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  1. lordofwar

    Someone blast this faggot!

    well hes from spokane washington. heres pic of his place. bomb it rape his mom and leave happpy. but cant do anything with a ip when hes acctually not on it. to hard. gfhd.bmp
  2. lordofwar

    Someone wouldn't mind helping, right?

    It is something you will never get over until you replace that feeling with anything else. You start thinking bout them, do something else, anything. Try not to think about it.( if you two arent togather than it WILL be easier.) do everything possible or any one. It will help and get better but the more you ask ppl and worry about it the easier it is to get down about it. Just cause you care doesnt mean they will ever care. Good luck with you mission in life. This is part of it!! I hope you can get through it.
  3. lordofwar


    ??yeah once??
  4. lordofwar


    wow just noticed she has some talent. look at the pictures... in two of them shes holding a beer with no hands !!!!!! :wasntme:
  5. lordofwar


    AHH.. they cant be to mad if they posted it on a public forum and forum members from both forums just happen to talk about it.... thats why they posted it. surely. she wants attention. and everyone gave in and now admins banned....simple.
  6. lordofwar

    sniper versus tank

    :thumbsup: :haha: grown ups can still enjoy a funny clip....i did some research and this guy live only with in inches of his life. the only thing missing is his hair from that fucking tank shell........headshot......... come on ppl we come here to be able to giggle at these little things so we dont have to be so GROWN UP..
  7. lordofwar

    sniper versus tank

    war is just war. people die on both sides. dont you think they laugh when they see shit like this happening to us. huh. i thought it was funny as hell. if he didnt die i bet he wished he would have....(notice no sensitivity towards the subject.)
  8. lordofwar


    i was just looking around on line for some grow lights and my shit froze solid. i stood up and smacked my computer. then it was just some lame ass update. but i thought i might as well shat on the keyboard at that moment.
  9. lordofwar


    Alot of people still dont think its real.. ah i dont know either but i would like to see the reaction of the ppl that get it.
  10. lordofwar

    Starcraft new unit

    i disagree i think it would have to be really overpowering expcially from the clips. plus it still looks like a fcking power ranger zoid or what the hell they call it. seriously gotta be a joke. that shit just isnt starcraft
  11. lordofwar

    Starcraft new unit

    Ahhh i think it looks like a overpowered power ranger!!! kinda dull and out of the realm if you ask me. but if so i prob would play more terrian..
  12. lordofwar

    Base sheild and cloak

    tried to add a becon of some sort or area where certain troop has to go and have it cloak. kinda like lights on stack games. not advising but you cant read how ppl wrote games. this may help if you had an idea and you think you could make it work. ill try some things also now that my intrests are peaked. gl
  13. lordofwar


    lol. just wait. it will be spread like sexbots on aol 3.0 unstoppable.
  14. lordofwar

    Starcraft No-cd Crack

    link removed??
  15. lordofwar

    Base sheild and cloak

    i second this. this topic went from cloaking a base to what the fck ever is going on now. and telcar i was talking earlier about you saying you found this website that had a hack to control 255 units and then you posted a link to this very site!!wtf. but believe me when i say just try every thing if this is what you want its not impossible. its just damn near impossible if you dont stay on topic with your questions and post. but good luck!! :cookie?: