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  1. Ruler of War

    Ruler is here in Chicago!

    The above post is true xD I was going to post but GC was down for the last 4 days >.> Anywho I believe Cripp and I are the 2nd group of people to meet from Ghoztcraft! Woot.
  2. Ruler of War

    New games to revamp the community?

    I tend to play GTA 5 on the PS4... I play a lot of steam games I'll give just about anything a shot if its a free to play. Gotta agree with Ghozt though... life gets in the way of things.
  3. The good old days!!!

  4. Ruler of War

    Weird problem with my computer...

    desktop or laptop? Who makes the computer and whats the model number...? or is it a custom rig?
  5. Ruler of War

    Thinking of a Tattoo

    Honestly bounder, I'm not a fan of MLP but in my personal opinion, do what makes you happy. As long as it doesn't hurt someone or isn't against the law, fuck what everyone else thinks, make yourself happy. Edit: Honestly... I think the picture is kinda cute xD
  6. Ruler of War

    Thinking of a Tattoo

    do what makes you happy...
  7. Ruler of War

    Good Laptop?

    my suggestion in that particular case would be to purchase a laptop that will get you through school and keep the money you saved for a higher end laptop (in the future) or a lower end desktop and an aftermarket graphics card. (You could also go with a high end desktop in the future) but truthfully 6 gigs of ram with a dual core or quad core (depends on how much multi-tasking) and a 1 gig graphics card with a 256 bit rate is good enough for most "gamers" these days
  8. Ruler of War

    Good Laptop?

    Laptops GENERALLY are not meant to play games... HOWEVER, you can get some gaming laptops but (like mastric said) they are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. There are also a very select few laptops that have interchangeable graphics cards however the graphics cards are expensive. Laptop graphics cards are built into the motherboard and therefor can not be removed without a lot of work and soldering. Another issue many laptops see (someone commented on this already) is heat. Heat is a MAJOR issue with standard laptops and gaming laptops are not any different. If you are going to play games i would HIGHLY suggest a desktop because they are 1000000x easier to upgrade and in my personal opinion more reliable. That being said, if you would still like a laptop that has enough balls to play games on decent settings the laptop that you described in your first post is decent and the price isn't bad however you will need to know what graphics card it has in it so that we can tell you what it will be able to handle. As far as playing minecraft goes, it is a very GPU (graphics processing unit) and CPU intensive game (despite the graphics) so you would be putting that I-5 under a bit of stress if you had a decent video card and a lot of stress if you had a shitty card. Sorry for the delayed response. I work a lot >.> Edit: As far as the link you posted to the graphics card: One: That is a desktop graphics card and can not be put in a laptop. Two: that is a decent card I actually have a Sapphire HD 5550 in my gaming rig right now. Three: the 5570 is a much better card that is only a few dollars more, however ATI has the 7000 series graphics cards out now. The 7000 series cards will destroy the 5000 =/
  9. Ruler of War

    Yes, I am that Awesome!

  10. Ruler of War

    Time to get back in the game

    The shorter list is:" What wont break" [sarcasm] Ahhhhahahahha im so funny [/sarcasm]
  11. Ruler of War

    Mido won herself $50!

    [Rant] See this is what I don't get, your car "Mido" is showing herself off and winning money. Where as my vehicle "Norma" (as named by my girlfriend.) Wont do shit for me, she wont even run... Shes been bitchy since the day I brought her home from the dealership. I've done open heart surgery (to replace a spun rod bearing and completely rebuilt the engine.) Put in a new brain (ECM) new Nervous system (Distributor wires and plugs) but that wasn't good enough for her. ohhhh no, I went out and bought her a new set of tits (heads) and the bitch still wont run right. My truck is such a spoiled bitch.... [/Rant]
  12. Ruler of War

    Starcraft 2

    Just curious, who is still playing it on a regular basis?
  13. Ruler of War

    Mineral Statz

    Which apparently (thanks to blizzard) is every other day xD On a side note it is rather refreshing to see something hacking related posted on Ghoztcraft. I was starting to get worried.
  14. Ruler of War

    Just wanted to say...

    Seriously? Its on the "recent posts" list, and since Ghoztcraft is full of terraria people; everyone you talk to will see it. I moved this topic because it is in no way related to terraria, if you don't like where I moved it go bitch to XGhozt, I'm not moving it back.
  15. Ruler of War

    Just wanted to say...

    Now may be a good time to change your avatar... Just sayin... Edit: also, topic moved to a location that makes more sense
  16. Ruler of War

    Mineral Statz

    Someone posting hacks on Ghoztcraft :o
  17. Ruler of War

    "I want to be the Little Girl" QuothMoot

    Quote of the month.
  18. Ruler of War

    "I want to be the Little Girl" QuothMoot

    This topic makes me want to start drinking...
  19. Ruler of War

    "I want to be the Little Girl" QuothMoot

    Bounder..... um..... wtf
  20. Ruler of War

    Happy Fourth!

    July 4th is United States Independence day Basically a celebration telling the British to go fuck themselves.
  21. Ruler of War

    2012 East Coast Honda Meet

    Viper is, if I'm not mistaken, a marine. Very different from the army. On topic: I would kill to drive some... any of those
  22. Ruler of War

    Getting A Desktop, But has some problems

    This is a decent 128bit card. or this if you would prefer a PCI express 16 2.1 Personally, I like Sapphire, graphics cards, I've never hard one that had any issues and they have all outlasted my use for them. Anyway on to the 256 bit cards This is the card I would personally purchase. Its well worth the money, it will handle nearly anything you throw at it Or you can get this card, it is a step down from that one, it will still be able to handle everything you will want to do but the 6870 would do it at a higher frame rate.
  23. Ruler of War

    Getting A Desktop, But has some problems

    You definitely want an aftermarket graphics card. Internal (integrated) graphic cards SUCK. The card you listed is GDDR3 I would recommend something with GDDR5 and that is 256 bit. GDDR5 is much faster than GDDR3. Also the 256bit rate is so the data can be transferred to and from the card a lot faster. That being said, you get a higher frame rate with a higher graphics setting at a higher resolution. If you cant afford a 256 bit card I would go as low as 128 nothing lower. I know I may have gone over your head... If you want I can show you various graphics cards that I think would be good for what you would be doing. However, they wont be from dell, dell is overpriced.
  24. Ruler of War

    Getting A Desktop, But has some problems

    If you really wanted to run it all the games nicely I would DEFINITELY look at an aftermarket graphics card. Also... the link you gave was to modify a computer... it wasn't the link to the specs of the one you have already modified. Give me a specs list or a link to one and I would be happy to be of further assistance. As for gaming on wireless i truthfully don't notice a huge difference, if you are one of those people who will notice a 5ms ping difference then wire it, if not just use your wireless. Something that will be a major factor when you want to game on wireless is the actual wireless output speed. If you have a 600mbps wireless card and a 54mb router you are going to notice more of a ping difference than if you had a 600mbps router. Another factor you may want to consider is the signal quality of the router as well as how far you are from the router. All of those will play a major role in the ability to game on a wireless network. Honestly though I used to game on 20% signal from a WRT 54G on a 1.5mbps internet connection and I wouldn't see any lag unless my ISP would make me disconnect.
  25. Ruler of War

    New laptop time!

    Sweet man, hope you enjoy it. Let us know how its working for you in a couple months.