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  1. MonO.FreQ

    Starcraft 2

    This sounds like a very good idea i wish i had some ideas or knowledge to provide u right now. But i will think about ideas for u guys :D. good luck with it everyone workin on it
  2. MonO.FreQ

    Is pwn pronouces pawn, pone (as in tone), or poon?

    who started the whole pwn thing seems pretty retarded. I mean jeez PWNED shouldnt even be allowed haha but i hear it pronounced "pone"
  3. MonO.FreQ

    Where'd You Hear About Us?

    i heard about this place from Lord Bren i think he a member here i dunno though prolli is he is aight person :) WISH I HAD A SIGGY
  4. MonO.FreQ


    :skull: Man that seriously had to suck big time i bet he will never go near fireworks again after that.
  5. MonO.FreQ

    Meant To Live

    Nice poem and yea switchfoot is a pretty good band:D
  6. MonO.FreQ

    Word Game

  7. MonO.FreQ

    Here Is A Thought?!?!?!

    I would have to say the most used key is the backspace key because no one actually sticks with the first words they choose to say to someone on IMs or post like this or they just have really bad typing and have to backspace constantly to spell a word right or it would end up looking like a bunch of retarded people got together and typed a msg wish i had a siggy :)