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  1. Div

    Anyone here lift weights?

    I fought TKD pro for a few years, and I've been training in MMA since I stopped TKD, hoping to fight in the UFC after I graduate. I started working out with the powerlifting team at my university and they've given some pretty good insight into these matters. When it comes to the protein, I'm not sure why you don't take any, as far as I know there are no side effects, and being able to say "I got here without protein" isn't prestigious, it's slowing you. On the matter of strength plateaus, you might need to consider varying up your routine, switching out exercises, or changing the matter in which you do them, your muscles will only grow if they feel they need to, and if you can perform your workouts regularly then they aren't going to get that feeling. I don't live anywhere near you so I can't recommend any gyms, but I'd appreciate it if you'd refrain from dissing karate, kumite sparring is much harder than mma, and if you ever even witnessed a sabaki you would think much higher of the champion of that tournament than of Bas Rutten.
  2. Div

    The best night of my life.

    I thought prom was the greatest night ever too. Then day 1 of college came.
  3. Div


    I don't know who you are, but you're fucking weird.
  4. Div

    Zeratul background - green

    more green.
  5. Div

    Desktop Background - Starcraft Zealot

    It needs way more contrast.
  6. Div

    *New* Ghoztcraft.net promo

    splatter brushes with a moon on top. you're better than this.
  7. Div

    S O T W #14

    Zar's tag is simply amazing, the sense of depth, the composition, the elements, all are grade A man. Very well done. Zar gmv.
  8. Div

    New Sig Aston Martin Vanquish S

    v10 with more contrast would be the best of those, but i suggest moving the render in front of the effects
  9. Div

    New sig

    good god you sound more elitist than I used to.
  10. Div


    im pretty sure The Gladiator is like the definition of epic, if not epicwin.
  11. Div

    Voting S O T W #12

    best respect my rules.
  12. Div

    Voting S O T W #12

    i voted for mb. i regret it, because... i hate you.
  13. Div

    S O T W #12

  14. Div

    simple alba sig