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  1. Polo

    Election '08

    Agreed! Congrats Obama! Woohooo.
  2. Hehe yeah. Now I'm glad that I had bought my lifetime membership.
  3. Heh,

    anyways sup?

  4. Polo

    Ghoztcraft Seeks News Manager(s).

    Re-applied! Sounds like an awesome opportunity.
  5. Polo

    Download Mangers

    Interesting.. Maybe I should try to become one eventually :3.
  6. Tidus screw you >.>

  7. Polo

    Spring Break!

    I have mine this week. :(
  8. Polo

    To be a VIP

    V.I.P. Is awesome, and is worth buying. I would recommend it.
  9. Polo


    I'm hacking for life. Key gens and key checkers are ftw!
  10. I suggest getting the new version. He updated probably 10 times since. Many new features added. This one is pretty old :P
  11. Polo

    [list] VIP Members Via Posting.

    Poply is going to win. I can feel it.
  12. Polo

    Nuke This Kid

    The bottom pic is tripod or something?
  13. Polo

    Gift : Nine5One

    i like i like.