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  1. Suteki

    First world cup team!

    Congrats!! Keep us updated!
  2. Suteki

    Drunken Suteki weeeee btiches

    Six years later, and I'm not quite sure how I feel about this...haha wow.
  3. Suteki

    Happy Holidays from Ghoztcraft!

    Hello all, I am quite late to the party with this one! I personally have been very busy. I was accepted into a special program at a university to complete a bachelors in digital forensics. It's pretty special because there only I think 3 programs like this in the U.S. It's very demanding as you can imagine though, and I've had to pay and arm and a leg for the initial out of state tuition. It will be worth it though as the degree is fairly new and pays bank. I'm happy to see that everyone is doing well and sticking in there. I'm sorry to hear about your mom as well Cripp, best wishes. I can't believe I joined Ghoztcraft my junior or senior year of high school. I basically never game anymore, but I have somewhat recently tested some of my old hacks for SC that I made (some of which are my good ones for Snipers that I never released ;p) and was surprised to find that they still worked lol P.s. Anyone hear from Jiggie anymore?
  4. Suteki

    To whom it may concern

    While there is no way to be sure this real (pardon the slight skepticism I'm sure you understand, but how were you able to acquire her login credentials?) I am saddened by this news. I have had a few good conversations with her over the past few years, and while I never got to know her all that well, I did enjoy her contributions and activeness on this website. I am sorry she walked down this path and felt herself unable to seek additional help; depression is a very difficult challenge to overcome, and usually is a life-long battle. Sad to see her life end so young, but at least now she isn't hurting. May she rest in peace, and may her family and friends find peace as well. Thank you for providing the information for us.
  5. Suteki

    Ghoztcraft aquires "ghoztcraft.com"

    That's awesome! Congrats Edit: Question. What happened to the wiki? That had a good amount of Starcraft hacking history in it, and now it just 403's.
  6. Suteki

    We want GIF Avatars

    My gif avatar has been running strong for years.
  7. Suteki

    Heart of the Swarm Campaign

    I have yet to play HotS but it's sounding like the review of it on IGN holds true here as far as goes the story. And everyone should know my main Custom Game was Snipers. I still have pretty much the most advanced autolocking hack ever made for Snipers that I never released; and that still works. Haha
  8. Suteki

    Yes, I am that Awesome!

    I don't remember seeing this type of Pokemon before...
  9. Suteki

    the hell is happening

    Crazy stuff indeed! It doesn't seem that long though! Like real life events that I had going on during the first couple years actually seem like 8 years ago, but joining this site and interacting with it in all the different ways I did doesn't seem like 6 years at all.
  10. Suteki

    the hell is happening

    lol The Age of The "Terraria Ghoztcraft Members". I can't believe as of two days ago I've been here for 6 years.
  11. Suteki

    Still a possibility?

    How's that workin out?
  12. Suteki


    Good luck Viper! Take Care!
  13. Suteki

    Happy Birthday oruchiha

    Woot Woot! If I'm still alive at the time you're legally able to, you're first 21'st Birthday beer is on me.
  14. Suteki


    This is like a God Damn Greek Tragity. Happy Birthday though, oruchiha.
  15. Suteki

    Hurricane Irene