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Diablo II Items

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  1. 1.11b Item Pack

    Uniques, jewls, crafts, and more.
    v1.11b Item Pack ( Beta 1 )
    v1.11b Item Pack ( Beta 1 )
    All Ladder-Only Runewords
    All 1.11 Runewords
    All 1.11 Runewords/Items
    Much GOOD Uniques
    Much GOOD Jewls/Crafts etc.
    Bugged Items ( Ex. Wiz Gloves, 08 Valk, and much more )
    Lots of Small Charms
    Crafted Items
    v1.11b Item Pack ( Beta 2 ) [ Plans ]
    More Runewords
    Crafted Items
    More Rares ( Amulets, Rings, Helms )
    Maybe custom made characters ( Subject to change )
    And maybe some other things
    v1.11b Item Pack ( Beta 3 [ Plans ]
    Working progress after beta 2 ( Still Unknown )
    v1.11b Item Pack ( Beta 4 or the Final Version ) [ Plans ]
    Anything that I have missed
    More Custom Chars
    More Hacked Items (Maybe)
    When ever the next version for Diablo 2 LoD comes out, V1.12, if anything new to add I will make another item pack, if this one is a great use to all.
    Best With Hero Editor



  2. Kingpint'z Item Pack

    Contains all sets, items, classes and godly items.
    Version History:
    24-12-2005: Realese "Kingpint'z Item Pack" FINAL
    26-10-2005: Realese "Kingpint'z Item Pack" v.0.9
    13-10-2005: Realese "Kingpint'z Item Pack" v.0.8
    Item Pack FINAL contains:
    -ALL Sets
    -ALL Weapons (Normal/Exeptional/Elite)
    -New Char-Classes
    -Unskilled Chars
    -New Crafts/Rares
    Item Pack v.0.9 contains:
    -Skilled and Stated Chars
    -Some New Uniques
    -New Folders (for Normal, Exeptional, Elite) Uniques
    Item Pack v.0.8 contains:
    -All Ladder-Only Runewords
    -All 1.11 Runewords
    -All 1.11 Runewords/Items
    -Much GOOD Uniques
    -Much GOOD Jewls/Crafts etc.



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