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  1. Hello....nice to meet you here, I am Miss Juliet, I wish we can move on to know each other send me an email at ([email protected]) if only only you care, for me to send to you my photos, and tell you more about myself .



  2. Lost

    StarCraft 2 Hack Programmers Sued

    Takes one to know one
  3. Lost

    Where'd You Hear About Us?

    I found out about this site back in 2005 when this site was very primitive, I think I heared about it from bwhacks or zerogamers possibly.
  4. Lost

    Undetected ICCUP MapHack

    I'll bet this is just going to be a repeat of agentgods iccup hack
  5. Lost

    Starcraft Patch 1.15.3

    there was so much they could have patched... like the zerg mineral hack... WHY BLIZZARD WHY?!?!? anyway, i am glad they patched but i am not satisfied with the changes they made... i mean come on... zerg mineral hack nuke hack rally hack drop hack just to name a few~ you know they will be back within a few days... at least in private versions
  6. I was playing a starcraft game earlier today, and suddenly I hear this loud POP from the tower and something flys out and hits my leg... I look down and I see that it was a peice of my broodwar disk that had flung out of the CD drive and had broken the plastic case of where the drive opens in the process. I took out the CD drive, unscrewed it and the disk was totally shattered. luckly the cd drive still works! however I am in need of the install.exe to make starcraft work again. If someone could possibly give me a link or something to download the install.exe that would help me out alot. please help if you can. thanks I have not heared of such a thing happening before... CDs exploding? Has this happened before?
  7. Lost

    Supreme Court Overturns Gay Marriage Ban

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i just saw this on the news too... WTF is going on........
  8. Lost


    SC2 FTW!
  9. Lost

    Hosting Issues

    open port 6112 on your router.
  10. Lost

    Zerg Ultralisk - Pic and Beta info

    wtf? where is that from?
  11. Lost

    Everyone Force A New Patch

    make a hack like the worker morph hack that made them into mutas... you will have a new patch within days :)
  12. Lost

    Looking For SC Downgrader

    o yea i tried that one, and it does only go to patch 1.14... it also installed penguin plug i guess, cause it magicly appeared in my sc directory lol. i just re-installed afterwards. It would be nice to find one which does include patch 1.15.1... and doesnt install penguin plug without telling me.
  13. Lost

    Looking For SC Downgrader

    Are there any which include the current patch though?
  14. Lost

    Looking For SC Downgrader

    I'm looking for a starcraft downgrading program where i can downgrade to a previous version of starcraft, and then upgrade again when i am done. I know there is a program out there, i used to have it but i lost it awhile back... Its primary function is to play Customs and mods. If you have it please give me a copy thanks!
  15. Lost

    StarCraft Beta

    Ive done a little more searching on the internet and ive found this http://sc.gosugamers.net/features.php?i=a&id=2198 http://www.sclegacy.com/showthread.php?t=2670 a few months ago this guy made a program that would allow you to play starcraft beta on normal battle.net! ive looked and looked but the only place to download it was www.energydll.com which is no longer there. apparently www.energydll.com was the main website for this project aswell... We'll need to find someone who still has this program (MasterX?)