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Heads Up! This website is no longer maintained, if your a member from our era, consider joining the discord to say hello.


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    Oh hi, first time checking out the updated forums tbh. I just hang out in the discord all day.
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    I mean its alright. But im a hipster so i like the original GC better. Like Omg please. JK I love it man. glad to finally see something new around here.
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    Merry Christmas and have time for games
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    Damn Ghozt, i love the new layout. You nailed it with the design by modernizing but keeping the classic Ghoztcraft style. Amazing job !
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    ghozt why didnt you tell me to buy bitcoin back then ! lol
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    You can use: play.ghoztcraft.net:34197 Server is running on the experimental branch and will automatically restart and update once a day at 4AM. Currently no mods installed.
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    I connected without issue Will play on it a bit. I assume all of the rates are default (ie. slow af)? Also, Abberation, the newest Map/DLC comes out on the 12th, should change map to that when it comes out. EDIT: After playing for a bit, it does feel like Gathering, and XP are fairly low but higher than default. Taming feels like it's faster than default, but that could just be because they're low levels because of difficulty. Most noticeable thing is that the difficulty isn't maxed out, I'm pretty sure, which just translates to max wild dino level, but no reason not to max it.
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    https://imgur.com/a/83zbF Lets go for it. Hit me up if you wanna play / need anything done.
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    Community The forums have been re-arranged and organized a bit. Mostly consolidated a large chunk of forum sections by merging them together. I've also removed a bunch of the older user groups and tweaked some of the colors. This is a brand new Theme that I created to match the previous longest running version. For keep sake, I thought it might be fun to keep a screenshot of what the last version, check it out to the left. Don't worry, I didn't delete anything, you'll find much of the older stuff in The Archives. Downloads I have always had a sense of pride in our downloads section of the website. While I am fully aware it wouldn't be what it is without the amazing people who created all those files; I still consider it to be one of the largest collection of Starcraft hacks on the net. In moving forward, the focus of the website will not be populating the downloads but I do not intend to remove this section either. I am still going through and auditing all the downloads to see which ones are broken or have broken images, and in the future I may add files here and there for fun. Game Hacking at Ghoztcraft I have always been an advocate in allowing users to hack the games they own, and I will continue to be. If it's your game, fuck it up as much as you'd like. I will always support game hacking and cheating here and that will always be at the heart of this community. Our game servers (see below) will allow hacking as long as it doesn't ruin the experience to other players or cause any major issues to our servers or network. Where possible, any cheat detected software will be disabled. Should we have the demand and the funding, we will release some game hacks from Ghoztcraft in the future. It goes without saying, the old days are long gone. Many modern games have significantly cracked down on hacking and cheating for online multiplayer games and thus it is much more difficult today then it was a decade ago. Game Servers I am very excited to announce that I will be bringing online various game servers! I intend to use these game servers to hang out with the community here as well as a source to grow the website. I can't say how excited I am to get this going. These servers are not all online as of the re-launch of the website, but I will be bringing them online in the coming weeks. These games include; Terraria Starbound Factorio ARK Minecraft There is also a new section for each of these new game servers. That said, I also need some new moderators and game masters to manage these servers. Applications for these positions will be open once the servers are up and running. VIP Membership In an effort to keep the website and game servers funded and online, I will be bringing back the subscription based VIP Membership. Users can make donations or purchase VIP Membership monthly subscriptions. As a VIP Member, you will receive the following perks: Reserved game server player slot In-Game serer specific perks (see forums for details) Advertisements are hidden Access to VIP forums Access to VIP downloads Access to VIP discord channels Additional forum enhancements (manage your own content, upload larger files) A ghoztcraft.net email account (on request) Note: Any existing VIP Members will NOT lose their VIP Membership for those who have lifetime VIP Membership. This VIP Membership will carry over into our game servers where you will gain those perks relative to the game server you're playing on. Instructions on how to gain your in-game perks will be announced at a later date. --- With that said, welcome back everyone!
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    Here's the script I've created thus far for my mining turtles. This is specifically for Bounder as he's shown me the magic of turtles and I've gone crazy with them. Things like this are why Minecraft > Terraria.
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    File Name :: FarcastV2 Author :: QQ-Apeliotes Category :: 1.11b Description :: By QQ-Apeliotes aKa Obliviate aKa Morsmordre<br><br><br>TO INSTALL:<br>1) Copy the contents of 'data' folder to your Diablo II folder.<br>2) Right click the shortcut you use to play D2 with. Click properties.<br>3) In the Target box add "-direct -txt" after the file path. ex."C:\Program Files\Diablo II\Diablo II.exe" -direct -txt<br>4) To "farcast" a target, hold shift and click on them with either charged strike OR lightning strike. These are the only two skills which can be farcasted. Farcasting targets through walls is possible if you use NightLight or maphack to give full light radius.<br><br>TO INSTALL WITH NIGHTLIGHT:<br>1) Install NightLight first.<br>2) Replace the Skills.txt that came with NightLight with this one.<br><br> View File
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    yeah i very new to sig making but here are some of mine what do ya think?
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    Its the flame board bitch! FUCK YOU! FUCK TERRRAAGAY ASS SHIT STUPID GAME! ALL YOU COCK SUCKERS THAT PLAY THIS GAME SHOULD BE SHOT! Nice GIF, for that, you should have this. AWWWWW YEEEEEEEEAAAA Did you just discover the internet and memes or something?
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    this as shoutbox sounds good to me. Whats everyone up to? this as shoutbox sounds good to me. Whats everyone up to?
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    You spelled "Magical" wrong in the third sentence of the fifth paragraph.
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    FInally...got a fight video up..Almost everyone there is my friend... The kid in red hit the kid in the black(james) and so they fight..Its pretty easy to tell who is doing all that loud ass yelling:)
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    There is also a Radio link at the top of the site in the member bar!
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    Lol how old are you.... i didnt know your married.... the only old person i knew on here was fish and he was single... but your daughter is a natural...
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    She managed to make a Capital letter :D
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    This is a speed hack for MU Online. Instructions: 1. Make a back up of your original Player.bmd (in \data\player) 2. Replace it, then log into MU Online but stop at the character selection screen 3. Minimize MU (if you have a minimizer) 4. Replace the hacked player.bmd with the original player.bmd 5. Go back, select char, log in and enjoy :) Note: You must be outside of the city when you log in in order to make this hack work. P.S.: If you don't have a Minimizer, your hacking can be detected. If the server is lame, it doesn't matter if you have the hacked or the non-hacked version in your data folder.
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    Blah, whatever dude.
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