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IP-Based Blacklist

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About This File

Blacklists people based on their IP, also you can specify a reason for the blacklist in case you forget why someone was blacklisted. I contemplated adding a way to blacklist a name too, but decided against it because spoofing is so easy and I did not want to add extra parsing for usernames.


In the lobby you'll notice people will have a "# - " in front of there name. That makes it easier to ban a person based on their slot #. The host will appear in white, and blacklisted people (when autoban is off) will appear in red.


Ini file right now only contains one item which is whether autoban is on or not, it is default to on.


IP's are recorded in the same file as the blacklist dll , so if you want to blacklist somebody and you forgot the name/ip you can check in that file, though you will have to manually edit the blacklist file (banlist.txt) and reload it to take effect.


The format of the banlist is simple, "ip.ip.ip.ip reasonhere", so it is wise to enter the blacklist command as "/blacklist namehere reasonhere" and the reason's format should be "name-reason", as the BanList.txt stores only the IP and the Reason. Be sure you don't accidently mess up the format though because if one line contains an incorrect format, the rest of the file after that will be ignored.


Commands are:

/blacklist name reason (Looks up a person's ip based on the name, not case sensitive, also a reason can be provided if wanted)


/blacklistslot slotnumber reason (Looks up a person's ip based on their slot id, most effective in lobby when slot numbers are displayed, also a reason can be provided)


/reloadlist (Reloads blacklist from the banlist file)


/autoban (Toggles autobanning of a blacklisted person, if off a blacklsited person's name will appear red in the lobby)