Hack v5.16 - for Starcraft v1.15
    by AgentGOD
    Homepage: www.ultimate-filez.com
    Support forums: www.ultimate-filez.com/forums/
    Primary Mode:
    F5 - Kills all selected units *offline only*
    F6 - Sniper's Toolkit
    F7 - Carry out captured auto-stack command (toggle auto-stack, no need to have your hands on the keyboard while it stacks by itself! You can also chat with people and stuff, and select other units)
    *Auto-stack will also repeat a pattern of buildings you build. Such as, if you did, Pylon on the left, Cannons right, cannons middle, it will repeat that pattern and keep building at the same spots.
    F8 - Null drop timer
    F9 - Lag Defender
    F12 - Toggle 2-page Stats hack
    ~ - MultiCommand Xtreme Toggle
    Numpad + - MSBlast.exe save ;) (You must be host)
    Numpad - - Build Anywhere Toggle (any terrain, when in stacking mode, can be used in stacking UMS maps)
    Numpad / - Drone Float Hack (Premium only)
    Lobby Hacks:
    Numpad 4 - Download Spoofer (0 to 100)
    Numpad 5 - Download Spoofer Negation (100 to 0 'backwards un-download')
    Numpad 6 - 42 Download Spoofer (spoofs to the answer to life)
    Numpad * - Force game start (as host)/Jam game (as guest)
    TAB - Host Hack & Incremental Race Changer (Premium only)
    Alt+F9 - Refresh hack, makes sure the game you are hosting is on top. Press as necessary. (Premium only)
    Numpad 8 - Set all computers' race to Zerg (Premium only)
    Secondary Mode (ALT):
    Alt+F5 - Kills all units of same type and owner of selected unit *offline only*
    Alt+F6 - Sound Revolver + (Plays sound effects, upward)
    Alt+F7 - Sound Revolver - (Plays sound effects, downward)
    Alt+F8 - Auto Mind-control (Premium only)
    Alt+ ~ - Toggle Slow-mode (safe-mode) for MultiCommand
    In Game:
    All users:
    /mc - Toggles MultiCommand Xtreme
    /mcold - Toggles MultiCommand old-style toggle (press ~, command, and it will turn off after commanding)
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MultiCommand Xtreme will treat loaded and empty overlords as different types of units
    /latency - Toggle latency override
    /stack - Stores next build command in buffer. Use the F7 key to execute command. (This is to assist you in stacking maps)
    /stackboost - Noticeably speeds up the auto-stacking (rapid stacking)
    /linear - Builds buildings of the same type between two points you choose.
    /speed - Forcefully changes the speed to run at max possible (toggles). It will only work if everyone in the game has this toggled on, or else it will just make it look like it's lagging to you.
    /suicide - Kill all selected workers.
    /unally - Units killing each other :D (toggle self-unally)
    /hold - Forces selected unit to hold position.
    /plist - Displays a list of players (the normal list) in their colors and their in-game player ID
    /timer # - Sets in-game timer to x minutes.
    /unitalert - Toggles unit alert
    /warning - Disable WARNING messages toggle
    /wc3text - Toggle Warcraft 3-style Chat
    /sniper - Sniper hack, will "lock" nearest enemy "sniper" of your "sniper" automatically (works both on "locks" and "non-locks").
    /locate - Map-pings (client-sided) all enemy ghosts with red ping at 3 second interval.
    /screenshot - Toggles 3-state screen shot hack (allows you to instantly save screenshots in BMP, GIF, or the default format PCX)
    /automine - Toggles Auto-mine on startup
    /autolift - Toggles Auto-lift hack (Lifts building when hits certain health when attacked)
    /add - Adds selected building into Auto-lift list
    /clearlist - Clears the Auto-lift list.
    /sethealth # - Sets the Auto-lift health threshold (default is 800).
    /sethealth - Sets the Auto-lift health threshold to default (800).
    /macro <name> - Sends the custom macro (You must specify them in the RTOHConfig.ini file)
    /cmdalert - Toggles command alert
    /pub - Forces the game to be unpassworded (open to public), useful for showing off replays to total strangers (must be used in lobby)
    /dl # - Spoofs your DL to the specified value (must be 0-100)
    -- Easter Eggs --
    /zergsong - Plays the amazing "radio free zerg" song.
    /stopmusic - Stops all music currently playing
    -- Macros --
    /format - Displays "format C" for everyone
    /leet - Displays 1337 in Ascii Art format
    /spam <message> - Spams the message 12 times to fill up screen
    /secret - A secret. Try it out ;)
    Offline hacks:
    /kill - Kill all selected units
    /minerals # - Increment minerals by #, or by 10,000 if no parameters.
    /gas # - Increment gas by #, or by 10,000 if no parameters.
    /resources # - Increment Minerals and Gas by #, or by 10,000 if no parameters.
    Premium only:
    /load - Automatically loads the all units of the same type of the selected unit into your transports (overlord, dropships, etc).
    /loadu # - Sets the auto-load unit number to the specified number.
    /loadu - Sets the auto-load unit number to default (4).
    /matrix - 4 state Spell-Matrix hack, idea by Nickolay.
    Mass Matrix - All units of selected unit's type will cast spell into rectangle
    Selection Matrix - All selected units will cast spell into rectangle
    Single Cast - Only one unit will cast
    Off - Cast as normal
    /lag - Creates unbearable lag (to other users). (Toggle on and off with /lag)
    /speedhack - Makes the game go super fast (works with other players)
    /dist # - Sets the two units to compare the distance between them (use 0 and 1, 0 for first unit, 1 for second unit).
    /dist - Compares the distance between two units
    /automc - Automatically Mind Controls units in range that are not yours (Used for Mind Control Defense)
    /mcdetect - Toggles MultiCommand Detector (checks for suspicious players using Selection Hack or MultiCommand)
    -== Lobby Fun ==-
    /close # - Closes the slot
    /open # - Opens the slot
    /ban # - Bans player in the slot
    /comp # - Makes the slot a Computer player
    /swap # # - Swaps one player with another
    /spoof <name> - Spoofs your name to your choice. Supports colors!
    {Color Codes for Name Spoofer}
    Use the escape sequence character '\' to use a color in your name.
    For example, if you wanted <Green>Hey, <Red>This is a <Black>Test, you would type: "/spoof \GHey, \RThis is a \ATest" without quotes, in the channel.
    Full list of codes:
    \B - Blue
    \L - Light Blue
    \G - Green
    \Y - Yellow
    \A - Black/Grey
    \W - White
    \R - Red
    \I - Invisible
    \O - Overlap
    If, however, you do not enter a letter after the escape sequence, no colors will be applied for that, and your name will spoof as-is.
    So, if you did "\spoof \\RDerek \Bis \WAwesome!\", it would display "\<Red>Derek <Blue>Is <White>Awesome!\".
    /respoof - Respoofs your last spoofed name.
    /unspoof - Unspoofs and sets your real name back.
    /unban - Unbans you from a game incase you got banned.
    Hidden feature(s):
    -Undetected by Warden as of 6-20-2007, thanks to some info by p00onu
    -Build Anywhere is on by default
    -Auto-latency override (if a player sets the latency to High, it will automatically be set to low)
    -Name Spoofer features anti-disconnect
    -Drop Timer always NULLed
    -Map Download Status always showing
    -Stay-alive after defeat
    -Unit Alert is on by default
    -WARNING messages are disabled (the unit unplaceable message)
    -Warcraft 3 Style Chat (Ally, Ally with no Ally-victory, Enemy)
    -Map-pings are always going to be the color of the player (Premium only)
    -Battle.net Channel Advertisement Blocked
    -Auto-mine on startup
    -Screen shot hack is set to gif by default
    -Module hiding, by PizzaPan from GameDeception (Premium only)
    -Experimental Anti-Warden (Premium only), will allow you to use other compatible hacks and not be detected (toggled in RTOHConfig.ini)
    -Nuke Anywhere hack detection
    -Host hack is now automatic (thanks to ulliklliwi)
    -Host Identification Hack automatically highlights his/her name in red when you join a game
    For other hacks included in this "package" please check the other readme(s).
    Command Alert for v1.15
    by AgentGOD
    Mind Control
    Nuclear Launch Attempt
    Drone Float Exploit
    Worker Suicide Exploit
    How to use the loader
    Simply put all your DLL(s) you wish to load in the same folder. Add each DLL's name under the Window Name in config.ini.
    Do not delete config.ini, simply because you need to keep things in that format.
    If you did delete it, recreate it with the following lines:
    WindowName goes Here
    That is all you need to do for the config.ini.
    There are 2 ways to load the DLLs into the app, 1, a simple, classic inject. Launch the app, and press Inject.
    For the second way, press Auto Inject, and then launch the app, and it will inject the DLL(s) automatically.



  25. Multicommand

    Command more than 12 units at a time!
    License: GPL
    Author: CommodoreLXIV
    Date: May 18, 2007
    A multicommand hack for Starcraft: Broodwar version 1.15
    Inject with you favorite DLL injector. (SC_Modder's is included.) Inject any time you want, even during a game or before you connect to battle.net. To use the multicommand feature, hold the ~ button (to the left of your 1 key) and issue a command. The command will be sent to all units of the same type as the selected unit(s).
    This hack causes a slight delay (around 170 ms) between each group of 12 units commanded (or between each single unit, if you selected a building). This makes it harder to detect, and easier to explain away as hotkeys.
    New in version 1.1:
    -fixed a bunch of crash bugs
    -added more commands to the blacklist (ie, will not be multicommanded)
    -changed the way codehooks are installed and removed (now you can inject before you connect to battle.net)
    -shortened delay



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