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    Election '08

    Agreed! Congrats Obama! Woohooo.
  2. Guys i got disabled i dont want any of you to be. _________________________________________ Originally Posted by JohnH (Blizzard Poster): In keeping our aggressive stance on hacks, we have disabled over 30,000 CD-Keys from playing games on Closed Battle.net and permanently closed over 35,000 accounts for using a hack or cheat while playing Diablo II on Battle.net. First time offenders will have their CD-Keys temporarily disabled from playing games on Battle.net for a month and repeat offenders will have their CD-Keys permanently disabled. Repeat offenders will also have a risk of having their CD-Keys permanently disabled from connecting to Battle.net. We will continue to monitor Battle.net for cheating and take action as needed. If you would like to report additional instances of hacking or cheating, please report the user to us at [email protected] A false report filed by one player against another will not result in the actions described above. As always, thank you for your continued support; with your help we have been able to keep Battle.net a fun and safe place to play Blizzard games. _________________________ Originally Posted by mousepad: As you all know by now there has been a mass banning, including many users of my recent maphack beta. I believed I did everything necessary to ensure that it was safe for you to use, but clearly that was not the case, as of now maphack development will be suspended indefinitely. I sincerely apologise for letting you all down. _________________________ Originally Posted by Netter: This will probably be the last news message you will receive relating to EasyPlay. Today, Blizzard has decided to ban all EasyPlay users (Gold and Free), all mousepad maphack users, all D2JSP users and all sting maphack users. No public hacks are safe to use anymore. The estimated amount of bans is ~30.000 CD-Keys and ~35.000 accounts, if not alot more. It is a very sad moment, indeed. I want to remind everyone though, before I am flooded with complaints, that the 3.0+ series never had pre-emptive anti-detection and never regarded as permanently safe. In the release threads of EasyPlay I have always stated in regards to the detectability: EasyPlay FAQ: Currently it is not detectable. It still doesn't have any pre-emptive anti-detection, so use it entirely at your own risk. (..) Remember: It is likely that you will be banned *IF* Blizzard updates their anti-cheat detection methods to detect EasyPlay. Use EasyPlay only at your own risk and make sure you read the license before use. Anyway, that doesn't mean I'm not very sad this day came. BUT, we all knew it would come sometime. I have set the status of EasyPlay to "detectable". Also, I would like to answer the question ahead of time: No, a new version of EasyPlay is currently not planned. _________________________ YOU ALWAYS USE ALL Hacks/Bots AT YOUR OWN RISK! What mean "ACCOUNT CLOSED [8]" You can buy a new cdkeys here
  3. Hehe yeah. Now I'm glad that I had bought my lifetime membership.
  4. Polo

    Ghoztcraft Seeks News Manager(s).

    Re-applied! Sounds like an awesome opportunity.
  5. Polo

    Download Mangers

    Interesting.. Maybe I should try to become one eventually :3.
  6. Right now - - - NOTE : USE THESE AT YOUR OWN RISK. - ALSO SCAN BEFORE YOU USE THE FILES - THANKS! Hacks/Maphacks Stings Maphack v2.24 - Reveal Act - SAFE Strings Maphack v2.24 - Plugin - SAFE SO FAR, IVE BEEN USING IT. Easyplay v3.0 Gamma (Free) - UNSAFE Mousepads v7.2b - UNKNOWN, INFO TO COME SHORTLY C3POv312 - UNKNOWN - DOWNLOAD Bots D2JSP Latest Version - UNSAFE SO FAR MM.Bot v. Final - SAFE <-- Has a splash screen and tells you if its currently safe or unsafe. Easybotv2.0 (For EasyPlay 3.0 GOLD) - UNKNOWN Other D2Loader - UNSAFE! - DOWNLOAD Full Light Radius + Rain Remover v1.0 - SAFE - DOWNLOAD ShowCDKey for 1.11 by Netter + Serby's one working with MPQ's - SAFE - DOWNLOAD R1CH's ShowCDkey Utility - SAFE - DOWNLOAD - Requires .NET Framework. Get that Here I hope this helps you out! Polo. EDIT: More downloads to come! Mods remove if you dont like or if its not allowed etc. EDIT2: Saberking this what i found This is just 1.10 loader modified to "work" with 1.11. It doesn't have the Warden responses implemented so it will make you drop from games and will most likely get you banned. USE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK (I recommend that you only get this in case you want a NO-CD crack for singleplayer and open battle.net ONLY, using this on closed may get you banned) ( D2Loader for 1.11b)
  7. Polo

    Spring Break!

    I have mine this week. :(
  8. Polo

    To be a VIP

    V.I.P. Is awesome, and is worth buying. I would recommend it.
  9. Polo


    I'm hacking for life. Key gens and key checkers are ftw!
  10. I suggest getting the new version. He updated probably 10 times since. Many new features added. This one is pretty old :P
  11. Polo

    [list] VIP Members Via Posting.

    Poply is going to win. I can feel it.
  12. Polo

    Nuke This Kid

    The bottom pic is tripod or something?
  13. Polo

    Gift : Nine5One

    i like i like.
  14. Polo


    So a big chain.
  15. Polo

    [New Skin] Ghoztcraft v2 | RSS Feeds

    This skin is teh roxorz. I love it.
  16. Polo

    Sc Key Generator

    Couldn't find it.
  17. Polo

    Sc Key Generator

    This is great. Now if only there was a massive key checker :(
  18. Polo


    I knew how to stack hydras a hella long time ago, but not anymore. I stopped playing Starcraft for awhile now. I might get back into it though.
  19. Polo

    Look what I made ^_^

    I like the XGhozt fire flamey one. Probably one of the nicest I seen o.o.
  20. Polo

    Full access to flood people w/ my bots..Just 1 cd key

    So what is this program? Or is it even a program. I think I have 2 working keys. I still need to test them though.
  21. Polo

    Backing Up your local Hard Drive.

    Call your manufacturer and try talking to them. Or just search google lol.
  22. Polo

    My RPG

    Guilds .. perfect. Player owned houses, I like it. And events is a nice little addon.
  23. Polo

    funny how ppl act when they leave

    I would say Ghoztcraft is active enough as well.