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Apocolypse v4.02 v4

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About This File

Please read "readme.rtf" included in the zip file for a full list of features and refer to the FAQ under the "support" section of Ultimate-Filez Forums before asking questions.



F5 - Kills all selected units *offline only*

F6 - Sniper's Toolkit

F7 - Carry out captured auto-stack command

F8 - Null drop timer

F9 - Lag Defender

F12 - Toggle 2-page Stats hack

-Page 1 = Resources and Supply

-Page 2 = Race, APM, and IP address

~ - MultiCommand Xtreme Toggle

Numpad + - MSBlast.exe save;) (You must be host)

Numpad - - Build Anywhere Toggle (any terrain, when in stacking mode, can be used in stacking UMS maps)


--> Lobby Hacks

* Premium-only IP blacklisting hack available, see below (Premium section)

Numpad 4 - Download Spoofer (0 to 100)

Numpad 5 - Download Spoofer Negation (100 to 0 'backwards un-download')

Numpad 6 - 42 Download Spoofer (spoofs to the answer to life)

Numpad * - Force game start (as host)/Jam game (as guest)

TAB - Incremental Race Changer (Premium only)

Alt+F9 - Refresh hack, makes sure the game you are hosting is on top. Press this hotkey, and you should get the message "Game refreshed!" (Premium only)

Numpad 8 - Set all computers' race to Zerg (Premium only)


--> Offline hacks

Alt+F5 - Kills all units of same type and owner of selected unit *offline only*


* Kill all units of the same type and owner (offline)


--> Sound revolver

Alt+F6 - Sound Revolver + (Plays sound effects, upward)

Alt+F7 - Sound Revolver - (Plays sound effects, downward)


* Iterate through the entire list of possible sounds in Starcraft, and listen to them


--> Misc.

Alt+F8 - Auto Mind-control (Premium only)


Short-cut key for auto-mc




--> In-Game Apocalypse Chat Protocol (ApocTalk)

/at <message> - Sends in-game message to all Apocalypse users in-game


- Only Premium users can send messages with the /at <message> command, but all users

of Apocalypse will be able to receive the messages.


--> Alerts

/unitalert - Toggles unit alert

/warning - Disable WARNING messages toggle


--> Command Alert

/cmdalert - Toggles command alert


* Detects the following attempted actions:

Mind Control

Nuclear Launch Attempt



Drone Float Exploit

Worker Suicide Exploit

* Displays the alert in the following format: "WARNING! Player %name% (%id) is attempting to use %action_name%!"


--> MultiCommand Xtreme

/mc - Toggles MultiCommand Xtreme

/mcold - Toggles MultiCommand old-style toggle (press ~, command, and it will turn off after commanding)

Key features:

* MultiCommand Xtreme allows you to control more than 12 units at once

* MultiCommand Xtreme will treat loaded and empty overlords as different types of units

* MultiCommand Xtreme allows you to command up to 12 different types of units at a time

* MultiCommand Xtreme works on both buildings and units

* MultiCommand Xtreme has zero-delays

* If you are used to the classic toggling style of MultiCommand, you may use the /mcold option


== UMS Specific hacks ==


--> Auto-stack hack

/stack - Stores next build command in buffer. Use the F7 key to execute command. (This is to assist you in stacking maps)

/stackboost - Noticeably speeds up the auto-stacking (rapid stacking)


--> Automatic Re-do Hack

/redo - Toggles automatic re-do for commands for that unit (works on upgrade buildings too!)


--> Automatic Stim-pack hack

/autostim - Toggles automatic stim-pack of Marine and Raynor (Marine) & Firebat and Gui Montag (Firebat) units. Perfect for maps with unlimited stim-packs.


--> Apocalypse's exclusive Sniper's Toolkit

/sniper - Sniper hack, will "lock" nearest enemy "sniper" of your "sniper" automatically (works both on "locks" and "non-locks").

/locate - Map-pings (client-sided) all enemy ghosts with red ping at 3 second interval.

== ------------------ ==


--> Suicidal hacks (online)

/suicide - Kill all selected workers.

/unally - Units killing each other <img src="http://www.Ghoztcraft.net/forums/public/style_emoticons/emotions/laugh.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":D" border="0" alt="laugh.gif" /> (toggle self-unally)


--> Terran Auto-lift building hack

/autolift - Toggles Auto-lift hack (Lifts building when hits certain health when attacked)

/add - Adds selected building into Auto-lift list

/clearlist - Clears the Auto-lift list.

/sethealth # - Sets the Auto-lift health threshold (default is 800).

/sethealth - Sets the Auto-lift health threshold to default (800).


--> Latency override hack

/latency - Toggle latency override (always sets to your preset latency setting when someone attempts to change it to something else)

/setlat # - 0 through 2, 0 for Low Latency, 1 for High Latency, 2 for Extra High Latency, 0 is default


--> Misc. feature toggles

/screenshot - Toggles 3-state screen shot hack (allows you to instantly save screenshots in BMP, GIF, or the default format PCX)

/automine - Toggles Auto-mine on startup

/autominecreate - Toggles Auto-mine on worker creation


--> Misc.

/linear - Builds buildings of the same type between two points you choose.

/speed - Forcefully changes the speed to run at max possible (toggles). It will only work if everyone in the game has this toggled on, or else it will just make it look like it's lagging to you.

/hold - Forces selected unit to hold position.

/plist - Displays a list of players (the normal list) in their colors and their in-game player ID

/timer # - Sets in-game timer to x minutes. (Do NOT use under UMS maps as it will cause you to drop)

/gtime - Toggles the in-game elapsed time display.


--> Lobby fun for everyone

/pub - Forces the game to be unpassworded (open to public), useful for showing off replays to total strangers (must be used in lobby)

/dl # - Spoofs your DL to the specified value (must be 0-100)


--> Text-related hacks

/wc3text - Toggle Warcraft 3-style Chat

/macro <name> - Sends the custom macro (You must specify them in the ApocalypseConfig.ini file)

<- Macros ->

/format - Displays "format C" ascii art for everyone

/leet - Displays 1337 in Ascii Art format

/finger - Gives people the bird.

/spam <message> - Spams the message 12 times to fill up screen

/secret - A secret. Try it out;)

/scare # - Use /plist to reference list of players. Use this command and it will say their name, IP, and host name. Great for convincing noobs that you're staff/hacker.


--> Easter Eggs

/zergsong - Plays the amazing "radio free zerg" song.

/stopmusic - Stops all music currently playing


--> Offline hacks

/kill - Kill all selected units

/minerals # - Increment minerals by #, or by 10,000 if no parameters.

/gas # - Increment gas by #, or by 10,000 if no parameters.

/resources # - Increment Minerals and Gas by #, or by 10,000 if no parameters.

/take # - Allows you to take control of any desired player (use /plist for reference of players)

/morph # - Allows you to morph the selected unit(s) into any desired unit ID (see site for a list of unit IDs)

/stackhack - Toggles offline stack-hack.



< = -------------------------------------------------- = >

Exclusive (Premium only)

< = -------------------------------------------------- = >

--> Transport Load Hack

/load - Automatically loads the all units of the same type of the selected unit into your transports (overlord, dropships, etc).

/loadu # - Sets the auto-load unit number to the specified number.

/loadu - Sets the auto-load unit number to default (4).


--> Spell-matrix hack, idea by Nickolay

/matrix - toggles 4 state Spell-Matrix hack

Mass Matrix - All units of selected unit's type will cast spell into a rectangle

Selection Matrix - All selected units will cast spell into a rectangle

Single Cast - Only one unit of the selected units will cast (the one with most energy)

Off - Cast as normal


--> IP-based player blacklisting (Permanent IP ban hack)

/blist # - Add player's current name and IP to the blacklist.

/blist - Display a list of currently blacklisted players, with their original name, IP, and number (for removal)

/unblist # - Removes the player in the blacklist from the blacklist, use /blist for reference.

/autobl - Toggles auto-blacklisting and banning of invalid player names


--> Auto Mind Control tool

/automc - Automatically Mind Controls units in range that are not yours (Used for Mind Control Defense)


* Get the most units with your Dark Archon in the popular UMS map "Mind Control Defense"


* Use Alt+F8 for easier and faster access


--> Game-latency related

/lag - Creates unbearable lag (to other users). (Toggle on and off with /lag)

/speedhack - Makes the game go super fast (works with other players)


-== Lobby Fun ==-

/close # - Closes the slot

/open # - Opens the slot

/ban # - Bans player in the slot

/comp # - Makes the slot a Computer player

/swap # # - Swaps one player with another


Copyright © 2009, Ultimate Filez

Note: We are not affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment in any way, shape, or form. Starcraft and Starcraft: Brood War trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment.




Note: The bundled Maphack is distributed as freeware by its author 'Zynastor'.


If you love Apocalypse, please support us by donating to us, or purchase a premium license/membership

It would be greatly appreciated!


Please take notice that if you purchased a premium license for Apocalypse v3.x in the past, it will not work with v4.x. This has been mentioned previously in the information section, but this is just a reminder. Premium members are not affected by this.


Thanks guys for your support, and please enjoy gaming!


Warden-proof for you means NO LOSS when winning, and NOT getting your acount disabled!




Changes in v4.02



- Fixed several features that were blacklisted by

an updated version of Warden (7/26/2009)

- Fully compatible with Windows Vista

- Removed ZynMaphack due to Warden blacklist




Changes in v4.00



- Updated for patch v1.16.1

- Removed unnecessary code

- Added idle workers counter/notification

- Fixed /plist command in game lobby

- Added player IP address display for /plist

- Fixed a potential bug that could cause crashing

- Added force-start game hack (allows starting the

game even without opponents or during map distribu-

-tion to players

- Added several new options for ApocalypseConfig.ini

- Fixed compatibility issues with certain features

with ZynMapHack v1.0.7c



What's New in Version v4   See changelog


  • Rolled to v4.0 (last existing version)