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Advanced Visual Custom Kick

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About This File

Visual Custom Kick ™ / Advanced Visual Custom Kick ™ enables you, to kick players out of your Warcraft 3 games if you are host, automatically refresh your game, and more!


Requires WINPCAP!



READ THE MANUAL: http://xorebx.com/vck/manual.html




Advanced Visual Custom Kick ™ was released as a beta version on 2007, as the new year 2008 began, it had already many less bugs and a big community about it. The amount of people using it is constantly increasing and, of course, it is freeware. Furthermore it is a serious project, and you don't risk getting malware onto your computer by using thousands of different tools, if you can have all in one!




- Supports Windows Vista


- Kick players conveniently with /vkick *Part of Playername*


- Very fast kicking


- No need to tray Warcraft III to kick someone


- Doesn't need many system resources


- Constantly updated


- AutoUpdate functions


- AutoUpdate on startup (if wished)


- AutoInject when Warcraft starts


- Loader can be minimized to tray


- Settings are stored


- Kicks on LAN


- Convenient interface


- Automatically write game modes


- Reduce the start countdown (the red numbers 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...)


- Reduces the latency


- Alerts you when your game is full


- Refreshes your game (Custom botnames, custom colors)


- Is very easy to use and well documentated unlike other Warcraft 3 Programs


- ... (And many more, try it yourself ! :-] )