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[cEngine] Warcraft III 1.23 MapHack

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About This File

Undetected, last tested: 03-24-2009


New maphack for warcraft 3 version 1.23 Undetected on ladder. The hack must be injected after extracting it in warcraft 3 folder. Note that 1st-hacks scans all cheats uploaded to their database and its free of virus.





*Reveal invisibles

*Show enemy ping signals

*Colouring enemy & fogged hp-bars

*Show ressources


*Show skills

*Reveal illusions

*Reveal enemy building queues/timers

*Neutral & Enemy unit hotkeys


*Auto-mining & worker queue


*Coloured creepnames reveal itemdrops

*DotA -ah bypass

*Use different keysets (-roc NEWKEY and -tft NEWKEY)

*Select windowtitle (-title NEWTITLE)

*Multiple start of Warcraft III