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  1. TheRing

    WinRar Pro

    File Name: WinRar Pro File Submitter: TheRing File Submitted: 03 Mar 2009 File Category: Miscellaneous Author: No Information Aurhor URL: No Information Version: No Information WinRar Pro v3.8 (Full) WinRAR is a powerful archive manager. It can backup your data and reduce the size of email attachments, decompress RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from Internet and create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format.It is one of the few applications that is able to create RAR archives natively, as the encoding method is held to be proprietary. Features WinRAR supports the following features: * Complete support for RAR and ZIP archives, and unpacking of ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, 7z and Z archives. Future versions of WinRAR are planned to include 7z creation.[1] * The ability to create self-extracting and multi-volume (split) archives. * Data redundancy is provided via recovery records and recovery volumes, even allowing reconstruction of damaged archives. * Support for advanced NTFS file system options and Unicode in file names. * Optional archive encryption using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with a 128-bit key. Pre-Cracked for your convenience! Click here to download this file
  2. TheRing

    Like it, Hate it, Haven't Tried it!

    they're ok, Xbox Live
  3. TheRing

    Net Neutrality, and the war of piracy

    I've been a RoadRunner user for awhile now, and I can easily say that they limit certain kinds of traffic extensively. Net neutrality is a HUGE issue, one that already seems to be going in a negative direction as far as I'm concerned. Not to mention what happened to TPB...a huge blow to the filesharing community. Luckily there might be a retrial as far as that's concerned...
  4. TheRing

    Website making.

    This is what I'd advise.
  5. TheRing

    Reassuring the Ghoztcraft Community.

    I download all the new uploads and check them for viruses. Keep in mind that this only provides some degree of protection, as any idiot can write a virus within 30 minutes that can bypass 99% of antivirus programs because of the way they work. I use avast (which has never let me down), then test it in a virtual machine environment to see exactly what it does. Anyone that finds any issues can contact me, and I'll deal with it.
  6. TheRing

    Zerg Mineral Hack for 1.16.1?

    o.0 nice sig...and yeah, it's been permanently patched. You're not gonna find any public mineral hacks anymore.
  7. TheRing

    Banned from Purgehosting

    Orly? -discards nasty emails-
  8. TheRing

    In Search of Starcraft ISOs

    Sent you a pm...hope rapidshare is ok.
  9. TheRing


    File Name: MirageBot File Submitter: TheRing File Submitted: 23 Apr 2009 File Updated: 07 Jun 2010 File Category: Bots Author: Chriso Version: 9.96.2015 Battle.Net Bot Release Notes for build 2015: - Added client filter: Options -> Filters -> Filter Users on Client -> ... - Added Config Wizard to Configuration form - Allows you to configure multiple profiles at a time, quickly and easily - Added encryption method: XOR - Added hotkey Ctrl+F for Channel -> Favourites -> Edit Channels - Added hotkey Ctrl+Shift+F for Channel -> Favorites -> Add Current - Added hotkey Ctrl+Home for Channel -> Go Home - Added hotkey Ctrl+Shift+Home for Channel -> Set Home As Current - Added hotkey Ctrl+Ins for: Options -> Logging -> Open Current Log - Added hotkeys Ctrl+1-9 for Tab Navigation [Profiles 1-9] - Added hotkeys Ctrl+Shift+1-9 for Channel -> Favorites -> [items 1-9] - Added login message to Configuration - Added ping filter: Filters -> Filter Users with Ping -> ... - Added 'Stay on Top' to Window -> Appearance menu - Ctrl+Tab can now be used to switch profiles - Customize Renamed to Options - Appearance moved to Window menu (formerly Customize -> Change Appearance) - Fixed minor problems with Ctrl+Left, Ctrl+Right - Fixed current channel dropdown error - Lookup moved back to Bot menu (easier use with right click) - Moved Command Options to Commands Form - Removed 'Clear Focus Windows' (in Focus windows instead) - Removed 'Clear History' (not needed) - Removed 'Custom Ping' (hashing issues to do with DoEvents) - Replaced 'Close Focus Windows' + 'Close Profile Windows' with 'Close Popup Windows' Re-release #5 changes made: : - Added Profile Rename - Fixed Chat Focus problems (UserTalk, KeyPress) - Fixed Encryption/Decryption problems (UTF8 was causing problems) - Fixed Profile Cloning - Main Form should update Bots List when Cloning, Deleting, Creating, Renaming Re-release #4 changes made: : - Added Change Emoticons to Customization menu - Added Locate Emoticons to Change Emoticons menu - Added Parse Emoticons to Change Emoticons menu - Changed GetServerName function to return PvPGN (IP) instead of Unknown - Current Style is now checked in Change Style menu - Current Theme is now checked in Change Theme menu - Fixed problem with ImportPlugin - Fixed ReadSetting/WriteSetting (media plugin should save now) - Removed Change Emoticon Set in Text Editing bar Re-release #3 changes made: : - Better handling of Chat Focus form - Fixed Connecting to Null Proxy Annoyance - Fixed Frozen Throne Connection (using WAR3 cdkey hash instead of W3XP.. works ) Re-release #2 changes made: : Previous themes padding needs to be updated for use with new system! - Added index to mouse-over-tooltips - Fixed a problem with Clan-Member-Icon updating - Minimalised main form, removed unnecessary labels - Modified form title to be more useful - Moved all clan events to Clan Window - New Theme Feature 'Window Color' - Simplified mouse-over-tooltips by removing redundant information Full list of changes since 8.5: : --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9.0.1650 Public Fix --------------------------------------------------------------------------- This release fixes the Warden problem and allows multiple connections on StarCraft/WarCraft III simultaneously. Thanks to Punk, Ringo, and anyone else who was involved in resolving Warden. Special thanks to Punk for all his help! - Added Warden Support for SC/W3 clients - Disabled Script Support for public release (too BETA) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9.0.1640 (BETA #33) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added Show All to mass menu - Enabled scripting support again - Fixed Apply Theme image problem - Fixed Create Theme default image problem - Fixed Save Theme problem with Background Position - Fixed Theme Studio Refreshing Error - Fixed StretchHeight (now works in pixels instead of twips) - Rearranged menu items --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9.0.1630 (BETA #32 re-release) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Fixed Continue link in Theme Studio for New Themes - Fixed default color problem - Fixed default image problem - Fixed image saving problem with Theme Studio - Fixed Locate Themes link in Theme Studio - Removed notication of image location in Theme Studio --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9.0.1630 (BETA #32) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added HorizontalAlignment field to Themes (left, center, right, none) - Added style user_color 'self' (for yourself) - Clan colors can now be ignored - Fixed arrow for hiding lists - Fixed channel sweeping problem - Fixed a few form_resize bugs - Fixed userUpdate bug - Fixed whisper problem on D2 - Fixed style user_color 0x00000000 - Improved Theme Support - Added: - Horizontal Alignment - Vertical Alignment - Stretch/StretchHeight - Text Position - Padding - New 'Theme Studio' to help people make their own Themes - Updated Theme Structure --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9.0.1625 (BETA #31) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Fixed a bug that allowed some style variables to be said in channel - Fixed a no stats problem for styles - Fixed many right click bugs related to Diablo II - Moved hide editor to options form - Moved minimize to system tray to options form - Refresh will now reload current Theme and Style (helpful for developers) - Updated Script's AddChat routine to work with new Style System --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9.0.1620 (BETA #30) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added '/control [profile] [command]' command (thanks Desu) - Added levels of attack: weak, moderate, strong - Added New 'Packets' Window to dropdown list (excludes 0x00, 0x0E, 0x0F, 0x25) - Disabled Scripting System temporarily - Fixed 'Display' function - Fixed S>C friend update packet - Fixed proxy support finally (both SOCKS 4 and 5) - Fixed proxy dropdown box in configuration form - Fixed run-time error that ceased operation - Fixed smiley support (only shown in chat events now) - Implemented New Active Filtering System - Removed Flood Filtering, Load Filtering, Smart Filtering - Implemented New Style System which allows users to completely customize the output of chat events in MirageBot. - Improved realm connection error handling - Many other improvements and changes not listed - Moved AutoReconnect option to Options form - Moved Open Plugins Folder to Profile Configuration - Moved Open Scripts Folder to Profile Configuration - Rearranged some of the main menus - Removed File -> Exit - Removed File -> Execute -> Bot Folder - Removed File -> Execute -> File Folder - Removed View Logs from File menu can be accessed via Profile -> Locate Bot - Replaced Theme setup with the New Theme System - Users should be able to create themes A LOT easier --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9.0.1616 (BETA #29) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Fixed /profile problem for Diablo II - Improved error handling for CallScriptProcedure (to find bugs) - Removed ThemeStudio from installer - Updated GetClanName function - Updated GetReignOfChaosStats/GetFrozenThroneStats functions - Updated UserUpdate event --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9.0.1615 (BETA #28) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added Disconnect event to scripts - Added Random Name Filtering to Smart Filters - Fixed continual reconnect loop for first profile - Fixed many bugs in CallProcedure which MAY have been causing automation errors for some users. - Idle users are no longer shown in chat as gray - Increased delay before turning off Smart Filters (again) - Simplified Themes form - Trialing a new Connect All routine (TEST) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9.0.1610 (BETA #27) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added more ScriptSupportClass (SSC) functions: Database Related: - IsConsole: returns true when given rank is capable of console commands - IsFlagged: returns true when this user is flagged (ban/kick perhaps?) - IsSafe: returns true when this user is safelisted - GetRankAlias: returns the ranks alternative name or letter - GetRankInherits: returns a list of ranks the given rank inherits - GetRankLevel: returns the ranks 'plugin level' field - GetRankManages: returns a list of ranks the given rank can manage File IO (FileSystemObject exposed items): - AppendFile: open file for appending and return textstream object - CopyFile: copy a file - CopyFolder: copy a folder - CreateFile: create a file - CreateFolder: create a folder - DeleteFile: delete a file - DeleteFolder: delete a folder - GetFile: get a file object - GetFolder: get a folder object - FileExists: check if file exists - FolderExists: check if folder exists - MoveFile: move file elsewhere - MoveFolder: move folder elsewhere - ReadFile: open file for reading and return textstream object - WriteFile: open file for writing and return textstream object Timers: - AddTimer: add a timer to execute at given interval - CallTimer: execute a timer's callback procedure - DeleteTimer: delete a timer - EditTimer: change timer settings - StartTimer: start a stopped timer - StopTimer: stop a running timer - TimerEnabled: true when timer is enabled - TimerExists: true when timer is created - TimerInterval: return timer's interval - Fixed problems in FlagUpdate - Fixed problems in UserLeave - Moved Clan Tag to its own column (thanks MikeA) - Removed Abbreviations from Options form thus fixing the error - Scripts no longer receive filtered messages/events (stability issue) - Smart Filtering is now disengaged sooner (thanks Desu) - Updated Theme Studio --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.9.1600 (BETA #26) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added <clan> tag to right of users in user list to show which WarCraft 3 clan they belong to - Added ability to hide clan 'tags' in channel list - Added ability to hide realm tags in channel list - Added new functions to ScriptSupportClass (SSC) - GetClanRank: return YOUR clan rank - GetClanTag: return YOUR clan tag - GetMember: return clan member object - GetMemberByIndex: return clan member object - GetMemberCount: return count of users in clan - GetMemberRank: return cached member rank - GetMemberOnline: return cached member online status - GetMemberLocation: return cached member location - GetUser: return user object (more details coming) - GetUserByIndex: return user object - GetUserCount: return count of users in channel - GetUserFlags: return cached flags of user or -2 - GetUserPing: return cached ping of user or -2 - GetUserRank: return users rank or nullstring - IsClanned: returns true when you are the member of a clan - IsOnline: returns true when you are connected to Battle.Net - IsOps: returns true when you are an operator - Fixed a bug that was only showing a users clan if you are a member of it in the tooltip for user list - Fixed a bug that was stopping 3 character clan names from being shown - Fixed a few potential problems with right click options in user list - Fixed the problems with the queue being reset to values of 0 - Increased minimum/maximum/default listwidth in main form --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.9.1599 (BETA #25) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added Scripting to MirageBot - Supports both VBScript and JScript - Scripts go in AppDataScripts with .vbs extension for VBScript files and .js extension for JScript files - Scripts are currently <ALWAYS LOADED> from this directory for each bot this will probably change in the future. - Character list now shows icons - Create character will now show class icon - Fixed a problem with Theme Manifestation... - Fixed a problem with kick problem - Fixed a problem with the AddChat routine that caused text to turn gray when text was selected and a new line was appended. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.9.1591 (BETA #24) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Fixed an annoyance with /reply command - Fixed a bug in WhisperFrom - Fixed a bug in TicTacToe - Fixed a bug in SendRealmPacket function - Fixed a Diablo II games bug - Fixed load all bug - WarCraft III game listing should now work --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.9.1590 (BETA #23) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added /games command to get a list of games for SC/W2/D2(Realm) - Added /focus command (thanks MikeA) - Added menu 'Open Log...' to Profile menu (thanks MikeA) - Added ReadSetting/WriteSetting to plugin interface - Command /reply (or /re) will now show which user is to be whispered to on first [Enter] key press (thanks MikeA) - Fixed Chat Focus Problem (thanks MikeA) - Fixed Diablo II Greets - Fixed problem with flood filtering when you join the channel - Fixed rename profile (MIGHT HAVE BUGS STILL) - Flood/user/message filtering now applies to Emote and Whisper messages - Implemented new method of chat clearing (thanks enivid) - Made command bar auto complete - Media Plugin has new command 'songchange on/off' which will send the new song when you issue next/previous commands when ON - Media Plugin now saves the last used player using the ReadSetting/ WriteSetting implementation (won't work on older versions of MirageBot) - Removed lots of dead - Renamed Launch to Explore... - Restored ability to edit ranks from main form 'Customize -> Change Ranks' - Restored ability to hide the text editor 'Window -> Hide Editor' (thanks MikeA) - Show True Username in Parenthesis to differentiate tagged users (thanks MikeA) - Updated Ranks.ini file to reflect changes to command-base --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.9.1580 (BETA #22) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - About form will now unload when clicked ANYWHERE - Added ability to greet users - Fixed kick message, there was problem with reason for kick - Lightened idle users in channel - Made Media plugin more friendly, should control foobar now --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.9.1575 (BETA #21) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added 'Whispers in Chat' to Filter menu to hide whispers in chat window - Command bar is no longer auto-cleared this makes more sense as users could use this for whispering or prefixing multiple messages. To clear press Shift+Del or select 'Clear Command' from Window menu. - Fixed 'Channels' Path Not Found error - Fixed whisper option in user list - Icon-sets are now applied to ALL lists instead of just the channel - Made Error menu less bulky and now disappears once errors are reviewed - Many forms were made 'Modal' so that they could be centred in middle of main form for ease of use. - New Channel/Favorite Icon - New Mouse Commands: - 'Users' -> MiddleClick will now Whisper selected user - 'Friends' -> MiddleClick will now remove selected friend - 'Favorites' -> MiddleClick will now remove selected favorite - 'Whispers' -> MiddleClick will remove selected user, right click brings up menu - Removed Encryption 'AlwaysOn' feature, can be achieved by selecting /encrypt from Command Combo instead. - Removed option to turn off editing panel - Replaced '24h+ms timestamps' with 'Precise Timestamp' - Updated System Plugin to work with this release - Whisper List/Chat now replaces Whisper Panel/Whispers (select from List- drop-down) - Whisper Panel + Whisper Windows removed --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.9.1560 (BETA #20) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added 'Favorites' List (server specific list of your channels) - Added 'Follow' feature to Friends List - Auto-complete added to 'Add User To Database' combo box - Fixed 'null' database entry problem - Fixed accept/decline problem (Ranks file changed) - Fixed friend counter in main window - Fixed a few problems in configuration form - Introduced 3-tier idle darkening - Grey (5 minutes) - Dark Grey (10 minutes) - Almost Black (15 minutes+) - Removed 'Plugged' and 'Idle' colors from Theme - Removed 'Plugged' from User Statue label - Tweaked a few GUI related settings - Updated Media Plugin to work with this release --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.8.1555 (BETA #19) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added right click menu to friends list - Fixed disband clan unloading problem - Fixed leave clan unloading problem - Fixed 'Get Help' button in Create Clan form - Integrated Create Clan button in Main Form --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.8.1530 (BETA #18) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added ability to add/remove database members via right click menu in channel list. - Binded channels list to main form instead of floating window - Binded clan member list to main form instead of floating window - Binded friends list to main form instead of floating window - User list is now shown when you join a channel - Fixed autoconnect option - Fixed banned error in ReceiveChatEvent - Fixed bnls hashing related annoyance in configuration - Fixed whisper panel bug (thanks Clinton) - Many other improvements --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.8.1520 (BETA #17) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Corrected BETA version increment - Fixed Configuration fields staying the same for new profile or profiles which have not been saved yet - Fixed Help -> Commands (now shows /commands list) - Fixed Windows Theme color problems (particularly dark themes) - Moved Database to Configuration Form - New Configuration Form (once again) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.7.1515 (BETA #16) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Auto-update check has undergone some changes: - BETA versions are now disabled if their version is out-of-date and users are forced to download new version from BnetDev. I have decided this is a good idea in relation to BETA versions because they are merely test versions before a 'true' release and should be treated as such. - Installed versions will no longer download the newest version instead it navigates to BnetDev this is due to the fact that newer versions will probably be attached to posts so that users can download older versions (no longer forced). - Portable versions are now also recognized and a message will ask the user if they want to download the newest version (not forced) - Fixed DDP problem (hopefully) - Fixed LockDown command (previously disabled) - Fixed Ranks.ini file - Added lockdown command to operator rank - Fixed problem with operator rank - Fixed problem with newbie rank - Fixed problem with banned rank (now allows wildcards) - Fixed problem with kicked rank (now allows wildcards) - Updated /commands list - Updated command combo list --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.7.1510 (BETA #15) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - DDP Error Better Handled so I can fix the error in future (PLEASE TRY) - Fixed Command Combo being shown when no profiles are loaded - Fixed Configuration.BuildProfileList Error - Fixed Configuration.SelectFirstProfile Error - Fixed Icons selection problem - Fixed RepeatBan Always On Problem - Fixed W2BN icon for Modern set - Rank Editor modified to be more logical --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.7.1500 (BETA #14) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - ExposedCore has been updated to reflect changes made to the MirageBot PluginCore -------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- !!! IMPORTANT PLUGINS WILL NOT WORK UNLESS THE MODEXPOSEDCORE MODULE IS UPDATED !!! Many functions within the PluginCore have been renamed so they match this module and are easier to type/remember. ---------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- - New functions added to reflect changes in PluginCore - Function GetForm() As Object > Return main form object - Function GetControl(Index As Integer, ID As Integer, Optional ByRef Success As Boolean) As Object > Return a specific control on the main form - Function GetOptions() As Object > Return 'Options Object' (See GetOptions for more info) - Function GetBots(Optional ByRef Success As Boolean) As Object() > Success returns False if no bots are loaded > Function returns a list of 'Bot Objects' that are loaded - Function GetUser(Index As Integer, Username As String, Optional ByRef Success As Boolean) As Object > Success returns True if user is found > Function returns a 'User Object' containing information about the user (see GetUser below) - Function GetUsers(Index As Integer, Optional ByRef Success As Boolean) As Object() > Success returns True if users are in channel > Function returns a list of 'User Objects' containing information about users in the channel (see GetUser below) - Function LoadProfile(ProfileName As String) As Integer > Returns 0 for success, -1 when already loaded, -2 when profile doesn't exist - Function UnloadProfile(ProfileName As String) As Integer > Returns 0 for success, -1 when hidden, -2 when not loaded - Function HideProfile(ProfileName As String) As Integer > Returns 0 for success, -1 when already hidden, -2 when not loaded - Function UnhideProfile(ProfileName As String) As Integer > Returns 0 for success, -1 when not hidden, -2 when not loaded - Sub FormatTick(TickCount As Double, ByRef w As Long, ByRef d As Long, ByRef h As Long, ByRef m As Long, ByRef s As Long) > Returns readable value in TickCount: w - weeks, d - days, h - hours, m - minutes, s - seconds ----------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ - Altered functions to improve stability - Fixed IsOnline function - Renamed GetUserRank to GetRank for easier usage - Renamed IsValidRank to IsRank for easier usage - Removed GetLoadedProfiles() (See GetBots() for replacement) - Removed Get*/Set* functions related to Configuration (See GetConfig() instead) - Updated GetBot function to handle errors and return Success ----------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ - Added comments to all routines within this module so that developers can better understand the inner workings of the functions better. - Fixed formatting of to be more readable ---------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------- - Added ability to switch between Avatar, Classic, and Modern icons - Added new command selection feature - Changed layout of main form so that the user list has more room - Cleaned up Tab Icons a little bit :-) - Fixed chat text box being highlighted due to SetFocus - Fixed problem with Edit Groups not being available if there are no groups (see Right Click menu for Channel List) - Fixed repeatban being always on (unconfirmed) - Fixed setpassword, setnewpassword, and setserver problems (was changing username instead) - Fixed unban command problem - Improved Text Editing Bar - Options Form Removed (See: New 'View' Menu Options) - Removed GetProfilePath, GetProfileName, FormatTickShort, FormatTickLong from PluginCore - Removed TrayPassword option since there is already a MasterPassword to protect the bot from being closed. - Revised Media Plugin to work with the new Plugin Structure - Updated ErrorHandler routine to be more readable - Updated Theme slightly --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.7.1459 (BETA #13) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - New Media Plugin - Ranks now includes another field "Plugin Level" so that developers can define 3 levels of access (Low, Medium, High) so that specific commands are only available to the defined ranks. - Ranks no longer defines commands or 'custom ranks' for plugins. - Redesigned plugins slightly to make developing plugins much easier - Updated Ranks.ini file to reflect changes --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.7.1450 (BETA #12) Critical Update --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added Hide All feature to hide all profiles - Fixed Icon on Configuration form - Improved loading speed 300% -- most noticable on older systems - Removed a lot of dead and performed some optimizing - Removed error handling form, instead a menu will be displayed which links to the error-log file. - Rewrote Configuration form -- should be faster --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.7.1445 (BETA #11) Critical Update --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Fixed plugin support --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.7.1444 (BETA #10) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added ability to customize BNLS server list - Added Auto-Hide option to Profile -> Preferences - Completely redesigned main menus - Channels menu being redone * New structure will be server specific - as a result parts of Channels menu are disabled - File -> Channels menu moved to Channels -> Favorites - File -> Groups menu moved to Right Click Menu - Fixed ChatEvent error (related to Plugins) - Fixed IdleDim always being activated - Fixed new profile with D2 not showing idle users right - Fixed LoadProfile error (related to Plugins) - Fixed W3XP icon in Configuration -> Profile List - New Hotkey: Ctrl+Left previous profile - New Hotkey: Ctrl+Right next profile - Profiles menu redesigned - Removed iconset feature for redesigning - Removed plugins menu (see Profile -> Configuration -> Plugins) - Removed favorites bar (too bulky) - Removed cdkey editor form (now shown in Configuration) - Removed proxy editor form (now shown in Configuration) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.7. 1400 (BETA #9) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Exported Fonts to its own form (File -> Fonts) - Exported Groups to its own form (File -> Groups) - Modified Themes form - Possibly fixed database * problem - Redesigned/renamed preferences form (File -> Options) - Redesigned profile configuration form - Removed icon selection temporarily - Removed static queue option --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.7.1393 (BETA # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Always Loaded + Connected profiles are now gradually connected at startup - Changed some hotkeys to fix Ctrl+E problem - Delayed Connect All to reduce possibility of IP bans - Fixed problem with RepeatBan always being on - Lightened Offline Friend color in Friends List - Modified clan creation structure and form - Modified theme selection form --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.7.1389 (BETA #7) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Chat window clear threshold decreased to 50,000 char! - Clan creation errors are now shown as messages instead of in chat window - Clan creation form now selects first 9 users by default - Clan creation revised to be more user friendly - Clan invitation forms replaced with simple /accept or /decline commands which can be used to accept multiple requests using the // prefix. - Edit channels back under File menu - Profile configuration form modified greatly! - Ranks file changed to fix banned/kicked groups! - Ranks file changed to reflect changes to command-base. - Removed traces of realm login options --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Note: RENAME still causes problems, and has been disabled for your sanity :-) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.7.1385 (BETA #6) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Included some plugins for BETA testing: - Commands - HostInfo - ClientBan - Improved layout of main form menu structure -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.7.1383 (BETA #5) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Fixed problem that disabled plugins due to versioning issue - Fixed problem with loading sequence - Fixed problem with text editing bar border being displayed - Revised SendPacket routine for plugin --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.7.1379 (BETA #4) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added edit menu - Added moderation options to Profile Configuration once more - Added RepeatBan (use .repeatban/rp [on/off] command to activate) - Added spacing between icons preview in Preferences form - Emoticon-set selection moved to text editor bar - Fixed a bug to do with LoadChannels in Profile Configuration - Lookup command renamed to Find (no alias) - Modified iconset structure - Modified Options Section of Profile Configuration Form - Modified Preferences Form Immensely - Modified text editor bar - Removed emoticon selection from preferences (now in Text Editor Bar) - Removed file menu - Renamed MinuteBan to TimeBan - Spaced out text editor bar from send box - Theme selection moved to Change Theme form - Updated Ranks.ini to reflect changes --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.6.1349 (BETA #3) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Fixed Channel Menu Error - Improved Plugin Support (GetChatTime, GetChatTimeColor, GetMainForm) - Moved Channel Editor to Profile Configuration for easier editing - Removed AddChat from Plugin Support (See ExampleCommand for AddChat routine) - Removed Ban List (type /bans to list, /clearbans to clear) - Removed Realm Support (possible via a plugin) - Simplified About Form - Simplified TicTacToe Form --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.6.1331 (BETA #2) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Improved Bot.ReceiveMemberRankChange Error Handling - Improved Bot.ReceiveMemberStatusChange Error Handling - Improved PluginInterface.AddChat Error Handling - Improved Bot.MinuteBanTimer Error Handling - Possibly Fixed Bot.MinuteBanTimer Error - Possibly Fixed Bot.ReceiveMemberRankChange Error - Possibly Fixed Bot.ReceiveMemberStatusChange Error - Removed Decensoring Feature (operationally useless) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.6.1323 (BETA #1) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added following commands in place of enable/disable commands: - dodgeban, floodban, hashban, loadban, nextban, randomban, safeunban, smartban - Added commands for filtering users and messages: - /addfilter [u/M] [user/Message] - /removefilter [u/M] [user/Message] - /filters - Added commands for tagging users and channels: - /addtag [u/C] [user/Channel] -> [Tag] - /removetag [u/C] [user/Channel] - /tags - Added Dynamic Profile to replace Profile Music - See Preferences -> Profiling to define profile for all bots - Enable Dynamic Profile in Profile Configuration -> Options - Added Invite to Clan List - Fixed Ctrl+A in Send ComboBox + TextBox - Fixed problem with error handling - Moved Options Children to Profile Menu - Might have BROKEN realm login (PLEASE TEST!!!) - Refined BNCS control - Removed following functions because they can be achieved using plugins: - clanban, clientban, ipban, phraseban, pingban, plugban, recordban, pointban - Rewrote Filters (not compatable with old filters, sorry) - Rewrote Tags (not compatable with old tags, sorry) Additional Themes, Styles, and Plugins can be downloaded from here: Extensions - Battle.Net Development Network Click here to download this file
  10. TheRing

    Starcraft 2

  11. TheRing

    I figured this would be the proper place

    It's done more often through social manipulation, but yes, there are programs that you can use to obtain passwords whether by brute force or other methods.
  12. TheRing

    Please help me here.

  13. TheRing


    Agreed. If this was an April Fools joke, why did it happen so late, and why wasn't Deg in on it? Wouldn't he have been unbanned? Why did it take them so long to tell ppl that it was a joke? Every other April Fool's joke I've ever heard about was revealed the next day. Why were the moderators so quick to jump on all threads even mentioning the whole thing when they would've wanted it to spread? Why would Jackie post to the general public not giving a reason before the real reason was leaked if it was an April Fools joke? The whole thing's a cover up.
  14. TheRing

    Ping spoofer?

    I've seen it done before in hacks as well, if you look through some of the old downloads u may be able to find an author who's willing to update one of their hacks.
  15. TheRing


    Way to go XGhozt! :P