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  1. BroodwarThreat

    Need Help With Stealthbot

    I don't know if anyone is actually into programming battle.net chat client emulators, but back in the day I programmed quite a few. I have released several projects and their source code at www.rafm.org - these provide a good example of Win32 programming, as well as battle.net client emulation. :-)
  2. BroodwarThreat

    [1.13f] Rave.dll

    Very sweet. hehe. :-P
  3. BroodwarThreat

    Need Help!! C++

    C++ is confusing up to a certain point. once you reach that point, C++ becomes more or less a second language. the difficulty then only depends on how well you learned the basics, and how well you can adapt to new concepts.
  4. BroodwarThreat

    Ways To Become A V.i.p

    Make me VIP. :-)