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  1. Knwn

    earn $$$

    well its been a while since i have actually been on here, but i need some help. I am working on a website for a very good friend of mine but all i have with me is my mac that doesn't have anything on it. what i need is for someone to make a logo for me. it can be just about any size, but gold letters with a black background saying "RIIR" (II being roman numeral) and with a gold crown on top of the II if possible. he had one made, and it looks like crap but the guy had the right idea. i am feeling generous and i am very flexible so i think i could offer a good 25$ through paypal or i will purchase something for you online(if you don't have paypal) if you can make something i like. i'll check back in a week or two, so take your time. if you post something here or email it to me, make sure sure that you put some type of watermark on the image or something so u know i wont steal it lol. my email is [email protected]
  2. Knwn

    Zar and Winkey meet . . . again.

    lol, they kinda do... when the world decides something as a while i guess its important :D plan on being involved on some chemical or biological warfare sometime soon? lol... its made by Avon and it is called the M50 but i couldnt find any prices for u
  3. Knwn

    Zar and Winkey meet . . . again.

    shhh we don't get to play with guns often :D how is it nearly illegal?
  4. Knwn

    Zar and Winkey meet . . . again.

    wtf winkey... we never met up... not even after all these years :[ the only person i actually met up with was n8, but he flew all the way from canada and then a month later i went up there and terrorized canada with him :] edit: btw, i would out shoot you both :D you missed out last week when we were shooting M-4's on 3 round burst and with a $1000 acog :]
  5. Knwn

    wiki_ Unit Suicide Hack

    ??? i didn't post that.... but no, i am still alive :]
  6. This is the discussion topic for the wiki article: Unit Suicide Hack
  7. Knwn

    Mr. Winkey is Now Dr. Winkey!

    I'm a little over a month too late but thats ok :o congrats buddy, miss ya :)
  8. Knwn

    Wanting To Learn To Hack

    I are wanting to learn to hack too. learn me also? :P
  9. Knwn

    New Avatar

    no ;) zar did! AAAANNNNDDD!
  10. Knwn

    New Avatar

    slighty hiding the ruining of vipers fun ;) btw, very purdy.
  11. Knwn

    What do you think Ghoztcraft needs?

    [[[[spammm ]]]]]]]]] silly z... thats what we call a stereotype :D rubbing all over you and trying to please you turns you off? :/ maybe you just don't like women if porn and women trying to suck you off is a turn off for you :D where exactly are you from? and by eastern and western u mean east/west US, correct? /spammmmmmmmmm]]]]]]]]]] anyways, it needs something because with my experience with this site it seems to be kind of uhhh lacking lately. seems like the daily posts have been kinda low too. no offense xg. the site has come a long way and has turned out great. soo, congrats.
  12. Knwn

    wiki_ I-8-my-goldfish

    beautiful. i love it.
  13. Knwn

    What do you think Ghoztcraft needs?

    hookers. gg no re ;)
  14. Knwn

    Remote Keylogger Please?

    nope its safe and lots of fun. especially beast because it has a lot of fun features like being able to click their mouse, watch their web cam, take screen shots and lots more. but if you are ever interested in trying it again, just make sure your firewall is on and monitor your connections ;)
  15. Knwn

    Remote Keylogger Please?

    http://www.beastdoor.com/ I can download it anywhare / totally stupid leak Your community surprises me again and again xD pink, beastdoor.com doesn't exist anymore. but FYI - they went legit a couple of years ago and stopped distributing their beast trojan and started selling their "legit watch you're spouse and children while they are on the computer" shit. they went through a lot of websites and threatened to sue any site that offered it for download... so it was really hard to come by. Im suprise your not V.I.P, and That keylogger has a Trojan.Backdoor or something in it however you will also get infected, and the victim you make the virus for. But use a differnt remote keylogger instead of that Beast >.>. yeah i'm not too worried about it. luckily i like you, so i will be nice and educational about this pro :D trojan builders have a blank copy of a trojan that has everything is except the setting and specifications(like what you want it to do, who you want it so send it to, and who to connect to). once you open the builder, put in your setting, and click build it makes a copy of that blank trojan and adds all of your spec's to it. but i promise you that that version is completely safe. in fact, i believe that copy was from me like 2 years ago lol. ANY software that is intended to make key loggers, viruses, or trojans will always come up on virus scanners. well, unless its new and undetected of course.