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About This File



Programmed by: Jiggie

Ideas and offsets by: MA[Night]

Starcraft 1.16.1



MapShit.dll gives you the ability to change map propertys to your desire. It gives you the option of changing x and y axis as well as the tileset of the map. this is a host only hack, but fun regardless. Also includes lockdown bypass; skips the invalid version of starcraft screen when you log into bnet.



MapShit Commands:

/x # - Set x axis of map

/y # - Set y axis of map

/xy # - Set x and y axis of map

/ts # - Set tileset of map

/map - Brings up map propertys such as the current x and y axis and the current tileset

/tsi - Brings up List of tileset/terrain Numbers

/xyi - Brings up valid/invalid map sizes

/msh - Brings up command list for mapshit



Automatic Features:

• Battlenet security lockdown bypass



Note: Invalid map sizes have the possibilty of crashing you, as well as changing terrain on maps with doodads/sprites. Use at your own risk.

how not to desycn: switch map TS and x/y axis BEFORE anyone joins.

how to desycn: switch when everyone has joined or switch in a non-host game.

Tileset Numbers:

0 - Badlands

1 - Space Platform

2 - Installation

3 - Ash World

4 - Jungle World

5 - Desert World

6 - Ice World

7 - Twilight World


Valid Map Sizes:

64, 96, 128, 256

Max size allowed is 255.

Minimum size allowed is 0.




MA[Night] - Collecting offsets, ideas, and readme.

Jiggie - Coding the hack





• Release


• Updated /ts # to show the tileset instead of the tileset number

• Updated /x, /y, and /xy to allow the number 256

• Added Commands:

/msh - Shows list of commands.

/tsi - Shows tilesets corrisponding numbers.

/xyi - Shows Valid map sizes as well as invalids.

What's New in Version   See changelog


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