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  1. dRaCkS

    Version Hack Alt+Tab Problem

    ya it does say that. "Dude what do we look like here? A bloody diablo technical support group. Thats google's job. Google it up dawg. " um well sinse ya know alot of ppl here might use this hack, might get the same problem. i just figured that someone might know.
  2. so i got the version hack working, but when i alt tab, it says: failed to make game client window, like 10 times, then it says, hey guys: we got a big error here.
  3. dRaCkS

    Hello My Name Is:

    no srzly, i was banned. for at least 3 days guess it wasnt you
  4. dRaCkS


    welcome to GC! hope you like your waffles well done!
  5. dRaCkS

    Hello My Name Is:

    lol chris, you didnt save me! you kept me banned for like 3 days lol stupid fkin jew kid. thinks the world owes him something
  6. dRaCkS

    XGhozt Needs A Developers Crew!

    - creating a starcraft map - creating banners in photoshop - typing rules and terms - testing things - coming up with ideas - bot management (starcraft)(though im kinda mehish) ide be glad to help out however ill even get AIM to talk to you
  7. dRaCkS


    YaY! M, i wanna play with you! you play non ladder right? shoot thats off topic.. i wonder if i could kill uber D
  8. dRaCkS

    Hello My Name Is:

    [9:54:35 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> so no [9:54:35 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> outta my car [9:54:37 PM] <XiKia> how about [9:54:39 PM] <XiKia> you pic your top [9:54:41 PM] <XiKia> 3 [9:54:43 PM] <XiKia> i pic 2 [9:54:44 PM] <From FuSe]Liberator> Dracks, holocaust jokes aren't cool with me, don't make another please. [9:54:44 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> Fince [9:54:47 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> Fine [9:54:49 PM] <XiKia> we have a inter clan tourney [9:54:49 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> Idc [9:54:52 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> why aer you asking me? [9:54:58 PM] <XiKia> jsut wondering [9:55:00 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> Lol [9:55:02 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> holocaust [9:55:02 PM] <XiKia> wanan challenge some clans [9:55:04 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> gonestly [9:55:05 PM] <XiKia> have some fun you know [9:55:05 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> That's just fine [9:55:16 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> go QQ some more [9:55:17 PM] <XiKia> btw dave [9:55:19 PM] <XiKia> lol [9:55:20 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> yes? [9:55:23 PM] <XiKia> carebearcrusade [9:55:25 PM] <XiKia> lol... [9:55:29 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> what about it? [9:55:32 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> ur not the only people who have been discriminated against [9:55:40 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> I am aware of that. [9:55:43 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> Lol [9:55:46 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> WHy don't you [9:55:48 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> Shut up [9:55:50 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> BRandon [9:55:51 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> lol [9:55:58 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> u know how many chinese were killed by the japanese? [9:56:01 PM] <XiKia> rekkit nice site [9:56:02 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> That's kinda a touchy topic [9:56:04 PM] <XiKia> :} [9:56:04 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> too many. [9:56:05 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> 20 million [9:56:07 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> Lol [9:56:09 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> thanks [9:56:12 PM] <XiKia> clanep.net [9:56:14 PM] <XiKia> is mine [9:56:17 PM] <XiKia> why dont you check the site out dave [9:56:22 PM] <XiKia> you might just fucken know who i am [9:56:24 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> but when is the last time u heard them bawling about it [9:56:26 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> What is your point, Dracks? I am perfectly aware that it's not just the Jews who have been fucked over in the past. [9:56:27 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> huh? [9:56:34 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> Copoo [9:56:36 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> Cool* [9:56:36 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> what about the blacks [9:56:39 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> they made something of it [9:56:41 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> Don't like green [9:56:43 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> HAHAHAHAHA [9:56:43 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> though [9:56:44 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> MARK [9:56:45 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> LOL [9:56:46 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> LOL [9:56:48 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> LOL [9:56:51 PM] <XiKia> lol whats so funny noob? [9:56:57 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> I forgot how much of a faggot you were. [9:57:03 PM] <XiKia> i am the fag right [9:57:06 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> What do you mean "I fucked YOU over"? [9:57:08 PM] <XiKia> im not the one with a sn [9:57:11 PM] <XiKia> called carebear [9:57:13 PM] <XiKia> fucken fruit [9:57:15 PM] <XiKia> lol [9:57:15 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> lawl [9:57:16 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> rofl [9:57:29 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> liberator [9:57:30 PM] <XiKia> yeah laught but its obvious that you are the fag lol [9:57:35 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> Mark, you are one of the few people ever called a traitor to LJ. Get the fuck out of here. [9:57:41 PM] <XiKia> lol? [9:57:42 PM] <XiKia> i was loyal [9:57:46 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> You bsed the clan [9:57:49 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> rofl [9:57:49 PM] <XiKia> thats why josh and all them asked me to join [9:57:50 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> Bryan and I took down your clan [9:57:51 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> its a clan? [9:57:54 PM] <XiKia> no i didnt you little idiot [9:57:54 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> rofl [9:57:57 PM] <XiKia> no you didnt [9:57:59 PM] <XiKia> you failed [9:58:00 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> yes, we did. [9:58:01 PM] <XiKia> like noobs [9:58:04 PM] <XiKia> couldnt even do shit [9:58:07 PM] <XiKia> yeah right [9:58:09 PM] <XiKia> blah blah blah [9:58:10 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> we took over your site lawl [9:58:14 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> lol [9:58:15 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> and shut down your channel. [9:58:17 PM] <XiKia> no you didnt [9:58:18 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> a jew [9:58:21 PM] <XiKia> take it over [9:58:21 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> sticking his neck out [9:58:23 PM] <XiKia> clanep.net [9:58:23 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> I'd call that [9:58:23 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> for his clan [9:58:24 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> shit [9:58:25 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> how nice [9:58:25 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> lol [9:58:28 PM] <XiKia> go for it [9:58:42 PM] <XiKia> sorry about all this rekkit [9:58:46 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> Fuck, I can't hack worth shit. But I do know that you recruited Bryan in, and he allowed us to both fuck you over. [9:58:52 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> [9:54:44 PM] <From FuSe]Liberator> Dracks, holocaust jokes aren't cool with me, don't make another please. [9:58:57 PM] <XiKia> no [9:59:02 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> So, it was your dumb ass that killed off LD, and it was your dumb ass that got you expelled from LJ. [9:59:03 PM] <XiKia> you hacked a easily hackable site [9:59:05 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> yes [9:59:06 PM] <XiKia> ok [9:59:09 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> Now Shush [9:59:12 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> Neither Bryan nor myself can hack worth shit. [9:59:15 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> graham [9:59:17 PM] <XiKia> i didnt get explled idiot [9:59:18 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> time to party [9:59:20 PM] <XiKia> you banned me [9:59:21 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> ? [9:59:23 PM] <XiKia> kuz you are a noob [9:59:23 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> ... [9:59:25 PM] <XiKia> lol [9:59:26 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> lawl [9:59:36 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> You can't type [9:59:38 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> So stfu [9:59:39 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> lol [9:59:42 PM] <To FuSe][email protected]> $say /kick xikia [9:59:49 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> QQ [9:59:57 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> Mark, seriously, go away. You're not wanted, you're worthless, go. [10:00:03 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> hmm [10:00:06 PM] <XiKia> uhm [10:00:06 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> Please* [10:00:08 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> a jew calling someone worhless [10:00:12 PM] <XiKia> lmao [10:00:14 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> Brandon [10:00:16 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> Shut up [10:00:24 PM] <XiKia> i am worthless [10:00:26 PM] <XiKia> ok [10:00:29 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> im saying i didnt think that was the way u acted [10:00:29 PM] <XiKia> yet i am going to a ucla [10:00:32 PM] <XiKia> ok [10:00:35 PM] <XiKia> i am worthless [10:00:37 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> from my study of jewish culture [10:00:38 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> and I'm going to UT [10:00:41 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> what's your point? [10:00:46 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> we're both going to great colleges [10:00:47 PM] <XiKia> im not worhtless [10:00:50 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> congratulations, I'm happy for you [10:00:53 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> rofl [10:00:55 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> HIGH FIVE [10:00:56 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> fight fight [10:00:56 PM] -- LJ.CrosisBlood [46ms] has joined the channel using Diablo II Lord of Destruction (Matriarch lx_xI, a ladder level 86 amazon on realm USWest). [10:00:57 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> fight [10:00:57 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> but it doesn't change the fact that you're a total and complete tool. [10:01:00 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> crois [10:01:02 PM] <LJ.CrosisBlood> BOOM [10:01:03 PM] <LJ.CrosisBlood> ;P [10:01:04 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> let me catch u up [10:01:05 PM] <LJ.CrosisBlood> i flooded [10:01:05 PM] <XiKia> right [10:01:13 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> a jew and his ex boyfriend are quarelling [10:01:18 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> so again, leave Mark. You can visit another time, but for now, go ahead and leave. [10:01:26 PM] <XiKia> rekkit [10:01:26 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> His name is Dave [10:01:28 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> Not a jew [10:01:29 PM] <XiKia> do you wish me to leave? [10:01:32 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> Ys [10:01:34 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> No [10:01:35 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> All you are doing [10:01:36 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> I am telling you to leave. [10:01:36 PM] <XiKia> alright [10:01:37 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> Leave. [10:01:37 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> is fighting [10:01:43 PM] User not found. [10:01:47 PM] <XiKia> good day to you [10:01:51 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> Bye. [10:01:59 PM] <To LJ.CrosisBlood> lol this id getting goooood [10:01:59 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> . [10:01:59 PM] <XiKia> shutup bitch i am not talking to you [10:02:00 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> . [10:02:01 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> . [10:02:03 PM] <XiKia> i am talking to ur master [10:02:04 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> Heyheyhey [10:02:04 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> \ipban XiKia [10:02:04 PM] -- XiKia has left the channel. [10:02:04 PM] XiKia was banned by FuSe]ReKKiT. [10:02:04 PM] XiKia was banned by FuSe]PiStoL. [10:02:04 PM] XiKia was banned by ReKKiT. [10:02:06 PM] <LJ.CrosisBlood> who si the one being told to leave? [10:02:07 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> Now then [10:02:08 PM] <LJ.CrosisBlood> ;p [10:02:10 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> dRaCkS]FK[ [10:02:11 PM] <LJ.CrosisBlood> i assume [10:02:14 PM] <LJ.CrosisBlood> him [10:02:16 PM] <LJ.CrosisBlood> ;p [10:02:18 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> Can't say [10:02:19 PM] <dRaCkS]FK[> mmhm? [10:02:22 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> You didn;t warn him [10:02:24 PM] <FuSe]ReKKiT> KPWNED [10:02:30 PM] <FuSe]Liberator> \ipban dRaCkS]FK[ I warned you, you disregarded my warning. These are the consequences. [10:02:30 PM] dRaCkS]FK[ was banned by FuSe]ReKKiT (I warned you, you disregarded my warning. These are the consequences.).
  9. dRaCkS

    For Chris,

    mmhm loyal is chris. i know him by chris. so force of habit i guess
  10. dRaCkS

    For Chris,

    well its not really for him. just to show him that i can do something
  11. dRaCkS

    For Chris,

    hope u like it dayumit
  12. dRaCkS

    Tell Me What U Think

    i dont spend that much time on these things, my style is my style. something new, something original is contradictory. my way is my original, i didnt learn it from tuts.. i just screw around and find shit i like, ya sure ur right, i duplicated and move it around, but there is more there. if ude care to look u might not think i have to be more like you or more like someone else, i make shit on here for fun. not to impress
  13. dRaCkS

    Tell Me What U Think

    so i made this, as a banner size graphic. plz give me like 1 - 10 10 being perfect and maybe some suggestions w.e
  14. dRaCkS

    A Little Help Please ^^

    o lol, u had me confused, but ya see what you mean... haha i havent even made the hater one yet.. i figure im too new for ppl to be hatin
  15. dRaCkS

    Deejay's Sig

    only a trial edition!?! this is unacceptable. ill find u the crack n shit for cs3.. and we will get u set up