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  1. My 1k Post!

    It only took 12 years, but I finally did it. I hit the 1k post count.. Now i'm finally somebody around here.. I finally have the respect, and to some people thats more important.
  2. Official Discord

    I joined it lol.
  3. So what has been going on here.

    Well... I drink............... I've got that going for me at least.

    Lol.. Remember the massive flame wars in the shout box? Not sure if anybody remembers.. But I think I was a global mod on here for like 2-3 days.
  5. Need a small loan

    I'm not sure where to start so I'm just going to explain. I am attempting to get into the vaping business. It is VERY popular here. I have already started selling items on ebay and within 6 days I have cleared almost 1k in sales. The problem is that I am actually shipping those items via a third party.. I sell item on ebay, and then use their money to buy from my distributor.. But, paypal has started putting holds on my money because I have made too many sales. So I am unable to make as many sales now... See, if I had a business capitol to work with, I would be fine.. Then I could also carry an inventory and sell around my town... I've asked everyone I know for a loan and nobody I know believes in me.. Man, I am going to get rich doing this.. I just need someone to help me get the funds to start it.. I will literally pay you back with a shit load of money....

    I get drunk daily. and work like an illegal immigrant. Almost 10 years on this site and finally getting close to 1k posts... lol.

    What are you doing with your life now bro?
  8. Title says it all.. Im in virginia.. If you're an old member.. Hmu, we can go get some beers or some wings.. Whatever..

    Nah, Just kidding bro. I miss being a kid on here. It's just weird that I still get on here 10 years later. I miss our flame wars... I wish you were in the states so we could grab a beer together. It's weird. I kind of grew up on this website. You know what I mean? Like, this is the one online community that I will probably remember for the rest of my life. I wish we could all just meet up somewhere someday. Also... We outlasted the "Bwhacks" community, and that is basically where we came from! Lol.. remember when that asshole bought bwhacks!? look where they are now.... gone.
  10. New games to revamp the community?

    I would more than likely support anything anybody on this forum does. You know what I mean? Fucking grew up with you guys...
  11. Ruler is here in Chicago!

    Yo wtf.. I lived in texas for years.. Would have met up with Ruler anytime......Just fuck me I guess.
  12. Where Plutomic has been.

    That is a mighty fine question my friend. I do not want to sit here and try to say it's the system's fault that I can not find a decent job. But, it kind of is. You know how on all job applications they ask for felony convictions and right below it says "felony convictions to not necessarily disqualify you from employment". Yeah well, that's a lie. In the past 2 years, I have actually become very skilled in the construction trade, I can use just about every tool you could think of with skill. I can even operate heavy machinery with confidence.... Take today for instance, I had an interview with a very big company, They have a 401k, health, vacation time, ect.. One of the jobs you would retire from.. Well here I am at the second interview, and the guy is like "Oh man, we never gave you this" and he hands me a background check form.. I looked at him and said "Well, before we waste anybody's time here, what if I did have a felony?" he was like "depends? how old is it".. I told him 4 years, and his response was "damn...i'm sorry but the rule is 7 years....and we can't break that rule....We will still interview you..But I doubt we will be able to break that rule".... I mean, I performed extremely well in my interview, and I've got word that they are trying to making something happen.. But, I am not getting my hopes up.. I've even gone as far as to call every branch of armed forces and fucking beg them to let me in..What kind of bullshit is that? I can't even join the army now? I basically can't work any job that involves handling money, being around a customers home, or pretty much anything that involves being a normal human... I don't understand. The whole point of me going to prison was so I could, and I quote, "pay my debt to society"... Well, If I've paid my debt...Why does it feel like I still owe? It's really annoying because I carry myself like a respectable gentleman. I have amazing manners...When I am working, I don't miss work and I always bust my ass.. For your final question yes. I learned from my experience in prison. I actually believe it made me into a very respectable young man. It showed me where I didn't want to end up again. It gave me time to just sit there and think about everything and I was able to grow up mentally. Unfortunately employers don't usually believe me when I try to explain this.
  13. Runescape

    So did I..
  14. Where Plutomic has been.

    God damn, I've already been out for 2 years. Damn, as we get older time starts going by faster and faster...=/.. Still haven't got my life together.. Being an adult is hard...
  15. New games to revamp the community?

    Man, every time I visit this website I'm just flooded back with memories of stupidity. Unfortunately I have moved to the mountains in virginia, and we are only able to get satellite internet.. So, playing online is a no go for me..However, if you guys are nerdy like me you may want to check out MARVEL Heroes 2015. It is free diablo-esque game..It's totally free, but you are able to buy more characters if you don't feel like grinding...The best part is it's marvel......Then we got DC Universe: Which is free on ps3 and ps4 and PC... However they charge for the DLC... But still, it's an amazing game based around the DC Universe....But unfortunately most people have forgotten about Ghoztcraft..