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  1. Virtus

    SN stolen

    sorry, it was AIM, she got her SN back somehow, thanks anyway
  2. Virtus

    SN stolen

    Hey guys, been away for a awhile, will be back ASAP anyway my friend's SN has been stolen: coldkate I tried getting the IP address but they wouldn't connect to me I either want thier IP or a way to change the PW Could I have some assistance please, it would be greatly appreciated, $10 reward for the IP address
  3. Virtus

    free server?

    Was wondering if anyone had a free server Me and some friends could use. We are wanting to dabble in the world of MMOs but, don't have a server. does anyone have a server that runs XP has 2.0+ Ghz and at least 2Gig mem that we could use? Many thanks
  4. Virtus

    free sheet music

    anyone know where i can get free piano sheet music? Billy joel lullabye (good night my angel) and Madonna "I'll remember" k thx boi
  5. Virtus

    10,000 Post Contest

    *hangs up a giant poster showing 2 guys beating up a wombat*
  6. Virtus

    10,000 Post Contest

    fish lays down the law :fuk: :neo: :verymad: :paladin: :butcher:
  7. Virtus

    This Or That?

    green, if it is a bright green cow or donkey
  8. Virtus

    10,000 Post Contest

    likes to watch slinkies go down stairs
  9. Virtus

    The Make a wish Game.

    wish granted, however those places get really warm, soon things get sticky, cept for the fat Swedish kid, he got out fine I was box ball was the national past time
  10. Virtus

    5 word story

    it was soo smelly that
  11. Virtus

    The <v> Game

    ^ is a fucking moron to think it wouldn't be me posting and is wrong < is 20 V has never done the safety dance
  12. Virtus

    Like it, Hate it, Haven't Tried it!

    love crapes
  13. Virtus

    Weirdest Question Ever

    Everyone has diffrent tastes. Some ppl like huge asses, others like flat ones. Some like ones that stick out, others don't. As for me, I like neither, a like your normal ass that is "normal" looking. However, I am not an ass guy, I'm a face guy.
  14. Virtus

    The <v> Game

    ^ corrent < Is me V is that dude