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    File Name :: FarcastV2 Author :: QQ-Apeliotes Category :: 1.11b Description :: By QQ-Apeliotes aKa Obliviate aKa Morsmordre<br><br><br>TO INSTALL:<br>1) Copy the contents of 'data' folder to your Diablo II folder.<br>2) Right click the shortcut you use to play D2 with. Click properties.<br>3) In the Target box add "-direct -txt" after the file path. ex."C:\Program Files\Diablo II\Diablo II.exe" -direct -txt<br>4) To "farcast" a target, hold shift and click on them with either charged strike OR lightning strike. These are the only two skills which can be farcasted. Farcasting targets through walls is possible if you use NightLight or maphack to give full light radius.<br><br>TO INSTALL WITH NIGHTLIGHT:<br>1) Install NightLight first.<br>2) Replace the Skills.txt that came with NightLight with this one.<br><br> View File
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