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1-2 min challenge map with crazy textures, version 2


It consists of 64 * 64 u blocks only really and looks insane. Texture purposes are consistent (one is portal'able, one is not, one kills you). I really don't know about the steps challenge, I can't be arsed to find out average values etc, change it on your own. My first run on that map was 2:25 in length.

I made those fucked up textures myself, at least they're high res (AND UBAR LEET BUMP MAPS), lol.

I decided to use light emitting, illuminated textures, who gives a fuck about ze looks, it's efficient!




LLCoolDave found a portalable brown texture, thanks for making me see it in the demo. Uploaded a new version.




Fixed the VGUI VTFs, thanks to Cartina.