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  1. joe

    Download Status

    Pretty sure your way is detected by warden saken.
  2. joe

    [Starcraft 1.16.1] UnitAlert v1.2

    Thanks, adding ally alert and some other features soon. :)
  3. UnitAlert v1.2 By: Antihaxer For: Starcraft 1.16.1 www.bwhacks.com Features -When a unit is created by someone other than yourself it is displayed on screen with the number of how many units that player currently has. -Displays worker unit count on the bottom right of the screen Units Currently Supported -Both features toggable by pressing F9. Default is off. Terran: Ghost Siege Tank Dropship Nuclear Launch Nuclear Silo Battlecruiser Zerg: Ultralisk Mutalisk Guardian Scourge Devourer Lurker Nydus Canal Protoss: Dark Templar High Templar Archon Dark Archon Shuttle Carrier Reaver Changelog: v1.0a Fixed bug that was causing a crash v1.1 Added number of units v1.2 Added worker unit counter Credits: Yonderknight - For the great tutorial 707 - For help with sc fxns, testing, ideas, and overall awesomeness <3 Kc - Thanks for the GetPlayerColor Proc, worked perfectly. attilathedud - For Helping me fix stupid syntax errors and general help with asm and reversing :)
  4. Happy Birthday! :D

  5. joe

    It has Begun.

    Not really a wish list but what I am getting for x-mas. 1. Xbox 360 (MY original one was defective.) 2. Archos 404 (30 gigs of memory and plays .avi files. Better than an iPod. 3. Archos dvr station (Charges and outputs video to televisions as well as records television to my archos 404.) 4. Creative Zen V Micro 4gig (For my music) 5. Gears of War for 360 (Best game out next to Halo 2) 6. Cases for my archos and zen (To protect them....) 7. Some other small stuff. (Random people and relatives) Btw I am from Bwhacks. :-D
  6. joe

    zerg mineral hack

    I payed for it and i love it.
  7. joe


    hi i just regsitered