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  1. Pete_Zahut

    Ghoztcraft Turns Three!

  2. Pete_Zahut

    10,000 Post Contest

    i remember there being more then 360 posts
  3. Pete_Zahut

    Starcraft crashes randomly...

    why would you load so many damn hacks at once.........
  4. Pete_Zahut

    Halo 3

    by the time halo 3 comes out 360 is gonna be cheaper
  5. Pete_Zahut

    1000 Post Contest

    US Servers > Asia server
  6. Pete_Zahut

    [New Skin] Simple Skin

    I like it its...simple
  7. Pete_Zahut

    1000 Post Contest

    spam magnet
  8. Pete_Zahut

    The NeverEndingStory Part2!

    Pete tackles Kenshyn and beats Kenshyn's face in
  9. Pete_Zahut

    Halo 3

    Halo 3 gonna be > all games for a while
  10. Pete_Zahut

    1000 Post Contest

    There was a first one?
  11. Pete_Zahut

    Vista Theme For BBLean

    heres the link to the download http://www.Ghoztcraft.net/Uploader/files/4...sta%20Theme.rar sorry it took a long time
  12. Pete_Zahut

    Vista Theme For BBLean

    woot i jus finished it a couple days ago, PM me for the file if you want it and only if you use bblean
  13. Pete_Zahut

    Help me plz

    1) replace your battery or 2) your laptop sucks get a new one
  14. Pete_Zahut

    What are your computer specs?

    amd fx-60 2 7900 gtx xxx 1 gig of ram CM wavemaster case asus a8n-sli deluxe 200 gig hdd