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  1. yezero

    Ghoztcraft Promo Wallpaper

    Graphics work? lol Facebook poker points anyone?
  2. yezero

    Ghoztcraft Promo Wallpaper

    Expanding my portfolio, so might as well create some Ghoztcraft related gfx. Any comments?
  3. yezero

    Ghoztcraft Promotional Graphics

    Was bored so decided to whip something up.
  4. yezero

    Protoss Mineral Exploit In Action

    He was godlike, and seemed to be doing 5 things at once. But regarding the building, how hard is it to implement an auto-build hack, which takes into account how much resources you have, and then attempt to build a predefined matrix of buildings. i.e. lets say for example c = Photon Cannons p = Pylons g = Gateways And in the config you have: Definekey F1 [x][x][x][g] [x][y][x][g] [x][x][x][g] Build order g,y,x And pressing F1 in-game allows to build that matrix in that order, pausing / starting automatically depending on how much mineral/gas you have until all 12 buildings are completed. With that in mind, is there anything out here which allows you to say for example by pressing F3 - you will cause every Gateway you have to warp "ie: a Dragoon" and then have them all multi-selected bound to a predefined key. How will this work in-game? You've got 20 gateways. You press F3. All 20 Gateways will add 1 Dragoon to the spawn queue. Once they've all appeared, they are bound to ie: key 6. Pressing 6 will select all 20 dragoons and you can direct them where ever. The moment they die? Press F3 again and you'll have another wave of 20 Dragoons ready. He just made it up. Otherwise he (or someone else that was in the match, since all of them were cheaters and would have known how valuable a protoss mineral hack would be) would have posted the replay. I've only cheated for 3 days, I thought there were mineral exploits for Protoss and Terran besides the Zerg one. It was only after searching around for them that it became clear Protoss/Terran mineral hacks didn't exist for the latest Starcraft patch. Had I known this, I would've saved it.
  5. Unfortunately, I forgot to save the replay, but I'll try to describe what I observed during a 2v2 match where everyone agreed to the use of mineral & map hacks etc. So basically it was going to be an all out Zerg fest of epic proportions. For some reason, this guy called 'engimaxxx' or something along those lines, chose Protoss instead of Zerg of which we initially agreed on. We thought it was kinda stupid on his behalf. So the game starts. Taking a sneak peak via the maphack showed something interesting about the engimaxxx guy - he wasn't mining. At all. But he seemed to have enough minerals to build shit left and right. And regarding his building speed, it was extremely fast and efficient. He seemed to be warping in 3 buildings at a time in a linear pattern throughout his base. It seemed automated. i.e. Gateway - Pylon - Gateway Gateway - Pylon - Gateway Gateway - Pylon - Gateway Gateway - Pylon - Gateway Gateway - Pylon - Gateway Gateway - Pylon - Gateway Gateway - Pylon - Gateway Gateway - Pylon - Gateway In a matter of about 8 or so minutes. We were then attacked by about 40 of his Dragoons soon after. So we got raped pretty bad. I took a glimpse at the post-game statistics under the Resources tab, this 'engimaxxx' guy, apparently had only mined about 206 Minerals. So how the fk did he afford 12 gateways and 40 Dragoons?! Anyone care to enlighten me?