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  1. What language do you use to develop map hacks? C++? Assembly? What type of assembly? I want study and learn.
  2. marcelogn

    Protoss mineral hack!!!!!!!!

    thx for answer, but i only dont understand when u say "white box to show some other area then your base on the screen".... dont understand it... "white box" ?
  3. marcelogn

    Protoss mineral hack!!!!!!!!

    my starcraft CRASHS when i try mineral hack...... i dont understand exactly how it works... first ask: 1) well, when i try protoss mineral hack, can i stay with MAPHACK (INSERT) enabled? well. i have 5 "empty-handed probes" and 40 minerals, OK. i press ~ and sets MULTICOMMAND ON. - OK now, i dont understand exactly how i do! u say "look away from area on the map, press f9, then press alt+f11" OK, after i press ~ and sets MULTICOMMAND ON.... the next action is "look away from area" second ask: 2) but what i must have select? in this time, i must have the BASE SELECTED? 1 PROBE SELECTED? 5 PROBES SELECTED? NOTHING SELECTED? so, i move the screen outside the vision of my base, i press F9, after i press ALT+F11 and game crashs...... well, maybe game crashs because i make something WRONG BEFORE(like stay selected something wrong) third ask: 3) how exactly proceed? press and HOLD F9, and them ALT+F11 at same time? (like F9+ALT+F11) ? or press F9, then after ALT+F11. when i tryed with BASE SELECTED, i move screen away from my base area (BASE SELECTED), so, i press F9, then ALT+F11, then MY BASE EXPLODE and i "lost game - DEFEATED"... it KILL BASE!! thx
  4. marcelogn

    mineral hack

    i listen about the hack... to hack work, it need a function to create the rock (creeps)... so its possible the mineral hack. I listen that: without the rock(creep) its impossible the mineralhack. But, after create the rock and get money, ISNT POSSIBLE A FUNCTION TO DELETE THE ROCK?? well, its good remember we have suicide hack (F8)... its the razon i believe its possible build a mineral hack "without" the rocks...
  5. marcelogn

    Zero Gold

  6. marcelogn

    sniper hack i think

    strange!! do u have replay of the game??
  7. marcelogn

    [1.13e] Annihilation X2 Revision 3

    are there's an "beta version" avaible to download?
  8. marcelogn

    Zero gold Crack discussion