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  1. ahcompy

    Ghoztcraft MakeOver

    ...all I can say is goldfish is an immiture a** take it in stride...and for cryin out loud dont make people like me freak-out and run a virus scan cause you thought a hack was a virus when they saw the word-filter in action...that was embarassing... idiot
  2. ahcompy

    Freaking Huge Ass Spider.

    that looked pretty scary...lol...but Im sure I've seen bigger... and scorpions are the shit dude...you piss them off they sting and possibly kill you...all the more reason to NOT have one...lol
  3. ahcompy

    Lookie what I found

    a superglue bottle? I think a Hax0rz bee is badass...I mean with the stinger and all...sweet
  4. ahcompy

    aNyone like the grateful dead

    Grateful Dead are freakin awesome... of course, I like all bands like that...oldschool rock in general is badass
  5. ahcompy

    hi hi!