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Shadys Private Tele Pick

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About This File

Teleport Hack









Load the module, the module says on game join "drop gold" do it ...


Here are NOW 2 methods to use the hack , we start with the old method


gold are droped .. now type .private start , wait for the dropt item and you got it ! <--- this is like the old one


NOW here is the NEW + GOOD one -.-


drop gold ...


Type .private Anti , Pick the item you want show the victim up ( FROM INVENTORY ) now you can drop the item on ground (anni or other..)!


After you dropt your item type FAST .private start or use a hotkey ..


Now wait for the droped item from the victim, thats all...



OK here are explains how it workz ...


The anti hack do this :


It sniffs the packets from the server, and when it see some packets are needed to use the 5f/4b packets, the module picked back the item ...




DO ALL only in a 2 player game, you + victim ... NO more players ..


Get sure you pick the item from your inventory !!!


OK here is 1 example how i use it :


Create game Called "Offer anni"


Drop gold, type .private anti !!


Wait for the victim !!


Go to the position in act1,2,3,4 behind any walls where the hack workz ...


I drop my Anni and type fast .private start !!


Now wait for the item from your victim ... the module pick your item, tele to victim and all fine