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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Sha{D}e.

    I miss how Ghoztcraft used to be.

    Life was so much more carefree and fun back then. I would get on and be unsure if Ghoztcraft would be up or not.
  3. Sha{D}e.

    I miss how Ghoztcraft used to be.

    I was around when the old yahoo Ghoztcraft site existed. I am a pretty low forum member here but I was a week late to register here. Good times. I think we all kind of grew up a lot.
  4. Sha{D}e.

    What Don't You Like About Starcraft 2?

    I read an article, interview probably, somewhere that the blizzard programmers realized this and were working to make units be viable throughout the game.
  5. Sha{D}e.

    Wonder what the new Bnet will be like?

    I'm looking forward to the new battle.net I'm all warm inside about starcraft 2 in general.
  6. Sha{D}e.

    Ghoztcraft Updates

    Ghoztcraft is the shit. (Retired)
  7. Sha{D}e.

    Introducing The Home Page And Blog

    Now you just need to switch to faster forums. IPB sooo slowww :/
  8. Sha{D}e.


    isnt that just a simple algerythm. Like a^2+b^2=c^2? Seems kinda useless.
  9. Sha{D}e.

    Blizzard Uses Fraps?

    It looks like Fraps. I use other software myself.
  10. Sha{D}e.

    [how To] Free Premium Megaupload

    Doesnt seem worth it. Most people use rapidshare. But still very nice find.
  11. Sha{D}e.

    [html/javascript] Very Annoying # Script

    I trolled like 40 people with this :D. Thanks man
  12. Sha{D}e.

    Guess Who Posts Next

    no Cripp
  13. Sha{D}e.

    [Wiki] ProMasser

    Haha lol. XD
  14. Sha{D}e.

    Free Bot!

    Is silkroad fun. I was thinking about trying it. Also, what would a bot do for you? Something like a WoW bot?
  15. Sha{D}e.

    I'm Flooded Doodz!

    My cable was out all day because of this storm. Gay comcast. But yeah it was really big. Havent seen one like it in awhile. Not really that big but more than were used to haha.