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  1. Happy Easter everyone!

    Happy Belated Easter.
  2. Happy Birthday XGhozt!

    Happy belated birthday Ghozt
  3. Guess Who Posts Next

    Nope Timmy1
  4. Guess Who Posts Next

    Nope Timmy1
  5. Milestone

    Arrow looks like its pointing at the 666th post he made.
  6. Guess Who Posts Next

    A member from way back when GC first started I'm originally from GT (BWH) oruchiha
  7. Guess Who Posts Next

    Betcha never saw this one coming did ya ;) I don't know much of you people here anymore so I'm just gonna say oruchiha since hes online at the moment..
  8. Design the Ghoztcraft t-Shirt

    It's the Will Riker facepalm.
  9. What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar?

    What wouldn't I do for a klondike bar?
  10. Where'd You Hear About Us?

    Heard about this site back in the BWH days when ghozt first started it, and GHUR. What ever happened to that?
  11. SOTW 23 Voting thread

    I'll be in on the next SOTW. :)
  12. Hobbies.

    Gaming, Graphic Art., Drugs. Is it bad my hobies take up 80% of my day?
  13. Not new but I'm back :O

    Been pretty damn good. Got bored one day and decided to check back in and found this place was still alive. Glad to see that.
  14. New Siggy

    Was watching The Smurfs and decided to make this. C&C
  15. Not new but I'm back :O

    Well I gotta get a admin to merge accounts I forgot I had this one. =\