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  1. Solarton

    Minimum Requirement: 1 GB RAM - WTF?

    lol that would mean that i have to get a whole new motherboard... i think blizzard made a deal with intel XD
  2. Solarton

    Cansuckmyballs.com :d

    because my idiot parents fucked up 5 copies of wc3 on me and lost 4 copies of starcraft, i havent been on the comp as much... or gc solely because my router wont let me dl porn and websurf at the same time, this is my dads fault, hes a moron :D, anyway since im just so fucking bored i decided to start a blog on www.cansuckmyballs.com, its a ranting blog for anything you hate... such as... WoW, Runescape, scene-kids, your ex-girlfriend or whatever. i thought i might as well do some ad-spam on the spam board weee... anyway i have a blog called emos.cansuckmyballs.com :D i just hate emo kids... SO MUCH i had to blog about it...
  3. Solarton

    Ghetto Handbook

    i wonder if thats on ares... rofl i didnt know pigs could read teh getto sp33ch... omg im so 1337 LOL
  4. Solarton

    Summer Over and School Beginning

    one thing to say... 4 days... anyone got a razorblade or know where to get one? i cant seem to find any kenshyn what you say at the bottom of your sig breaks my heart... again!
  5. Solarton

    SC 2 and hacks

    WARNING: The above poster lacks the skills and brainpower nessicary to own a h4x0r.
  6. Solarton

    wc3x cd crack...

    my cd is scratched to hell and i need the crack so i can play it either that or a new cd XD please help
  7. Solarton

    I'm REALLY bored!

    okay since ive been pulling all nighters and this time i just stayed up to monitor my music downloads i got a totally brilliant idea! why not look up ways to kill yourself? so does anyone have any interesting ways to commit suicide? oh and since i can predict the fucking futre and i KNOW atlest 5 of you are gonna tell me to either A.get help B.religion or C.call me emo.... shut the fuck up this isnt about a cry for help im not weak so i done need help or religion and im not an emo :sick: so that means YOU mr.winky i KNOW your gonna say something about this and all the little bitchy retards that seem to LOVE flaming people that arent even talking about them please go die in a fire... christ... so since that has been said just post what you have to say
  8. Dude, get back here :(

  9. Solarton

    Girl Dancing to Daft Punk

    but the title says "girl dancing to daft punk" so wouldnt that make it about the girl and the music? i swear shes anorixic... and cute? if you think skinny tiny petite omg you sick bastard... you like pathetic women that are weird looking and have low self esteem!
  10. Solarton


    pedo is child porn incase you didnt already know... me and bounder are good like that :)
  11. Solarton


    rofl dude be careful... some retard might report you to the fbi but i never got caught on limewire did i? XD fucking pedo bear is lame... rofl its been done 100 times by his predicessors
  12. Solarton

    Anonymous on fox 11

    lmao... "i had 7 passwords, they got all of them" uuum... keylogger you dumb fuck? rofl... his girlfriend left him... wtf would she think that he was cheating on her with other guys because gay porn showed up on his myspace? lol stupoid bitches...
  13. Solarton

    WTF hahahah most funnest shit

    LOLOMGWTF!!!111oneoneone thats exactly what went through my head when i watched this... am i the only one thats getting tired of these anime love tributes? its IRRATATING even though they go on in my head all the time between random people i see on the internet :)
  14. Solarton

    Girl Dancing to Daft Punk

    that video was actually pretty creepy.
  15. Solarton

    To Magic Bitch

    WOOT i killed another thread! you guys have gone so far off topic with the stupidest crap it might as well be dead...