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  1. Shaneman24


    hmm, u should have been here last year around may to buy lifetime :P
  2. Shaneman24

    hmm, this is a bit late but w/e :)

    Name: Shane aka Shaneman24 or O)Iverson_BIA Favorite Game: STARCRAFT BROODWARRRRRRRR! Age: depends on how old you are Favorite Color: BLACK!? Where are you from: my dads you know what (i hope) :P Where did you hear about us: O.O? Who are you ( SN ): O)[email protected] What are you: I AM PIZZA!!!!!!!! What do you represent: pizza Gaming Screen Name: BANSTICK Have a GirlFriend: yes Have a BoyFriend: im not sure maybe?! ZOMFG I DON'T KNOW!!! OMGWTFNINJA!!!!!!!!!! Why did you come here: HAXZ lol? duh, why else would i be here to help out the community? (lol, i think not) Who is your Idol: my mommy What can you do: NOTHING I CANT DO NOTHING! - Program? no - Script? umm? - Read? yea - Spell? yea About you (Description): i like pie? that's it :) well, ya hello all and sorry for this being late ^.^