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Snipers Assist (Un-detectable, un-patchable)

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About This File

Since this is a program that doesn't alter Starcraft's memory in any way, it is un-detectable. It is also allows you to customize it.


Unlike the other versions, where you had to have your gamma setting on one specific spot, you can have it on any setting in this version.


You can also choose your hotkey that you wish to enable the SA with.


For example: I use the hotkey ` because I keep my left hand positioned around that area by default, so I don't have to change me position.




As a side-note, this program can be used for any game that requires you to click on a specific color, all you would have to do is set the colors in the .ini file to the color you want!



Leave some comments if you like it :)





Just keep the two files; SA.exe and Colors.ini in the same folder.


Run the SA.exe and set your hotkey.


You MUST set a hotkey, or it will not work.




After running the program and setting your hotkey, go into Starcraft and press the "a" key and then the hotkey (In my example, the ` key) and then move your mouse over the sniper.

What's New in Version   See changelog


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