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  1. Z

    Hellooooo from the Great Beyond!

    ^ Hacks.
  2. Z

    Whats your favorite song atm..?

    ^ In response to what J put up... All I can think of watching this was, "Damn, I'd hate to be stuck in traffic for that!" Also in related videos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLTjN740L0I ... how do you embed the vid? xD damn it Edit: GOT IT!
  3. Z

    Kony 2012

    Speaking of which, heard the co-founder of this Invisible Children group and narrator/director of that video was caught drunk and jerking off in public. LIKE A BOSS.
  4. Z

    Hellooooo from the Great Beyond!

  5. Z

    So its been a while ....

    ^^ what he said LOL
  6. Z

    Happy Easter everyone!

    Such a miraculous holiday, let us all remember the joy and meaning of Easter...
  7. Z

    What are you playing?

    League of Legends (I've never played ranked games yet, I don't think I'm all that great at the game just yet. Just farming for Runes at this point) Magicarp - Lv30 flip a table - Lv8 smurf Perfect World International ( Don't ask why, friend of mine brought me in and I've never been able to escape.. such a piece of crap game) RadioxActive BioxHazard OMGPOP.com Cuz I'm fucking BORED. Anyway, yeah.. I would be playing more online games but I like to play for free >.> I "Fixed" my Xbox and my PS3 so can't play online on them lol. I'm trying to reflash my Xbox so I could actually play online, a new tool came out for me to be able to do that with "my games." Aside from free gaming, I've been working.. working hard. Self-employed, didn't finish school but at this point.. can't really see myself going back anytime soon. All I can say is that business is good. I'm really glad to see you guys still check in every once in a while. :D That being said... DIABLO 3????? GUILD WARS 2?????? WHO'S EXCITED!?!?!?!?!? lmfao
  8. Z

    2010 Nissan 370Z

    Dude.. That truly is a thing of beauty. In a year I'll gladly take it from you lol :D Or wait.. are you buying it? o.o I can't tell if you're selling or buying rofl
  9. Happy Birthday!

  10. Z

    My new Rig

    Too lazy to do math right now but how much did all that come out to be? My guess rounds up to $700 - $900 yeah? Oh and Congrats and I'm super Jealous. Serious. Thats pretty much a similar setup I've been dying to have :D
  11. Z

    Super happy fun time news

    I'm in the New York area, let me know what bookstore or whatever you'll be making an appearance. I'd love a good meet, greet and read :D
  12. Z

    Post your Speed!

    Ghoztman... I'm so jealous. :D pretty funny that I have a better connection with LA which is.. 2k+ miles away than NY which is within 50 miles... Think I wanna switch to Verizon.
  13. Z


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQREhd9iT38 Check it. What I find funny is that.. kinda looks like he's using Windows98 :D unless thats XP with classic theme. Still though, using the Kinect for projects like this makes life for animators soo much simpler.
  14. Z

    SOTW 23

    I made this one a really really long time ago for Kenshin :D Thought I'd contribute for shits and giggles. I see this thread is like almost a month old. College/Work must really be getting in the way for you guys rofl
  15. Z

    SOTW 23