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  1. New games to revamp the community?

    I don't play enough games anymore. No time! I'm occasionally on CS:GO if anyone wanted to play. Add me on Steam: divinelogic
  2. Happy Holidays from Ghoztcraft!

    Sup guys! Shit, I joined this site when I was like 13 or something. I should graduate with a computer science degree this spring. Good times on this site. Definitely miss the army system and the arcade lol. -Zander Edit, my chocolate rain avatar is gone D:
  3. Web Logo

    That link is just and Index Of/ page
  4. The Penis Game

    When a Man Loves a Penis (Woman)
  5. Hey...

    Hella bumping my first topic for the lols/nostalgia Is the arcade still up?
  6. my new personal sig

    Very nice, blends really well.
  7. Free Starcraft Cd Keys

    lololololololololollloloolololloolololollololoololololollololololol why do people even bother with this thread anymore
  8. SOTW #22

    Go get mine from the old sc2 sotw lol...
  9. Word link

  10. Happy Birthday Chris

    I live in Fresno and didn't even hear about that... Happy Birthday ghozt
  11. BlizzCon Updates

    Yeah BlizzCon was awesome, I just wish less people went, it was a clusterfuck. I hope I get a D3 Beta key :spiteful:
  12. Clan WeRRa Disbands

    lol, that is the perfect representation
  13. Clan WeRRa Disbands

    Thats nasty.
  14. The Old Spice Guy

    That was hilarious. His voice, almost makes me want to go gay... almost.
  15. I need a graphics card

    Take a look at the NVidia GTX Series I have a GTX 260 OC from BFG Tech Handles all ultra no problem at all.