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    hacks own YOU
  1. snipe

    New Sniper Assist?

    but was i right you try the map out for him? and does anyone now how to filter spike 31 out?
  2. snipe

    New Sniper Assist?

    sigh I didnt yell at you sorry if you think so i was repleyin to the pm i send you and you told me, wasnt going to be a update ever and you didnt know if you would ever reless sa . that was all i was replayin on. And yes i would have paid for any sniper hacks i dont make hacks and never will dont have time.And yes you told me were your hack was and thats the reson im a vip here.The new map out was made by your friend and you tested it for him so to kill your own work ? I just dont get it.I have never Leaked anyones work and never will. I was give the code to do what i wanted. Btw anyone want's to sell {working snipe mh or sa Newmaps} for the right price pm me!
  3. snipe

    New Sniper Assist?

    So why be vip member again:? The hack makers dont reless hacks for vip and they dont update ? I was like hell yet i will be a vip if i get the new hacks and update but then they dont care to update now ( I guess the money was a waste ( and Suteki would do anything untill i give him sa souce code butt hey he got wtf he wanted didnt he !
  4. snipe

    New Sniper Assist?

    Your Jokin right suteki Make it for us ? I pm you today and told you there was new maps that crash this and what you tell me your not going to update why wouldnt you update this for yur vip here ? I think suteki holdin out and sad thing is i give him the Old sa code.
  5. snipe

    Free Panic 115 Private

    Nice Nice Nice Nice
  6. snipe


    cars was kick ass movie
  7. snipe

    Hello All

    Just wanted to say hi too all of you :P