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Minerall hack Zerg

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About This File

Programmed by Jiggie

Exploits by Dew




Program the other exploits for different races. Find them. Make them. I'm not

supporting this hack or anyone trying to find the other exploits along with this hack.

Figure it out.


Jiggie + The command engine:

/of - Finds the nearest drone on to the left of the map, starts to exploit

/c - Use this to gain money when you build something



END - Use this for createing unlimited drones (/c works excellent but it is to many drones)



Mineral hack. Type /of, drone starts to burrow. When the timer reaches "2" build any unit (with gas or without) then

when Commands are lock appears. Type /c on the building unit and you get gas/minerals back instantly unlimited. Before

the egg is almost done cancel it. *Same with refund/unlimited drones on zerg except build a extractor*

Then everyone print a e-thug picture of MA[Night] and throw darts at it ;o.


Exploits Commands:

/of!= Finds the nearest BLANK of the top left map, and starts to do mineral hack shiz.

/c!= Use this to do the mineral hack on the BLANK. (Cancels the egg 100 times x 1000 minerals/gas instantly)

/nuke!= Select a BLANK, than nuke, you can either get invincible ghosts, or nuke stuck ( you can use this for terran mineral/gas hack too)

/start (lobby) != Force game to start even when people is still downloading the map. (Must be host)

/gcrash (lobby) != Game list crash hack



-Updated v1.0.1

Fixed the injection error for some people


-Updated v1.0.2

Able the hack to work.

What's New in Version   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.