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  1. Whoa


  2. Whoa

    Cd Key Grabber

    Look in your regs. Start -> Run -> regedit -> Local Machine -> Software -> Blizzard -> D2 -> CDKey Thats how I did it a while ago not sure if it still works :)
  3. Whoa

    Wrhak Trainer V. 2.2 - [07 March 2008]

    OMG! This topic is so old it needs to be locked for so many reasons! LOCK IS BABY!!!!
  4. Whoa

    Us West Or East?

  5. Whoa

    Asm Help!

    Ok Im trying to make a basic asm hack but its not working out This is what im trying to accomplish Change of HIDDEN - 89 91 d8 f0 57 00 - mov [ecx+HIDDEN],edx If you want the hidden values pm me and ill gief im not publicing them for a reason. All help is much appriated. Oh I know some already. I failed at this
  6. Whoa

    Doomsday In 2012?

    OK so its a calender that ends at december 12 2012 or w/e. Does it say at the end of that, END OF THE WORLD! I didn't think so. Just another one of those theories like the world ending jan 1st 2000. Bleh call me when something major is going to happen persay an astroid the size of the moon is going to crash into the earth or the sun is going to burn out.
  7. Whoa

    Toss And Terran Mineral Hax

    ProSlasher can I ask what you used to code it? ASM, Delphi, VB, C++? I don't think its possible without using asm, can you tell me where to start atleast :P
  8. Whoa

    Proxify Any Application -total Anonymity

    In order for this to fully work you would need a private SOCK4 or better yet SOCK5 proxy located somewhere near to you. Otherwise you will not be able to join//make games(I did this when I got IP'd a while ago).
  9. I am not sure if this has been posted before or whatever, but request any Program/Games/Music/Video and there is a 99.9% chance that I can get it from rapidshare, without virus! I am sorry if this is in the wrong area or its been posted or you guys just don't want it, but if you do just Request!
  10. Whoa

    New Skin [MetalAxe]

    give me the Ghoztcraft 2.1 or w/e is was and ill convert it to 2.2
  11. Whoa

    Get me wow

    I have a WOW Account but I use it so... yeah I can get you the files and maybe a fake credit card and a key.... but it might take a while lol
  12. Whoa

    Bwhacks: Hosting Status

    I dont think its a bad idea, that way more people can come to us from bwhacks, also that people may go to bwhacks, but then they'll realize that we have more hacks better server and may other quities. I am not going for evilness just trying to state the facts.....
  13. Whoa

    Firefox Weeeee

  14. Whoa

    Prank Lol

    Wow good... He cant be that much of an idiot to do that....
  15. Whoa

    Whats Your Ultimate Dream Car?

    I WANT MY JAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!