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  1. Hello....nice to meet you here, I am Miss Juliet, I wish we can move on to know each other send me an email at ([email protected]) if only only you care, for me to send to you my photos, and tell you more about myself .



  2. Ganta

    A Hack To Hide Your Ip Address

    A. no B. Blizz dont give a flying shit unless you hack a offical turny C. it would suck more if ur cd key got banned then your ip....
  3. Ganta

    Guys, Post.

    u mean on GC or in the ally late at night o.o j/p lol
  4. Ganta

    My Confession/apology

    you should play, it's realy fun when u get deep into it.
  5. Ganta


    nice siggy+ avatar, if u havn't already join the army system+arcade and look into gettin a vip account
  6. Ganta

    Guys, Post.

    the wootzoreness!
  7. Ganta

    Iraqi Love

    they do wierder stuff then that in iraq.
  8. Ganta

    Hi There

  9. Ganta

    Hi There

    Hey both of you, Welcome to Ghoztcraft. I'm Ganta(America's Army Mod) check out the army system and the arcade they are totaly awsome. Look into gettin a vip account for 15 USD the money goes to make this site as awsome as it is.
  10. Ganta

    Newbee Alert

    Check out the army system and the arcade they are both very well put together and fun. Look into gettin a Vip account it's only 15USD
  11. Ganta

    Yo Everyone

    Yes, get in the army system the more ppl we have in it the better. Look into getting a Vip account as well it's only 15 dollars and most ppl(me) will buy 1 for you if your kool. Also the arcade is totaly awsome check it out!
  12. Ganta

    We Have A Winner! To My Contest.

    lol damn i was way off.
  13. Ganta

    We Have A Winner! To My Contest.

    10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54
  14. Ganta

    Reply To This For Help

    eh, i may be some good in this matter
  15. Ganta

    Why Do We All Play Starcraft?

    I play for the money, some of the UMS maps are played for money. I.E. the cat and mouse maps(only like 1 or 2) but i play the best map ever....Diplomacy Gold 7.7 Offical! I won a lil less then 500 in a tunry once but thats the biggest pot i've seen. Anyway after being at basic im no where near a fast as i once was but i'd like to get back into it.