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RA v3.3

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About This File

RA v3.3 by Rhin


RA v3.3 by Rhin


Run mergemodules.msi FIRST!!



This software is provided AS IS, free of charge. The creator and/or distributor of said software is not liabel for any damages incurred via its use. By its use, you, the user, are responsible for any and all consequences. This software is intellectual property of its creator, Sean Houser (A.K.A. Rhin), and may not be used without the express consent of its owner.



AutoAim - Automatically attacks targetted players

Increases teleport speed up to 100%

Quick open portal and fast back-to-town

Removes the client delay between taking two portals

Reveals automap

Draws monsters and missles on the automap

Draws vectors to level targets

Auto-teleport to on screen vectors

Automatically drinks mana potions when mana drops below set percent

Automatically picks up items present in the Items.ini file

Draws various info on the automap

Anti-idle to prevent game drop

Colors certain items, as well as changes item names to display sockets and ethereal flag

Shows item levels

Automatically parties with other players in a passworded game with no hostile players

Logs all messages, in and out of game

Allows right click to move an item on cursor to storage buffer on opposite side of screen

Command line allows in game control

Displays timestamp next to in-game messages

Shows life and mana orbs at all times

Blocks the window from minimizing

Allows player to open stash from a distance to switch items, as well as deposit while in town


Key Controls -

Most key controls can be set in the RA.ini file



Main Keyboard -

5 - Opens portal

6 - Quick back to town

LCtrl - Moves through target menu

LAlt - Attacks current target

F9 - Opens stash

F10 - Toggles AutoParty

F11 - Toggles AutoManaPot

F12 - Displays player stats


Number Pad -

1 - Sets kick to current attack side

2 - Toggles anti-idle

3 - Toggles item levels

4 - Toggles PickIt

7 - Teleports to NextLevel (Yellow) vector

8 - Teleports to Quest (Purple) vector

9 - Teleports to Waypoint (Green) vector

/ - Toggles block minimize

* - Toggles vector arrows

- - Toggles attack side (Left/Right)

+ - Exits game



Type .help in game to get a list of commands

For multi-tiered commands, such as the .pickit menu, type .pickit help to get a list of those commands. To set something in a multi-tiered menu, simply type:

.<Top level menu> <Sub level menu> <Value>

Ex: .pickit radius 25



The targetting menu has a lot of data on it, the first of which is the player name, followed by their absorb and added max resistance, and then their life percentage. The stats go in order of <Player Name> <+Max Light / % Light> <+Max Cold / % Cold> <+Max Fire / % Fire> <Life>


MyPlayer 25/10 15/0 15/0 97


This player is named MyPlayer, has +25 max light resistance, +15 max cold resistance, +15 max fire resistance, 10% light absorb, and 97% life.


Values for the target menu are based on the last update, which is the last time that player was in range. If you can see them on the automap, they are in range. The life will update instantly regardless of range only if you are partied with the player.


Real Credits:

Mousepad, because no one can really make anything without crediting him anymore.

Nuttzy, I believe viewing another players inventory was originally his idea (No source for that).

Abin, D2H2 contained the cooldown times for spells, which I included (Although fruitlessly, as they are never used). The collision map generation is also based on his, although I prefer to cycle rooms in the level, rather than recursively use the nearby rooms pointer.

Zoid/Netter, I don't know who came up with the actual idea, I don't care. Netter, you cried about not being in the credits of "A lousy coder," so now you're in them. For the record, I still don't think this was your idea.